10 free mockups you should know as a designer

Branding, corporate identity - 10 free mockups

It is proven that most ideas fail, but not because they are bad, but because they are badly presented. I'm sure that if you feel attracted to the world of graphic design, and even more so if you are part of it as a creator, you have realized how important the presentation of your work is. Perhaps it is even as important as your work itself because not only do our creations speak of us and our potential, but also the style that we ourselves have, the showcase or display where we propose our compositions in view of the client and the stage. they occupy.

Surely by now you have already taken a look at several portfolios of great professionals in our field and have fallen in love not only with their fantastic work, but also with the fantastic quality and exquisiteness when it comes to exhibiting them. Idyllic, clean, elegant and refined settings accompany striking designs. Everything and absolutely everything is configured and taken care of to start glances and awaken positive emotions and responses from the buyer.

It is more than likely that on more than one occasion you have considered remodeling your strategy to show your best work and start a direct contact between your work and your clients. Surely you have tried to pay more attention to the visual aspect, refining your knowledge in photography and looking for good scenarios. Although this is something very interesting, the truth is that luckily or unfortunately not all designers can dedicate all the time we would like to work on these types of details and even less to obtain a high quality or at least at an advertising level acceptable.

What is a mockup?

Christmas mockup

Perhaps you have not yet known the fantastic world of digital models or mockups, without a doubt the best alliance with today's designer. Still don't know what a mockup is? It is a digital mockup or full-scale model of a design or device, used for demonstration, design evaluation, promotion, and other purposes that go far beyond the graphic designer - client environment.

These digital mockups generally tend to be files in PSD format (native to Adobe Photoshop) and through them we will be able to generate magnificent atmospheres and digital scenes (although yes, tremendously realistic) idyllic and typical of the most demanding advertising environments.

Advantages of using mockups for your designs

MacBook mockup

Mockups are usually very advisable within our profession for several reasons:

They provide added value to our design

This is quite easy to understand and I will put an example of the most graphic (pun intended). Let's talk about packaging, before graphic design became part of the world of commerce through packaging and packaging, no one thought about the positive effects at an aesthetic level and of course at a commercial level in the presentation of a product .

However, with the arrival of the industrial revolution, consumerism and the welfare state, an extra ingredient appeared that soon joined the assembly line: competitiveness and the need to stand out from a sea of ​​rival brands.

It was then that advertising was developed and with it one of the main maxims: to make the consumer fall in love, persuade him and convince him through all possible means and the five senses. At that time, attractive, original packaging began to be made, which attracted the attention of the products. At that time, not only was a product being sold, it was also selling an experience, a visual pleasure and an injection of originality and creativity. With the mockup today the exact same thing happens.

They definitely materialize an idea and integrate it into a real world


On a psychological level it is also something important since it is not the same to represent an idea through a sketch than to present a finished idea and located in a 100% credible environment and it is also ideal to carry out its functions.

If, for example, we need to develop the logo of a sportswear brand, we will be much more convincing and professional if we present this logo on the clothing of an athlete who also enjoys what he does. This is definitely more real, it gives us the feeling of being integrated and satisfying specific needs.

We have definitely materialized our concept.

They complement the information and the tone that our product gives off

They support each of the qualities or functions for which the design was generated and produced. The environment in which you have registered a design can strengthen its qualities. In the example that we put previously, for example values ​​such as dynamism, lightness and adaptability would be reinforced by the environment, something that will undoubtedly favor the global perspective.

They create an inescapable empathy effect with the recipient

Thus they favor its acceptance through the persuasive effect caused by the positive association. For all this, our works will be associated with beautiful settings or positive values ​​such as dynamism, order, cleanliness or beauty. Think that each and every one of the elements that appear near our design will have an impact on our conception of it and will help us empathize more or less with the emotions of the recipient.

Logically there are thousands of mockups in many variants: From free mockups to premium type mockups. We can also find static mockups (designed for graphic designs such as logos) and also static mockups if we need to make a three-dimensional demonstration. In addition, we can also find mockups of different scenarios and with different tonic, it is really a matter of searching, although of course I today want to share with you what I consider to be essential mockups for today's graphic designer.

The best mockups to download

Then I propose ten master copies that you can find for free in the bank of mockups that we have proposed in the previous point. Enjoy them!

Desk or work table mockup

Table mockup

Interface mockup

Mobile interface mockup

Book mockup

Book mockup

Perspective book mockup

Book mockup

Outdoor advertising mockup

Advertising mockup

Magazines and catalogs mockup

Magazine mockup

Sketch mockup

Sketch mockup

Smartphone and device mockup

IPhone mockup

Business card mockup

Business card mockup

Vinyl and object mockup

Vinyl mockup

If you need box mockups or another type of packaging, in the link that we just left you will find more free resources.

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