70 Fondos de pantalla para Dual Screen

Supongo que no seré el único de aquí que trabaja y usa el ordenador con una distribución de pantallas Dual Screen, ya que para muchos de nosotros es algo casi esencial a la hora de trabajar con nuestros ordenadores.

Pero lo que no es tan sencillo es encontrar fondos de pantalla apropiados para utilizar con dos pantallas simultáneamente, algo que por suerte vamos a poder solucionar con esta recopilación.

Nada menos que 70 fondos de pantalla optimizados para Dual Screen, tras el salto.

1.Butterfly dual effect

Enjoying the sweet nectar on a bright sunny day.

2.Pale orchid in dual screen

3.Bunch of roses

4.Spring Pink

5.Yellow in its Brightness


7.Majestic Sunset horizon

8.Bright Nature

9.West Coast

Goodbye for Today.


11.West Lake at Sunset

12.Yellow One

Animals and Birds

13.Tiger’s Look

14.Lizard on a Trunk

Enjoying the same color.


16.Where is my Predator?

17.Hey You

18.Three Brother Wolves

Happy in our friendship.

19.Stare of a Tiger

Pride of a tiger – Looks.


Relishing the warmth of nature .

21.White Tiger


23.Black Beauty

A rare combination of nature with its varied colors in this black beauty.



Fantasy Art

Fantasy art is high and strongly linked to fantasy fiction. Indeed fantasy art pictures are often intended to represent specific characters or scenes from works of fantasy literature. Such works created by amateur artists may be called fan art.

26.The Big Reveal

27. Morning View

28. An Untamed horse

29.A Dreamy Scene

30.Strange World

31.Hazy view

32.A Dreamy World in Wide Screen

33.Dreamy World

34.Back Draft

35.Wind Mill

36.Sunset over Moorea

37.All alone in this World

38.Blue Forest

39.To Nowhere

Abstract wallpapers

Abstract wallpaper, non figurative wallpaper, nonobjective wallpaper, and nonrepresentational wallpaper are loosely related terms. They are similar, although perhaps not of identical meaning.Abstraction indicates a departure from reality in depiction of imagery in art.

40.Mushroom Samba

41.Dual monitor floral


43.14 the War

44.Splash of paint

Flow of paint as a wonderful painting.



47.Display of bright colors

48.Feeding Time

49.Plasmoid Neophile

50. Generator


52.Bokeh Remix

53.Apple i-pad

3D dual screen wallpapers

One important interesting wallpaper category is three dimensional (3D) desktop backgrounds.Here we bring our best.

54.Boy & Butterfly

55.Classic Design

56.Skull Cog

57.Water Colored


59.Six of a kind

60. Abstract Pink

61.Greatest Invention

62.RTX Wallapaper

63.Multi Display Nights


Made up of a variety of parts or ingredients having a variety of characteristics, abilities, or appearances.

64.Spawning sunflowers

65.Ghost view

66.Super Mario Galaxy

67.Crocket Red Dual

68.Cat Wallpaper

69.Tropical isle

70.Yin and Yang

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