The best graphics cards for graphic design

The best graphics cards for graphic design

Choosing a laptop for graphic design, or a desktop computer is already difficult in itself. But one of the most important elements in a computer when you are going to use it for your graphic design work is the graphics card. Have you ever Stopped to think about which are the best graphics cards for graphic design?

Based on the fact that they change very quickly, and advances make the best ones outdated in a matter of months, we can give you a list of some that are highly recommended. Go for it?

The graphics card, one of the essential elements for graphic design

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A graphics card (which you also find on the market as a video card or GPU) is essential for a computer to work. It is responsible for processing images, animations, videos... Without it, nothing works.

Now, depending on how the computer is used, the card may be more or less good. Or have more or less complex features. When that use is for graphic design you need have a tool that allows you to see the rendering of complete images, edit video or create animations efficiently.

Let's give you an example: you have two graphics cards, one basic and another special for graphic design. Obviously, the price is very different between them.

With the first you will be able to render, edit video, create animations, illustrations... But, efficiently? Without it taking seconds or minutes to see those projects underway? Without your computer stopping while working? Those are the big differences between graphics cards for graphic design.

And when you are looking for one, you need to take into account a series of key characteristics. And the more powerful they are, the better. What are those?

  • Performance. It is best to choose a graphics card that is powerful enough to work with without delays in what you do in the programs, when saving, loading, etc.
  • Color accuracy. You should choose one that has plenty of colors, but also high resolutions of these.
  • Compatibility. In the sense that your own computer accepts it, but also the design programs you work with (and yes, you could have problems in this sense).
  • RAM. The more RAM capacity you have, the better, because you will have higher quality images and the loading times will also be fast. To give you an idea, 4-6GB is considered adequate, but if you are going to work with 3D, make it a minimum of 8GB (if you can reach 12GB or more, even better).

What are the best graphics cards for graphic design

upc graphics card

Buying a graphics card for graphic design requires an adequate budget. There are many different prices on the market, but our recommendation is that your budget be between approximately 200 and 700 euros. In fact, in that price range you will find graphics cards suitable for the work you need them to do.

And what are those?

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3060 GAMINGOC

This is one of the most powerful graphics cards you can find. It is prepared to work with 3D images and that can help you have a powerful computer even if you do not yet do many projects of this type.

Among the features it has are a 12 GB RAM, three fans (so it doesn't get hot), 15.000MHz clock speed…

It is ideal for high quality and demanding jobs, where you need a machine that responds. But if you are going to start working in graphic design, perhaps you are not going to make the most of it and it may be that, when you really need it, it has become obsolete.

AMD Radeon PRO W6800

Here we have another graphics card for less demanding work in terms of graphic design and video editing. It is highly recommended because it reacts very quickly when working with programs or applications that require a lot of memory. Furthermore, in terms of colors, it is one of the ones that gives you the most due to the precision it has in the tones.

Among the features we can tell you about is the possibility of connecting up to six screens (in the previous one only four), have 32GB of memory, or a performance of 1.11 TFLOPs.

Radeon RX 6500 XT

In this case it is one of the low-end graphics cards, composed of a 4GB memory only. Therefore, let's say that it would be the most basic one that you should buy to work on graphic design.

Its price is also one of the most affordable. But we warn you that, if you start working, in the end you will have to change your graphics card in a few months to be able to improve your computer.

Zotac Gaming GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER AMP Extreme

This is another of the best graphics cards for graphic design because of the features it has. It has 16GB of memory, 23GBPs memory clock…

It is focused on graphic design, but it can also be used to play video games with high image quality. That is why we recommend it to you (because we know that it responds when it comes to working in high quality).

Intel Arc PRO A40

This is one of the best graphics cards for graphic design that is recommended for this work as well as content creation. It has a good energy efficiency and the possibility of connecting several monitors. In addition, its performance is quite adequate for graphic work (you will not notice delays or poor quality in the image or videos).


GeForce RTX 3070 8GB

To finish, this is one of the graphics cards that we recommend if the The main work you do is with Photoshop.

It has a 8GB memory more than enough for graphic design work. And the performance is quite adequate with the program itself.

Now, if many more are used, or you need a more efficient GPU, it may fall a bit short.

We cannot point out exactly the best graphics cards for graphic design and tell you the best of all, because in reality everything will depend on the use and need that you have. But among that list that we have provided you can find one or some that will suit you. Can you recommend any more that you consider suitable for working in graphic design?

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