34 Productos geeks para inspirarnos

Los productos para geeks están más de moda que nunca gracias a que muchas empresas se dedican ahora a crearlos, y eso obviamente posibilita que los consumidores finales podamos tenerlos en casa.
Pero estos productos van algo más allá, ya que sobre todas las cosas lo que nos permiten es inspirarnos gracias a sus siempre curiosos diseños y en la mayoría de los casos a una funcionalidad también bastante curiosa, como una camiseta que vais a ver con la que se puede tocar la batería.
Quedan tras el salto, no os van a decepcionar. Recopilados por HongKiat.


Lebedev’s Mus 2 is a cordless computer mouse that looks like a cursor. Despite of its cursor shape, it fits very well in your hand and it is very easy to use. Also, this optical mouse has 800 dpi optical sensor resolution , a frame speed that could reach 2300fps. (via Art Lebedev)

Tetris Table

Jared Kohn created a this table inspired by the game Tetris. This colorful Tetris table looks cool on our backyard garden. (via Jared Kohn)

R2 D2 Trashcan

Here’s a detailed model of R2-D2 that acts as your garbage can. The can is avaliable in full-size which stands at 24 inches tall or Desktop model which is smaller. (via Thinkgeek)

Interactive Drum T-Shirt

A drum kit built right into your T-shirt! Tap the drums on this shirt and they actually play through the embedded speaker. This electronic and innovative shirts not only help you appear to be a wannabe rock star, it also help you become somewhat geekier than rock. (via Think Geek)

Social Media Pillows

According to Craftsquatch’s shop on Etsy, the pillows are 100% handmade and you need to allow 7-10 days for your item to be shipped because they’re made to order. (via Craftsquatch)

The Wearable Keyboard

This unusual wearable gadget is built into a pair of fashionable designer jeans by Erik De Nijs. It has a built-in keyboard, mouse, and computer speakers that play audio. (via Erik De Nijs)

USB Webcam Rocket Launcher

While you’re chatting with your buddies on MSN, this Webcam USB Rocket Launcher allows you to do more than just share videos and pictures. With this cool gadget you can wage war on your chat buddy by taking control of his rocket launcher. But beware because he’ll be in control of yours. (via)

Super Mario Bros Wall Decals

This is an official Nintendo licensed product. The graphics are so life like, it’s like actually watching Super Mario Bros. game on pause. (via Blik company)

The Darth Vader Toaster

Yes, the Sith Lord makes evil toast with an image of Darth Vader. This is the only toaster that takes toast launching to a whole new…the dark side. (via Starwars)

WoW Beer Stein

Handcrafted in the Old-World style with fine-grain stoneware by the world-renowned stein artisans of Ceramarte. Their limited-production steins feature panoramic, bas-relief sculpting of exclusive artwork by top World of Warcraft visionaries. (via 3 Point Entertainment, LLC)

The Tetris Couch

These stylish couch is basically a set of many small couches of different dimensions. Stefano Grasselli make sure is vary in their sizes and shape along with different colors to match the interiors of your living room. (via Stefano Grasselli)

Pacman Sofa

The Pacman Sofa sets is covered in a stain resistant coated fabric and comes in different of colors.

Key Bag

This funky bag was created using 393 randomly arranged old computer keyboards keys. (via Joao Sabino)

Space Invaders Cutting Board

LiveJournal user Capt. Sideburns has posted the results of his experiments in creating a Space Invaders cutting board. No silly colors, he just use the plain graphic in walnut blocks put together into maple to make a pixel art butcher block. (via Capt. Sideburns)

The “PacM” chair

Jose Jorge Hinojosa Primo has come up with an awesome chair that send shivers to all of us that once played the popular maze game. The “PacM,” as the designer calls his chair presents a unique, nostalgic and very stylish furniture. This cool chair is only an artist’s rendering but it would be ideal for a game room.(via Jose Jorge Hinojosa Primo)

