18 Alternativas a Lipsum.com

Lipsum.com es posiblemente el servicio online más famoso para rellenar contenido con texto, pero hay muchas alternativas que pueden ser igualmente válidas a la hora de trabajar o que pueden sernos mucho más útiles.

Tras el salto quedan muchas de las mejores alternativas, aunque posiblemente alguna se habrá quedado en el tintero. Si conoces alguna más puedes ponerla en los comentarios.

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1. LoremIpsum.Net

LoremIpsum.Net is a small and simple static site that provides you with a decent sized passage without having to use a generator. The site also provides an all caps version of the text, as well as translations, and an explanation of what this famous passage means.

What Sets it Apart: Very Simple. No Generator Needed.

2. Lorem-Ipsum.Info

The main site of lorem-ipsum.info contains general info as well as translations. They also have a generator that looks pretty nice. It lets you choose Lorem Ipsum in a different language and the amount of words/paragraphs that you want to generate.

What Sets it Apart: Generates text in different languages.

3. Malevole Text Generator

This is a text generator that makes real paragraphs, not lorem ipsum! I don’t know what it does make, but it is readable English and provides pretty balanced text (graphically). You have the option to create 1 to 5 paragraphs.

What Sets it Apart: Creates dummy text that is in English.

4. Lorem Ipsum Generator

This Lorem Ipsum Generator creates HTML markup, as well as giving you dummy Text. Because of this it will help you perfect your web typography with added bi and p tags.

What Sets it Apart: Adds various different tags

5. jHTML-Ipsum

This is a jQuery plugin that will create HTML elements using Lorem Ipsum. It dynamically creates the text, so you don’t have to end up removing all of the Lorem Ipsum later. Helps figure out how you will style your web type and CSS.

What Sets it Apart: ‘Make your own’ solution

6. WP Dummy Content

This is a WordPress plugin that generates dummy posts when developing and testing your WordPress theme! It also makes fake titles, and multiple length paragraphs. In one click you have an entire set of dummy content.

What Sets it Apart: You can remove all of the dummy data in one click.

7. Lorem Ipsum Generator – Chrome Extension

This is a Lorem Ipsum Generator for Chrome! It’s quite simple and minimalist in design. You can choose the amount of words and paragraphs you want to generate.

What Sets it Apart: Convenient and easy to use.

8. Greeking Machine

This ‘Greeking Machine’ generates dummy text in many different forms. Like the others, you can choose how much text you want to generate. There are also many languages or forms to choose from, so you aren’t just stuck with boring ‘Lorem Ipsum’.

What Sets it Apart: Cool Languages like, “The Matrix, and Hillbilly”

9. Lorem Ipsum 2.0

This generator is pretty cool! It’s ‘Community generated greeking’, which means that it takes text from community powered sites and presents it to you as dummy text for you to use. It gives you pretty random results, but at least it isn’t Lorem Ipsum!

What Sets it Apart: Fun to use and play around with.

10. Blind Text Generator

This Blind Text Generator creates dummy text in many different forms! You can choose Lorem Ipsum, Panagrams, The alphabet or other English passages. It’s quite easy to use and gives you a bunch of options!

What Sets it Apart: Great if you’re tried of using Lorem Ipsum for your dummy text.

11. Lorem Ipsum Generator

This is yet another Lorem Ipsum Generator. It gives you the option to get the text as a plain text file or HTML file, and to pick how long you want your passage.

What Sets it Apart: Many different options.

12. Sample WordPress Content

This is a .xml file which you can import into your WordPress blog! It creates dummy posts, comments, categories, tags, and pages as well as adds common styling elements such as blockquotes and lists.

What Sets it Apart: Saves lots of time!

13. HTML-Ipsum

HTML-Ipsum provides code snippets rather than just plain text. Of course it features Lorem Ipsum, but it really is a great resource when designing webpages. They even have a kitchen sink, which is the body of a webpage template with necessary code structure and dummy text!

What Sets it Apart: Very useful. One click copy to clipboard.

14. Lorem Ipsum Generator

This Lorem Ipsum Generator lets you pick out how many characters, words and sentences you want. It explains lorem ipsum and shows you translated passages.

What Sets it Apart: Lets you start with something other than ‘Lorem ipsum dolor…’

15. Dynamic Dummy Image Generator

The Dynamic Dummy Image Generator is basically what the title says – a dummy image maker! It’s quite useful when creating web layouts, even for creating dummy advertisements and such. This LifeHacker post explains it all quite well!

What Sets it Apart: One of a kind and very useful!

16. Lorem Ipsum Paragraph

This is a code snippet at CSS-Tricks. It’s a paragraph of Lorem Ipsum text. Simple. Just copy the paragraph and you’re on your way! No fuss included.

What Sets it Apart: Not a Generator!

17. Lorem Ipsum Post Generator

This is a Lorem Ipsum plugin for WordPress! This plugin can be a lifesaver when designing wordpress themes. It creates dummy posts and comments that help test your styling elements.

What Sets it Apart: Conveniently accessible!

18. The Dummy Content File

This is another .xml file that you can import into WordPress! It creates a lot of useful things like posts, pages, tags, categories and non-admin comments!

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  1.   Marcos dijo

    Saben, yo también tengo un blog de recursos como el suyo, a diferencia de que suelo postear contenido nuevo, pero mi sugerencia es que al menos si quieren mantenter las explicaciones de cada sitio y en general de cada recurso que publican, deberían al menos traducirlo, digo, yo también saco recursos de estas páginas en inglés pero me tomo la molestia en traducirlo o simplemente quitarlo para que no se vea tan literal que se dieron copy/paste.
    Es una sugerencia constructiva :)


  2.   btg dijo

    thanks for adding us with the blindtextgenerator :)
    i only want to remark: you can find the texts in english, russian, czech, french, spanish, italian, german and additional in the next months in turkish and hungarian.