Tools to send emails

Sending or receiving emails has always been part of our day. In this post, we show you a list with tools to send them.

Blogger or Wordpress

Blogger or WordPress

Blogger or Wordpress? If you are trying to find out which system to use to create your page, we will try to help you discover it.

BeFlora The best free templates for Prestashop

Free templates for Prestashop

Discover a selection of free templates for Prestashop so you can set up your online store in an original and easy way.

TemplateMonster templates

Free WordPress Templates

If what you are looking for are free WordPress templates, here is a selection of websites where you will find a large number.

WordPress logo on blue background

Wordpress templates

If you are still wondering where to get WordPress templates for free, in this post we offer you some of the pages.


How to make a Reel on Instagram

Do you want to learn how to make a Reel on Instagram? Here we give you the keys to border it on the fashionable social network among the youngest

comments in css

How to add comments in CSS

Do you know what comments are in css? Do you know how they are made? Discover everything you need to know to add comments in css.

free web templates

Free website templates

If you want to create your own website and need free web templates, here are some ideas that can come in handy.

Instagram filters

Instagram filters

Do you know what Instagram filters are? Find out which ones exist in the application and how you can create your own and upload them to the app

Bare Metal Servers

What are bare metal servers?

What should you look for when choosing a dedicated or bare metal server? We tell you everything so you can choose correctly.

Lyrics for Instagram

Lyrics for Instagram

With these apps for letters for Instagram you will be able to give another life to the bio of your Instagram account or those typographic fonts of Instagram Stories.

Your first Instagram ad

Instagram Ads allows us to carry out campaigns in a simple and inexpensive way. We tell you the bases so that you are able to make your first successful ad.

SEO Positioning

What is SEO?

Let's find out what the SEO acronym means “Search Engine Optimization.” It is an organic positioning, that is, we do not pay for it.

Stripe Menu

16 cascading menus in CSS to revamp your website

If you are looking to renew the design of your website, the cascading menus that we propose are one of the most important elements to retouch. Get ideas with these 16 dropdown menus made with CSS that are very easy to implement on your website.

Wordpress themes

Selection of 10 free responsive WordPress themes

The growing demand for WordPress sites makes it necessary for designers to free themselves from repetitive jobs that can be simplified. For this you can get WordPress themes that simplify this work. Here we have collected 10 free responsive templates.

Wordpress tutorials for beginners

10 free WordPress tutorials perfect for beginners

The WordPress content creation platform continues to grow and more and more customers are interested in using this medium to create their site. This has become a very profitable activity for designers and that is why we teach you the best tutorials to master it.

Facebook apologizes in an advertising campaign

Facebook apologizes to the more than 50 million people affected due to the leaks with Cambridge Analytic and the violation of their profiles. Thus attempting against the privacy of the people who placed their trust by saving personal data on your site.

23 animated arrows in CSS for your website

Do you need to use an arrow on your website? Don't miss out on this list of 23 arrows animated with CSS to take users somewhere on your website or highlight a CTA on your page.

Free Tumblr Templates

Themes for Tumblr

Download one of the 60 free Tumblr themes and create your portfolio or change the default template. There are many amazing themes to customize Tumblr

Chrome themes

The best themes for Chrome

If you are looking for themes for Google Chrome, in this list of 96 themes for the browser you will surely have the perfect one to "dress up" its interface.

Discovering creatives!

We discovered 14 creatives together with the social network Instagram. 14 completely different creatives that will refresh your creativity in a matter of seconds.

WordPress analysis

WordPress 3.9 analysis

WordPress 3.9 and we want to give you our first impressions with this basic analysis about its news. Go ahead and read us and leave your opinions.

Soleil Noir, web with Parallax effect

6 Parallax effect websites

The Parallax effect is a trend, and that is why today we bring you a selection of 6 websites that show it off on their pages. Do you want to see them? Enter and give your opinion.

Top 7 SEO plugins for WordPress

Positioning well in Google is possible thanks to Wordpress and its plugins. Discover the TOP 7 SEO plugins to improve the SEO of your website and beat the competition.

Twitter Bootstrap logo

Bootstrap 2.3.2: Getting Started Guide

Bootstrap is a CSS framework that has become very popular throughout the network. Their responsive styles are seen by the social networks Tuenti and Twitter.

Backup of your Wordpress

How to backup your WordPress

Are you tired of having to backup your WordPress? You should see the tutorial that we bring you today. Making your copy has never been easier.

5 WordPress themes for tech blogs

The technological topic is certainly very popular on the Internet, which is why there are a large number of pages in which content related to this topic is published

5 icon packs for social networks

The icons for social networks are useful since on our websites it is recommended that an access to the Facebook page of the site is offered

5 free texture packs for your designs

There are many elements involved in graphic design work, but without a doubt, textures are those that designers cannot do without and of course they have them in a special place within their collection of resources and tools.

5 WordPress themes for restaurants

One of the things that you should think about first is to get a theme that is consistent with the site and in this case today we bring 5 WordPress themes for restaurants.

5 pack of tech brushes for Photoshop

Graphic designers often get involved in projects related to the futuristic or the modern, in which case it is common that they may require elements that add these characteristics to their work.

5 free banner templates

The banner is one of the most important elements for the promotion of a website, which is why it is almost essential to make sure that its design causes a visual impact and is attractive to visitors.

5 WordPress themes for wedding websites

We know that the theme is very varied when we talk about the templates for web pages that we can use, since this is mainly based on the type of content that will be on the site

Price table in PSD format

If you are developing a service site and need a price table, then you should take a look at the one designed by Benoît Philibert.

5 examples of web page navigation

It is clear that navigation on a web page has to be intuitive and easy to assimilate so that the visitors who access it have a better experience on the site, however this does not mean that its general structure has to be dull or boring

Maki, web map icon pack

Maki is a pack of 93 icons for web maps, useful for adding location signs and points of interest. It is totally free and of very good quality.

1.262 minimalist icons

Introducing a collection of 1.262 totally free monochrome minimalist icons. They look perfect for interface design.

Animated New Year Cards

Collection of animated cards made in Flash to congratulate clients, visitors, family and friends this end of the year.

Animated Christmas Cards

Collection of incredible and original animated Christmas cards made in Flash that can serve as reference and inspiration to create our own.

Animated snow with CSS

We present an incredible animated snow effect to add to web pages with simple and pure CSS3, no JavaScript.

200+ website templates

Collection of more than 200 templates for web pages in HTML5 and CSS3 that you can download for free

Pack of 60 Social Media Icons

Some of you keep asking me for more icons on social networks because of how much they are used and how well they come, ...

700+ Watercolor Photoshop Brushes

Responding to a request from @lanyya, a follower of Creativos Online On our Twitter channel @creativosblog we bring you a compilation…

Free PSD Web Buttons

For those times when you need a generic button for your web project, it is good to have some predesigned templates ...

100 portfolios to inspire you

In Smashing Magazine they have made two post compilations with very well designed portfolios of different aspects (creative, happy, fresh, simple, ...

100 portfolios to inspire you

In Smashing Magazine they have made two post compilations with very well designed portfolios of different aspects (creative, happy, fresh, simple, ...

34 Tumblr templates

Tumblr is a blogging system that unites blogging and microblogging in one, and lately…

Packaging and folder templates

Yourpackagingsource, is one of those pages where you can download packaging templates as well as folders that can serve you ...