The two ways to put bold on Facebook

bold on Facebook

Highlighting a message on Facebook, when it began its journey was not easy. The only possibility you had was to use a powerful image. Shortly after the emojis arrived to capture attention. But, What if we tell you that you can also put bold on Facebook?

If you don't know how to do it, or you don't see any use for them, here we are going to give you the steps and tricks to put them on and the reason why you should use them from now on. Shall we start?

Why put bold on Facebook

Publication with use of bold in social networks

Imagine that you have a profile in which you show your work. Or a page of your personal brand with which you want people to know about you. In the messages you publish you put more or less extensive texts with valuable information: your contact, the way you have created an image, companies you have worked with...

All this can go unnoticed by a person who only devotes three seconds of his attention to you.

Therefore, to prevent the person from missing out on the most relevant information bold on Facebook can be a good tool for you if you know how to use it.

Not only are you going to make him read what you want, but he will keep that phrase or word because it will stand out from the rest.

But how to put them? We talk about that below.

How to put bold on Facebook

How to attract attention to a phrase on social networks

If you want to use copywriting for social networks, or simply highlight something in your text so that people stop and read it completely, bold can be your great allies. However, it is not easy to put them a priori because on Facebook they do not give you this option.

That's not to say they can't be worn; quite the opposite. The only thing, you have to know how to do it, and it is just what we are going to explain to you.

Using websites that make text bold

The first option that we propose is make use of external websites to make the text bold. This is not usual, not because they are not used (yes, and a lot), but because the bold are not the "star product". You will see, we explain it to you.

On these websites you can write the message you want in the text box enabled. And just below it will appear with different formats. It can be bold, italicized, strikethrough… but what many use it the most is because it changes the default Facebook font for different ones.

In this way, you can choose the one you like the most and you will simply have to copy it and paste it into the Facebook post so that it appears as you have seen it.

It has a drawback, for example in the case of bold. And it is that it will put in bold all the text that you put, not only a sentence. if you want that, you would have to put in the text box only that phrase and then paste it into the text on Facebook.

Some examples of those pages that you can use are YayText or Fsymbols. They are two of the best known and many bet on them when it comes to standing out on social networks. If they do not convince you, or you want to try your luck with others, Put in the Google search engine (or the one you normally use) "write text for Facebook" and you should get options. You just have to see which one offers you what you are looking for.

The easy trick to put bold on Facebook

What we are going to explain to you is not only valid for Facebook, but you can also apply it on WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram... It is about using a special code to put bold in the texts of the publications.

It has the advantage, in this case, yes, that you can put the bold wherever you want. In other words, if your text is made up of 30 words and you want to make only two of them bold, you can do it without having to copy those two words, move them to another page, then paste them there...

And how is it done? We tell you:

First write the normal text in the Facebook post but do not hit publish.

Once you have all the text, what do you want to put in bold? Imagine that you are going to put in bold the words “contact me”. Well, at the beginning of "ponte", in front of the "p", place an asterisk (*).

Now, go to the end, with me, and as soon as the "o" ends, put another asterisk (*). It should look like this: *Get in touch with me*. In fact, the same effect will come out if you use that code in a Word document (at least with LibreOffice).

And that's it, you just have to hit publish and it will come out like this.

As we told you, it will not put all the text in black, as it happens with the other pages, because you can put only what you want to put. AND that can help you highlight single words That they make, with a diagonal reading, people have an idea of ​​what you are talking about and stop if they are interested.

Other ways to highlight your posts

How to use bold on the social network

In addition to the bold on Facebook, the truth is that, as you have seen, it can be written in other ways. Using the websites that we have mentioned, you could write with calligraphic typography, all caps, letters with shadow, colored, etc. and there is no doubt that it will stand out a lot, which is what you may be looking for. As long as it is related to what you want, sell or your brand, there would be no problem.

But if you are more traditional and what you would like is to highlight the posts without much "glitter-glitter", you can choose to put bold, italics or strikethrough. These do not depend on external websites, but, as we have told you before with the bold, there are also codes for the others.

As a summary, you have them here:

  • Bold, using the asterisk. You have to put it at the beginning of the word and at the end of where you want it to be marked as bold.
  • Italics, using the underscore. Follow the same pattern as before.
  • Strikethrough, using the tilde (~). It must also go at the beginning and at the end.

Is it clear to you how to put bold on Facebook?

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