40 Fundas de portátiles para inspirarnos

Los ordenadores portátiles son los que más se venden en la actualidad, y es que el hecho de poder llevarnos nuestro ordenador donde vayamos ha superado con creces las posibilidades de rendimiento que da un sobremesa para la mayoría de la gente.

Una buena práctica es llevar el portátil en una funda (yo lo hago con una muy sencilla de neopreno), y dentro de las fundas tenemos diseños tan variopintos como un sobre de correos – como en la presentación del MacBook Air – o una funda gigante que simula ser un cassette.

Sin duda alguna son todas una pasada, cuarenta nada más y nada menos. Inspiración, por que no.

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1.Built large cargo laptop sleeve

Accessorized to carry all your gadgets in a sleek way.

2.Crumpler gumb bush laptop Mustard and Black

A funky design to carry your laptop along with all the materials.

3.Laptop sling girard collection

Hourglass design, with a shoulder strap to give a sleek look.

4.Laptop backpack

For optimum comfort to protect your laptop.


A laptop sleeve to fold securely around your laptop, hugging it and keeping it warm.


Giving the same corporate look as yours.

7.The envelope

A unique look of an envelope as a sleeve for your laptop which has 2 pockets and a name holder.

8.Built bumper laptop sleeve

A rough sleeve for the tough handler.

9.Cassette tape Tote bag

Confuse others with this big cassette sleeve.

10.Built NY Laptop

Offers you storage and design with great comfort.

11.Heritage macbook sleeve

Tanned with natural vegetable dyes giving various textures and irregularities in color and shade add value to the appearance.

12.Window sleeve

Show off your laptop with this stylish window sleeve.


Sophisticated urban style with solid notebook protection.

14.Melman the Giraffe

A cute kiddie like sleeve to carry your lappy.

15.Ipad bubble sleeve

Egg like design to give that perfect comfort.

16.Solid laptop sleeve

Solid protection, sleek design with an attractive color.

17.Glove small macbook

Perfect for your petite gadget.

18.Protective laptop sleeve

Provides essential protection against scratches and impact damage.

19.Akepa laptop sleeve

Soft cushion like feel to protect your laptop.

20.W series barrington leather ladies briefcase

Style meets function with these smart, yet chic briefcases for the woman who refuses to settle for boredom.

21.Laptop Neoprene Sleeve

Light and durable sleeve to protect your laptop.

22.Pixelated sleeve

Give your laptop a dual personality of color and style with this slim fit sleeve.

23.Tucano Guaina

It zips up across the top with an inner lip to protect your laptop from scratches and knocks and is tight
fitting to take up the minimum of space; perfect for fitting in another bag.

24.Recycled billboard banner macbook

A geeky and eco-friendly sleeve which is constructed using recycled billiboard manner.


Designed for any way you work – sleek, internally-armored sleeve functions as a top-loader or in unique stay-on mode.

26.Tech Air Notebook Sleeve

Simple, slim-line form and a cool, clean color that will protect your notebook or laptop.

27.The kate laptop bag

From the contrasting trim and interior fabric, to the slanted front pockets, this is perfect bag for work, school, or play.

28.Signature backpack

A stunning and unique computer backpack, perfect for carrying your files and laptop.

29.Unicorn laptop sleeve

A sleeve carrying a unicorn to keep your device safe from bruises and bumps.

30.Victorinox adjustable cross suspension computer sleeve

Durable outer panels help protect against impact and abrasion.

31.STM Armour

For people rough on stuff, STM’s Armour is all you need to protect your 13? notebook.

32.Flak jacket

Combining highly shock absorbing foam with corrugated plastic stiffeners to provide complete protection for your laptop in a slim, lightweight solution.

33.Netbook neo sleeve

Give an iPod sleeve for your laptop.

34.Knitted Sleeve

Kniteed sleeve which is colorful, bright, striped and fashionable making you stand out in a crowd.

35.Aircube notebook sleeve

High-tech, stylish sleeve that utilizes Air Cell technology.

36.Sleevz Notebooks

Super-light, form-fitting laptop and with an enhances grip while carrying – shields lap and furniture from heat while using.

37.STM Phantom

Features a sleek and gorgeous exterior which completely disguises the built-in padded laptop section.

38.Handmade Laptop Sleeve

Carry your la[top with a birdie style.

39.Booq Viper Rush M

Protects your 15? MacBook Pro or 13? MacBook inside a densely padded, molded laptop compartment lined with non-scratch fabrics.

40.Brutus blue zipped free laptop sleeve

Whenever you feel your Brutus Blue Laptop Sleeve has become dirty, just throw it right away to the laundry machine. No worry, it won’t damage anything since it’s washable. Very Suitable for Laptop, or best for Macbook from 12 to 15.4 inches.

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