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The new Zara logo

Zara's spring-summer 2019 season has not only brought us a new collection, but also the change of ...


Color management for printing

Before taking a final project to the press, we must carry out good color management. We recommend online tools to convert your colors.

Full Panther Logo

Tips for vectorizing a logo

Tips to vectorize a logo or an image and increase the efficiency of the design and digitization process, so that others also benefit from it.

Graphics Tablets

Best graphics tablets

A list of the best graphics tablets so you can get a better idea of ​​what your next purchase will be on Black Friday or another sale event.

Picular is the «Google» of colors

If you are looking for inspiration or to know the color code of a recognized brand, Picular is perfect for it. A new way of approaching design.

Color psychology

A perfect color palette for every job

Everything in the design and knowing the palette of colors and tones is important for the project of an essential company. These are the 4 main groups.

Learn how to design a wine label

Design a well-functioning wine label

Designing a properly functioning wine label is as complicated as any graphic project. Learn a little more about project design with a practical case as an example.

List of concepts when designing a logo

List of concepts when designing a logo

List of concepts when designing a logo to ensure that our corporate image communicates correctly in a professional and effective way. Visualize a small practical example.

Wordpress themes

Selection of 10 free responsive WordPress themes

The growing demand for WordPress sites makes it necessary for designers to free themselves from repetitive jobs that can be simplified. For this you can get WordPress themes that simplify this work. Here we have collected 10 free responsive templates.

Wordpress tutorials for beginners

10 free WordPress tutorials perfect for beginners

The WordPress content creation platform continues to grow and more and more customers are interested in using this medium to create their site. This has become a very profitable activity for designers and that is why we teach you the best tutorials to master it.

Professions of the future

Creative jobs on international worker's day

On International Workers' Day we are going to celebrate the creative jobs that are going to be claimed the most in the near future. Being Youtubers or CoolHunter? Fashion Designer or Blogger?

customer design

The reality behind a design project

The reality behind a design project is not what you imagined in some cases, the economic limitation, the lack of understanding with the client or their 'experience' in design, may differ from the work you do.

Free Actions

15 Photoshop actions to edit your photos

If you are looking to maximize your work time, don't waste time repeating the same steps to reach an expected final result. Better use specific photoshop actions that will help give your photos that style you are looking for. Here we have compiled the best ones.

Tracking and Kerning

Typographic difference between Tracking and Kerning

Typographic difference between Tracking and Kerning and its manipulation in order to better understand how typography works from a theoretical point of view and apply it in a practical way in different programs.

Create page numbering with indesign

How to create a page numbering marker in Indesign

How to create a page numbering marker in Indesign to more professionally layout our editorial projects. Adding page numbering is something basic and fundamental, but can you do it automatically? Learn with this post.

X-ray of a collage

X-ray of a collage to see its hidden side

X-ray of a collage to see its hidden side and to understand the conceptual part behind each graphic project. Every project has a language, the objective of that language is to communicate.

Hidden messages in logos

The hidden messages in corporate logos

The messages hidden in logos will make our brand or product effective and reach a larger audience. Some logos have hidden messages behind them, did you know?


The logos of these brands changed by 8M

There are logos that changed their designs to focus on the struggle of women on 8M (March 8 International Women's Day) to support gender equality in all its aspects, thus supporting the purple movement.

shoot san serif

Five games to learn to use graphic design tools

These five games will help you practice your skills as a graphic designer. If you are not good at some of the tools, you can perfect them here. Try it and share your results on Creativos Online.

Take your designs from the screen to the textile world

Illustrate sweatshirts with your best designs

Illustrate sweatshirts with your best designs and promote all your work in a personal and attractive way. If you are passionate about the textile world, you can begin to see how your graphic work is applied in other media.

Typography lovers can't miss this information

A post for lovers of letterpress printing

A post for nostalgic letterpress lovers looking for new ways to create their graphic projects. There are events where typography is the main protagonist, this is one of them developed on the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands).

