The best free alternatives to Paint for MacOS

Alternatives to Paint for macOS

Paint is one of the oldest and most popular drawing programs known.. It is a classic of drawing, which has accompanied us for many years. In this time, it has positioned itself as one of the best in its category, and its characteristics have had sufficient acceptance, allowing it to transcend over the years. Today We show you some alternatives to Paint for MacOS, which, although they maintain the essence of Paint, have many additional functions.

As expected, there have been many developed programs that have functions and tools similar to Paint, and in some cases even higher. So it will be extremely interesting for you to find among the alternatives that we show you, the one that meets all your requirements and expectations about a tool of this type. You will have very valuable resources when carrying out any design, achieving truly professional results.

These are some of the best alternatives to Paint for MacOS: 

PaintBrush Alternatives to Paint for macOS

This is one Basic, simple app with essential drawing and editing tools of pictures. You have several options such as airbrush, paint bucket and text format. The big problem is that you will not be able to download this tool from the MacOS App Store, although you can do it directly from the Official site.

This was the first software to replace the old MacPaint, 25 years after its release. In this case, the The developers themselves point out that it is not a simple drawing module, but it goes much further. It can even be used for professional purposes.

Overall, PaintBrush is quite versatile. You can open, save and import any format. dfrom JPEG, traditional PNG to GIF, TIFF, BMP and more. As a simple bitmap editor, we can use airbrush, paint pot, pencil, marker, eraser, text tool, eyedropper to copy colors and several different tools.

Of course, you can use and manipulate images in the most famous and popular formats such as BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF and PNG. We must not forget that Paint Brush also allows us to “paste” existing images on the clipboard.

Seashore Seashore

This offers its users a simple interface, but it is close to professional tools that can serve as an alternative. It has all the basic options, and also some advanced ones such as layers to draw and move them.

It has the options of selection, lasso, wand, pencil, brush, text and others like the cloner or the paint bucket. In the boxes at the top right you can display the color selector. It is an open source application.

It is an image editor with its drawing palettes, and textures, its antialiasing solution for text and brushes, support for layers and the alpha channel, its color reader and ease of use. It uses a native format for saved projects, that is, XCF, although it also allows saving in JPEG, PNG and TIFF.

It is very stable, especially if you work with large amounts of open files. In short, it is a good drawing application, which uses part of the code, brushes, textures, shapes and color gradients.

Use this tool on your MacBook here.

Pinta Pinta

Other app free and open source which seeks to provide users of all operating systems with a powerful alternative for drawing and manipulating images. It stands out for having a simple interface that has been translated into Spanish, and offers basic and some somewhat advanced options, to draw shapes, edit images, add text or add effects, among others.

It also offers selection tools, the possibility of zooming, the classic magic wand or the paint bucket. You can also clone images, choose colors and insert all kinds of geometric shapes. It also supports layers to be able to organize your compositions well.

You can create drawings from scratch thanks to its varied palette of tools, or edit a photo, adding text and changing parameters such as size or brightness. It also has options for more advanced users, such as layers and change history. This way you can go back or forward through many steps you have taken.

Pinta is available here.

Paint S Paint

It is another of the best free Paint alternatives for Mac. In the first instance, it works on formats such as GIF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG and BMP, being able to cover a great deal of ground in editing. At the same time, it adds some Adobe Photoshop properties such as working on various support layers.

It has essential functions such as cropping, rotating, resizing or coloring. Conjointly, it provides other more experienced tools like fill, eyedropper, curved, shadow support, gradients and more. Even, retains a control panel for deletion and removal of elements that are not wanted on the plan.

In addition, It stands out for supporting layers, so that it will be much easier for you to edit the photos and create your own compositions. It is also capable of pasting images from all the other apps on your Mac, including Safari, Keynote, Pages or iBooks, among many others.

You can access it in this link.

FireAlpaca Firealpaca

It is another drawing program that serves as a free alternative to Paint for Mac. However, this application offers you more tools than the Windows program, So if you are not used to using photo editing applications, you may find it difficult to navigate the interface.

This does not mean that FireAlpaca is difficult to use. You have all the tools in the bar on the right side. Among them different selection tools, magic wand, pencil, paint pot, and text.

In the different windows that are next to the work desk you can adjust the features of the tools, for example the brush size or opacity. It supports layers, which will allow you to create your designs in a simpler and more comfortable way.

FireAlpaca is available here.

Despite the good acceptance of Paint, many users are looking for other equally powerful options. The good news is that there are several that can serve as a replacement for this program. We hope that The alternatives to Paint for macOS exposed may have been of interest to you. If you think we should add anything else, let us know in the comments.

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