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Elegant backgrounds for PowerPoint

If you still don't know what background to accompany your presentation with. In this post, we show you the most elegant backgrounds for power point.

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Mobile wallpapers

A good wallpaper can make your phone look even more attractive. In this post we show you some of the best backgrounds.

Image formats

Image formats

As a creative, you must know all the image formats with which you must work. Do you know how many there are and which are the usual ones?



Discover what ASCII Art is, how it is different from others, types of ASCII Art and programs that we recommend about this art form.

Theo Jansen's surreal beach animals

Theo Jansen is an artist who has created the most surreal artificial animals we can imagine. Here we explain how these fantastic machines work that unite engineering with art as we have never seen it before.

free image bank

17 Royalty Free Image Banks

Many of the people who work on designs and compositions based on photographic images search the web for images ...

About Wloks

About Wloks. If you want to have graphic resources to start your journey through the business world, Wloks can help you out.


Free Iceland Landscape Photos

We bring this selection of thirty photos of different landscapes of Iceland, completely free to use on your website, blog or designs.

Summer Resource Pack

Free selection of summer resources of all kinds including vectors, icons, templates and badges.

Viintage, one of the free image banks

19 Free Image Banks

Find in this post 19 image banks in which to get the photographs you need, for free. Looking for graphic resources? You are interested.


Five free image banks to use

If you want a good job, you will need excellent images. Next we will tell you about the five free image banks that exist on the web.

101 very creative billboards

I've been looking at all these photos of advertising posters for about half an hour and I can't get enough, they are really good and original….