On the way

Paper sizes

These are the paper sizes A, B, C and more that conform to the different standards, although there are different sizes for Americans.


Color range: uses and combinations

Discover the ranges of colors with examples of uses and combinations. Practice makes perfect and quickly identifying a color scheme for a target takes practice, time, and knowledge.

Final effect

Tiger skin with Photoshop.

It is the day to do a skin change. Both for our face, hands or feet, whatever you like the most. For ourselves, for a friend or family member.

develop a good look at the design

Develop a good look at the design

To be a good graphic designer you need to know how to see and observe your environment, so discover the advice that we give you in this article.

Learn how to change lip color with photoshop

Change lip color with Photoshop

Change the color of the lips with Photoshop in a professional way, achieving very realistic results for our photographic sessions and retouching.

Free wedding invitations

Looking for FREE wedding invitations? Don't miss out on this collection of vectors and templates for wedding and celebration invitations.

Design studies

Famous graphic design studios

Today we will take a walk through graphic design studios that stand out for their creativity, excellence, versatility and other elements.

draw human body

Tips for drawing the human body

One of the most difficult things from my point of view is to draw the human body, first to be able to capture every detail of it and then to put it on paper.

A bookmark helps us to position ourselves in a book because it indicates the page where we are.

Create a bookmark with InDesign

Creating a bookmark with InDesign quickly and easily is possible thanks to the great ease with which it allows us to work InDesign.

qualities of a graphic designer to be able to charge

Graphic design quote template

Next we will talk about the steps you must follow to create an Excel template for budgets, which can be completely edited.

Change eye color with photoshop quickly and easily

Change eye color with Photoshop

Change the color of the eyes with Photoshop quickly and easily obtaining a very professional and realistic result for our photographs.

graphics in Cuba

Cuban graphics

Get to know Cuban graphics from the second half of the 50th century until today and it is that during the XNUMX's an advertising boom originated.

header importance

Header Graphic Design

The development of headers allows us to identify at first sight a brand or trend and web design has a lot to do with this.

avoid plagiarism

How can plagiarism be avoided

We present ways to prevent someone else from taking advantage of your work, since there is nothing that annoys more than working on something and it is stolen.

What sets trends this 2017

Creative trends of 2017

As a self-respecting graphic designer, you must always be up to date on what is trending or not, so take note of what is trending in 2017.

what career to choose

Design or advertising?

Find out why you can and should choose according to what you like best when working, since these are two very identical careers.


The slogan game

The slogan is that message that a brand sends us to make us easily remember when talking about its products.


5 free 3D programs

Are you interested in the world of 3D? Here I show you a list of free programs to get you started in this exciting world.


17 free script fonts

In this article you will find a compilation of 17 free script fonts that are sure to give your designs a different touch.

Colour balls

A bit of color theory

Have you ever heard of color theory but are not sure what it is? Enter and know a little about her.

Character created in adobe fuse

Create 3D characters with Adobe Fuse

Adobe Fuse is the program that allows you to create 3D characters in a simple, intuitive and fun way. Don't you know him yet? Enter to discover it.

Web design trends for 2017

Web design trends that will take place in 2017 that will make you change the way you carry out future work and customer requests

Comfort to develop creativity

Comfort to develop the creativity of the artist within you. Furniture, supplies, accessories and more so that you do not miss anything in your work.

how to make a professional logo

5 tips to make a professional logo

The logo is an image for the public of your company. That is why it is very important to have a professional logo. We give you 5 key tips for your logo.

vintage alphabets

Vintage alphabets for lettering

In this post we can find a selection of vintage alphabets, whether you are passionate about lettering or just looking for inspiration, this is your post

Free fonts

Free Fonts for Designers

Today we bring you this selection of free fonts for multiple uses, all of them have great quality and versatility, which makes them unique.


Free food mockup

We bring you this selection of different mockups for food designers, free, of quality and easily editable in photoshop.

Brief Festival 2016 in Madrid

The Brief 2016 festival has just been held in Madrid, world-renowned designers and illustrators have been selected to give the lectures.