The best YouTube channels to learn comics

Best YouTube channels to learn comics

If you are starting to take your first steps with comics and need some references or watch videos to help you learn to draw them, How about you take a look at the best YouTube channels to learn comics?

We have made a selection of them to show you what you can find on the Internet about them and how to improve your technique. Write down these names and channels, because they will surely help you in your career to become a great professional.

Doodle Kat1 (Studio K)

We start with an ideal option for those who are just starting out. And it is one of the channels that you will find with videos that are very easy to make, but that will give you the keys to drawing cartoons in a matter of minutes.

In fact, if you look at the videos he has on his channels, they are very short, and they all end with a complete drawing. So, if you want this style, You can free yourself by drawing one of them every day. Surely you will see the evolution of what you do.

Of course, we must warn you that, although it has several videos, The last one is from six years ago and the channel has not been updated again, so we understand that it is abandoned. Still, the videos are there and you can practice with many of them.


Another of the best YouTube channels to learn comics is this one. Of course, here they are not going to teach you how to draw, or at least that is not their objective, but rather they are mainly dedicated to the detailed analysis of characters from comics or movies from Marvel, DC, television series, video games or Comic-Cons.

Still, it's worth checking out some of the videos to see if you like it. We recommend it to you because we think it is one of the best options to delve deeper into the characters, and This will help you when creating one to give it more consistency and, above all, more depth in his personality.

Regarding his updates, he is quite active because he uploads several videos a week.

Doodle Academy

We once again show you a channel focused on learning to draw. In reality, it doesn't focus so much on comics, but on normal drawings that later give depth. But it can help you create designs from scratch by following the hands-on steps in the video.

The channel is active, and usually uploads at least one video every week, although these drawings are more childish. But if you are going to focus your comic on this audience, it can be quite good for you.

Mark Crilley

Mark is an author, illustrator and video creator. This is how it is presented on his YouTube channel. And the truth is that It has many videos that can help you when drawing comics.

To begin with, its characters are greatly influenced by manga, but it has many more realistic ones such as animals, tips for composing comics, and a few more tricks.

That's why it's on our list of the best YouTube channels to learn comics.

making strokes

Here we have another of the best channels on YouTube to learn comics that you can find in Spanish. It is quite active and you can also see direct examples from the author as well as tips and tricks to help you improve with your designs and comics.

The videos are not too long, although there is everything, although the normal thing is that they are between approximately ten and fifteen minutes.

The good thing is that many of the videos have a specific objective, whether it's teaching you how to draw a character step by step, or giving you advice, such as how to create characters, how to publish your comic, etc.

JS Linares

Another of the best channels on YouTube to learn comics is, without a doubt, this other one, from the hands of an artist.

Actually, here you can find many different videos, because the same thing he talks to you about drawing tools that he does interviews or gives you tips for drawing body parts, scenes...

As it is said on their channel, you learn "useful techniques, secrets hidden in digital art and the easiest way to learn to draw and evolve in your art).

Rick Ruiz-Dana

Directly, on this channel you will not find tricks and tips for drawing comics. But the truth is that, in a certain sense, you will find them.

And is that He teaches you by making you see how to draw famous people such as Batman, Luffy, Ironman, Venom...

All the drawings are cartoon style, so if that is the style you are looking for, this channel has a lot to show you. It only has one bad thing, it hasn't been updated for two years, so we don't know if it will still be active or not.

Ebbe Waxin

Another of the digital illustrators that you can find with a YouTube channel is this one. He is Swedish and among his videos you will find many fan arts made by the author, but also videos with drawing tips.

For example, you have tips for making comics, for drawing muscular torsos, female characters, facial expressions, etc.

The same thing that happens with other channels also happens here. And it is that The author hasn't published a new video in a year. But while watching the 327 videos it has, you certainly won't need much more to watch, right?

Ivanevsky, cartoon drawing tutorials

Finished the best YouTube channels to learn comics with the latter offering us more than 700 videos with tips for drawing in any style: pen, pencil...).

Here you will find not only the characters and drawings, but it also has videos to talk to you about other important points of comics, such as speech bubbles, inking and tracing...

Do you know more channels that are worthy of being among the best YouTube channels to learn comics? Then leave them in the comments so that other readers know them.

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