15 examples of original packaging for t-shirts

15 examples of original packaging for t-shirts

If you are wondering what packaging is, we tell you that this English word refers to the packaging of each product. The objective of this is first to prevent damage during shipping. But we can go further, because today packaging is a marketing strategy. For this Today we bring you 15 examples of the packaging originals for t-shirts.

With the aim of promoting their brands, boosting sales through suggestive packaging, and earning a place within the industry. The different teams of each brand work carefully on their packaging. Many companies take their creativity a little further, and in them we can find top quality products, with very original packaging.

These are 15 examples of original packaging for t-shirts:

Creative Igloo 15 examples of original packaging for t-shirts

A striking packaging in the shape of an ice cream popsicle, this was the best way to make the difference for Iglöo Creativo. This summer collection of t-shirts is designed with suggestive illustrations of this season. For this reason, its packaging is equally represented, providing a fresh design to face high temperatures with the best attitude.

Johnny Cupcakes

The brand is another that knows how to capture the attention of its customers. With a kind of packaging, as if it were candy, their t-shirts come. These adopt a roll shape in order to be able to enter completely. Inside there is a gift, and they also give you a candy. All you have to do is open it and see what's in it for you.

If you are interested in good quality clothing, t-shirts from the popular brand Lacoste, designed by the creative Tom Dixon, are all you need. They come stored in a very modern packaging., where you will find the positive features of their product. The packaging is a metallic colored case with black font.

Kolokio 15 examples of original packaging for t-shirts

Another example is provided by the Venezuelan brand Kolokio. The design of their t-shirts is urban style; we can find illustrations of this type on most of their garments. We can find their t-shirts in small containers with drawings, these always make their customers feel good and incite laughter with their fun designs.

Forever Gold Clothing

This company stands out for its positive style. An example of this is not only their t-shirts with vibrant designs, but also the care they put into their packaging. T-shirts wrapped in paper with texts and beach drawings, accompanied by images of pineapples, they show the exotic and distinctive purpose of the brand.

amon 15 examples of original packaging for t-shirts

This brand has decided as a marketing strategy to make its style and identity clear. For this as a characteristic They have decided to use triangles as a distinctive figure. So much so that it is common to see them not only in their designs, but also in the catalogs where they show us their products, and of course in their packaging.

HangerPak HangerPak

In order to make the most of the materials, The boxes where your t-shirts come can take the form of a coat rack, being very functional as well. This was the curious way the team of this brand opted. When users purchase their products, they will have a double use.

Zady Zady

If you want to find simple but classy packaging, this brand offers you precisely that. With the premise that less is more, Only with the use of paper they achieve a very beautiful packaging.

Using the structure of a folded newspaper, this is how they wrap their shirts. In this paper you will have some information about the product, and decoration very up to par. This design is ideal for serious and elegant people.

Nike Nike

This emblematic sportswear brand has made multiple collaborations, one of them with Colorado Blood. From this union nothing could come out other than a product marked by originality. As if they were blood bags, his red shirt provides the key tone. The box inside simulates transporting a bag of blood, to which they have added fake ice to give it greater credibility.

Fossil Fossil

This company usually takes its designs to another level, they not only make t-shirts but other products such as watches, all widely marketed. In collaboration with the artist Dolan Geiman, they have achieved a striking box with design matching their t-shirts. With the use of light tones and pastel colors, they have achieved a pleasant and balanced finish.

Maiwa Maiwa

This Galician company stands out for its colorful and sailor-style t-shirts. They have managed to gain a niche in the market for their comfortable products. Another advantage is of course its packaging, it simulates sardine cans with the aim of following local tradition. These boxes are colorful and realistic, giving a unique touch to the brand.


As its name indicates, choosing one of these t-shirts can be a mystery. The packaging with vintage decoration has one of 12 different designs inside.. You just have to wait to open it and discover which one you got, a real adventure for the customer.

ahab ahab

As part of a limited edition, the packaging of these t-shirts as well as their design are unique. White t-shirts with blue marine-themed illustrations, they give us a fresh style. But what really stands out is the great detail work on its packaging.

Although simple, we found it very original to use the shape of a whale skeleton as a t-shirt hanger. It comes wrapped in it, and then when we remove it completely we can appreciate its curious design.

Baffs Baffs

One way to wrap t-shirts is to roll them, something you may have done at home to store them. Well, this brand has decided to make its packaging something practical, and help keep your products crease-free.

valvolines valvolines

This interesting topic makes us believe that the packaging is oil cans. The t-shirts come in different colors with the word Valvoline In the center, we can find it in different sources. The most curious thing without a doubt is its packaging, which simulates a can.

We hope that in this article You have found 15 examples of original packaging for t-shirts. Whether you are looking for inspiration for your brand, or want to purchase the most interesting products, these examples will be ideal for you. In case there are other eye-catching packaging that you know of and we should add, let us know in the comments.

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