Add an image to a t-shirt with Photoshop | Complete Guide

Add an image to a t-shirt with Photoshop and its Pro tool

Surely you have ever taken a photograph and thought What would it look like if your clothes had a special design?. Although the easiest option for some is to simply buy new clothes, today we bring you a more economical and accessible way. We show you how to add an image to a t-shirt with Photoshop and its Pro tool.

If you already have experience with the Photoshop program it will be much easier, although in reality This is designed to be used by any user. It has multiple tools from which you can help yourself. Showing your preferred images and logos in your photos is easier than you think.

Add an image to a t-shirt with Photoshop and its Pro tool PS

Even though you think it's complicated, you don't actually need to be an expert using the tools. Photoshop. To achieve this, just follow the step guide that we provide, and you will have the desired result:

  1. Firstly we must choose the image we want to edit, To do this we go to the File option.
  2. To add the logo or image that we want to appear on our t-shirt, We select the Place embedded element option. Add an image to a t-shirt with Photoshop and its Pro tool

  3. You must click on the image and then Enter, this way you can move it as you wish.
  4. If you don't think it has the place you want, choose Free Transformation in the options panel.
  5. When you define this location You just have to press Enter or Validate, In this way it will be established in a fixed place.
  6. Must warp this logo or image, so that possible wrinkles in the item of clothing do not make it look unnatural.
  7. Once this is done We must go to Filters, and then to the Properties Panel.
  8. In this site we will add a layer mask with the aim of making the image transparent.
  9. When we are here we can choose different modes, the one we want to be seen above the shirt, It's Forward Mode.
  10. Then we will edit the opacity, and getting closer to the image we adjust its size. PS

  11. Must warp the image so that they are fully adjusted, and finally we click Ok. For this we use the brush, which we also lose editing size.
  12. What we must do now is duplicate the layer mask. This is the way to achieve a very professional result.
  13. To do it We drag the layer to the Icon option new layer in the editing panel.
  14. The top layer We will rename her Shadow, and the bottom layer as Lights.
  15. The next step is Place the Lights layer in Drama blending mode, and then the layer below in Multiply blend mode.
  16. When we do this we must hide the Lights layer.
  17. If we want to achieve this, We double click on the right part of the layer, choosing the blending options in the layer styles window.
  18. When we have the settings window on the screen, we drag the regulator to raise the lights, In this way we remove lighting until we consider. We do this in the Shadows layer.
  19. Then in the Lights layer looking for an opposite effect, We will try to recover the shadows.
  20. The moment we are editing the layers we will realize how much we need to adjust, Well this will depend on your image, and what you want to achieve.
  21. Then we must rename each layer and join them. In Layers options We regroup them using this option.
  22. We then select the part we want to use. We can choose the tool we want, for example Lasso. In this way we choose only the part of the logo or image to use.
  23. What remains for us to do is adjust image opacity, and finally add a new layer mask by raising said opacity.
  24. When we are satisfied with the result, simply we save the image.

How to design a t-shirt in Photoshop? PS

  1. To start your design Choose a photo of the t-shirt to use as a reference. You can use one that you have in your gallery, or also from an Internet search engine.
  2. After selecting the photo in Photoshop, We determine what our displacement map will be. This will dictate how our design is distorted.
  3. To create this we go to the Channels field of the image. So we have to find a channel in which the shadow is more prominent.
  4. We let the channel interest us. When we select the channel, we must do right click on it to Duplicate Channel. When the window opens, we choose the Destination option and then New, now you will only have to name the channel.
  5. To create the design and make it very integrated and better adapt to the texture of the shirt. We will relieve the change card by clicking Flitro, then in Blur and finally in Gausian Defense.
  6. It is not recommended that you use very high blur so that the details are not too lost.
  7. If you think it's ready, you can save the map anywhere you like and closure.
  8. As soon as the transmission card is closed, we will go back to the main shirt file. We'll see the RGB channel again and display the Layer field.
  9. You can upload your design to the current file that the shirt image is in, and then Click Filter, Distort and Shift.
  10. In the window that appears, can determine the transmission value. We recommend selecting the parameters between 5 and 10, and leave other options, such as the standard configuration.
  11. Remember that the higher the value, the more drastic the distortion will be.

What tips can you take into account? Add an image to a t-shirt with Photoshop and its Pro tool

To give our clothes the final note and give the feeling that the design is completely integrated into the fabric, we recommend the following:

  1. Select the image and click twice. This way you can merge different colors and achieve a resolution closer to what you are looking for.
  2. At the bottom you can see the autumn menu with the name «Combine yes». Here you will find different color channels, and you will play with parameters to get a combination of your image into an even more realistic shirt.
  3. With this latest adaptation, you get a shadow that blends into the shadows of the shirt and the design will be much sharper.
  4. As well you can change the opacity of your design, or select the blending mode that interests you most until you achieve the desired results.

We hope that in this article You have learned how to add an image to a t-shirt with Photoshop and its Pro tool. Showing our favorite designs on clothing is possible, you just have to know the right tools to look like a professional. In case we forgot to mention something important, let us know in the comments.

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