How to know the colors that enhance you with the Colorimetry Test

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Have you ever wondered what colors really make you stand out in a world full of fascinating and bright shades? Imagine discovering a custom color palette that highlights your best features, brightens your face and makes you stand out in any situation. The key to unveiling this world of chromatic possibilities is the colorimetry test, which reveals the colors that are destined to become your best aesthetic allies.

In this article, we will immerse you in the fascinating world of colorimetry and learn how this innovative technique It can modify your appearance and increase your personal confidence. Get ready to unleash your full potential and awaken everyone around you with your energizing new custom color palette.

What does the test consist of

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The colorimetric test is a technique that is based on chromatic harmony and color theory. Your goal is find the colors that best suit a person based on their physical characteristics and personality. Colorimetric testing is performed using a color comparison method, where colors are tested on the subject's forehead to determine the result.

When you choose the right color, the expression becomes more realistic, the cheeks appear illuminated and the rashes disappear. When it's used an inappropriate color, the expression becomes opaque, the cheeks appear deviated and the rashes persist. The colorimetric test is useful for determining skin tone, optimal hair color, makeup color, and clothing color. The colorimetric test also helps self esteem, confidence and the personal brand of each person.

Key concepts

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There are two types of temperature, warm and cold. You should look at the veins on your wrist to find out which one is yours, your temperature is warm if they are green; cold if they are blue. Another concept is that the easiest step in this process is determine how light and dark our features are. If you have fair skin, red or light hair, and light eyes, your lightness is high; if you have dark skin, dark hair and dark eyes, your luminosity is low. With the temperature and luminosity data already available, it is time to choose the chromatic state. Each chromatic state has a color palette that is pleasing to each individual. These are:

Winter Color Palette: If you are cold and have a lot of light, you are in the winter chromic state. Cool, bright tones like black, white, deep red, and fuchsia pink work best for you.

Autumn color palette: If your temperature is warm and your light is low, you are in the autumn season. Cool, sinister tones like maroon, orange, and olivine green are the colors that make you feel the best.

Summer Color Palette: it indicates that you are in the chromic station if your temperature is cold and your luminosity is low. Soft and fresh tones, such as pale pink or pearl grey, are the colors that make you feel the best.

How it is performed

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The colorimetry test is usually done with the help of a fashion professional or image assistant. Here are the key steps in the process:

  • Skin tone analysis: The professional assesses the person's skin tone, noting whether it is warm (dark tones, apricots) or cool (light tones, blue). This can be done by direct observation or by placing various colored screens near the rostrum to observe how they interact with the skin.
  • Observation of eye and hair color: Eye and hair color is an important consideration in the colorimetric test. The expert determines if they are warm or cold and how they interact with the skin tone.
  • Color Palette Test: Various color palettes are placed near a person's rooster to see how their skin reacts. It is a matter of finding out if the colors bring light and vitality to the subject or, on the contrary, if they darken it or produce a sleepy effect.
  • Station ID: The professional determines which state the person belongs to based on the results of the previous tests. What characterizes the states are the characteristics of colors and contrasts that best bring out the unique traits of each individual character.

Benefits of the Colorimetry Test

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  • Aesthetic improvement: By determining your favorite colors based on your skin, eye and hair tones, you can choose clothes and accessories that highlight your features and make you look radiant.
  • Save of time and money: By knowing your ideal colors, you can focus on buying clothes that you know will look good on you and steer clear of clothes that don't flatter you and end up forgotten in your closet.
  • More security and self-confidence: Choosing colors that you like will increase your self-esteem and make you feel more self-confident. This will be reflected in the way you act and how you perceive yourself and others.
  • Harmony in the locker room: By having a defined color palette, you will be able to create harmonious and adaptable combinations in your wardrobe, making it easier to choose outfits and avoiding style errors.

As you see, find the colors that best complement your skin tone, eye color, and hair color. can be done easily. Here we also leave you a link to a free test in case you want to try a simple one that you can do from the comfort of your home. Know your optimal color palette will help you achieve the desired look, save time and money by choosing the right clothes, increase your sense of security and bring harmony to your wardrobe. If you want to discover your optimal colors one hundred percent, we advise you to You are looking for a fashion professional or an image consultant to do the colorimetry test and give you personalized recommendations.

We hope this article has provided you with useful information about the colorimetry test and its advantages. Try to discover the colors that make you shine!

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