Lúa Louro

"If today we speak of digital natives to refer to those who have been in contact with and learn to control computer devices since childhood, in Lúa's case we can speak of Adobe natives. Being just a girl, she began to tinker with drawing programs and by his teens he already mastered all the major design programs.Today, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a promising career in the world of creativity, he draws with a mouse and Illustrator pen, with more confidence and speed than most with a pencil in his hand.His interest in art and illustration mark his advertising work, in addition to his ability to manage social networks and be aware of everything that moves in the world of creativity in Galicia through them Known online as Orballa for years, she is becoming an increasingly influential prescriber in the sector." - Written by Laura Calvino. My portfolio: cargocollective.com/lualouro