Lego Minifig Foosball Table

One of the coolest foosball I ever seen. This LEGO foosball Table features custom minifigs and an genuine “faux” oak woodgrain finish. (Mt.Dew Monkey)

Text Talk Vinyl Shower Curtain

This shower curtain from Bed Bath & Beyond is a fun addition to your bathroom. Almost all emoticons are clad on the Text Talk curtain, including many I’ve never even used.(via Bed Bath & Beyond)

Victorinox Secure Pro USB drive

The un-hackable Victorinox Secure features AES256 technology, together with Victorinox patented unique MKI’s Schnuffi Platform Single Chip Technology. Victorinox actually offered a £100,000 prize to a group of expert hackers to crack the drive during the company’s launch event and they were unable to do so. The Secure Pro is currently available with storage capacities between 8GB and 32GB (via Victorinox)

iCade: iPad Arcade Cabinet

iCad from Thinkgeek, is more than just a docking station for your iPad. You can play your favorite arcade games in this retro styled, handcrafted wooden tabletop arcade cabinet. (via Thinkgeek)

Yoda Plush Backpack

Star Wars fanatics will surely love this backpack. This legitimately licensed Yoda backpack rests comfortably at your back while storing your school work or anything you want to take on the go. (via Thinkgeek)

IP Address Door Mat

Only nerds would recognize that this figures is nothing but IP address, and for geeks ideal home is one’s own machine and one’s own IP address. (via Nicole and Tyler)

Superman Hanger

This stylish Superman Hanger is designed by Roman Ficek and available at ComuniStar – a Slovakian company that manufacture unique modern interior and furniture accessories. (via Roman Ficek)

Iceblox Ice Cube Puzzle Tray

Serving drinks with Tetris shaped ice-cubes is absolutely going to get your visitors to notice the drinks and they will surely for more of them. (via Thinkgeek)

iPhone App Magnets

Can’t get enough of those small apps icons on your iPhone? Attach those cute icons on your fridge or your bulletin board with this cool set of magnetic iPhone app icons. (via Jailbreaktoys)

Lego Star Wars Alarm Clock

This super geeky clock is made of 21 Lego pieces and features Japanese Quartz movement and a crescendo alarm that gets louder and louder until you turn it off. (via Thinkgeek)

8-Bit Hanger

I like the retro style of this 8-bit pointer. This this low-res hook will able to hold some of your other stuffs like bag, shirt, caps, earphones, etc. (via Meninos)

Sudoku Toilet Paper

Honestly, I don’t know how to play Sudoku but I think Sudoku fans will like this. Pull down the roll and start filling in the sudoku puzzles. (via Ozgadgets)

Yoda and Darth Vader Lightsaber Chopsticks Set

Check out Chopsabers, a Lightsabers merge with Japanese culture. May the Force be with you at every meal! (via Starwars)

Layers Frame Horizontal

Picture in 10 x 15 cm will fit in this cool picture frame. (via Meninos)

Reddit Alien Soap

Reddit has partnered with soapmaker, Soapier to make the Reddit Alien Soap. Its 10 ozs of high quality vegetable glycerin soap and comes in 2 different fragrances, orange and bacon! Digg users can try it too :) (via Soapier)

Save Key Bank

This geeky piggybank has a slot in top for coins and a base that pops off easily if you’re out of change. The bad thing is, at $9.75 it just about costs more than the amount of coins it can hold.

Halo Helmet

For you Halo fans out there, this badass helmet is modeled after “authentic” Spartan Mjolnir Mark VI head gear. This Halo Helmet is made out of “high impact” polystyrene, similar to the assembly of a motorcycle helmet. (via Kotaku)

Star Wars Death Star Planetarium

This Death Star Planetarium will convert your room into a personal planetarium. It will project the stunning beauty of milky way galaxy on the ceiling of your room. (via Starwars)

Game-inspired energy drinks

I want one of these cool-looking cans along with the other game-related drink. Not to drink it but to collect and display it on my room. (via GkWorld)

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