How to create business card templates with Illustrator?

Create business card templates with Illustrator

The image of your company or business will be determined by how much you take into account details of it. Business cards are the first image your clients will have. We recommend that you maintain a good aesthetic, and analyze what you want to convey. This is why we show you how to create business card templates with Illustration.

In terms of editing and graphic design, the Illustrator program has a lot to offer us. With powerful and effective tools, It will be easy to achieve and capture the vision you have. This program is characterized by the versatility of its tools, you just need to follow some tips that will help you achieve a better result.

How to create business card templates with Illustrator? Create business card templates with Illustrator

In order to create business card templates, you can do the following:

  1. Firstly creates a 2 x 3,5 template which would be the equivalent for 08 x 8,89 cm for your business card design.
  2. In the illustration you will see three colored lines, the first is the black line which is the security line, the text or logo elements must remain within this line.
  3. Create a safety line using the Rectangle Tool and set its size to 3,5 x 2 inches.
  4.  The second is the cut line, which surrounds the card and It must be larger than the safety line. About a quarter of an inch or 0,63 centimeters. The third is the blue line.
  5. Extend the entire background color to the edge of the blue perimeter. Make sure you have the wizard enabled. Otherwise, go to View, Guide and Show guide.
  6. Don't forget to set your document's color mode to CMYK. To do this, you can go to File, Document Color Mode, and choose CMYK. Create a series of guides that outline the outer edges of your workspace.
  7. If your grid color is difficult to see, you can change it by choosing Edit Guides and Grid. Be sure to personalize your card with black strokes, then remove the protection and cut the lines.
  8. You can also create other types of images. To do this, use other tools such as Pen, Pencil or Line.

How do we add the text that will provide the data? Create business card templates with Illustrator

  1. Create the text using the Text tool of the same name. You can change the style of the text using the character tools. If you want to use an existing logo, choose the File option then Place. So select the logo you want from the available images.
  2. Color the background if you want, you can also complement it with colorful images and text, making it much more striking.
  3. Select all the text and Go to Text choosing the Create Outlines option. With this step you can change the type of text to vector, this step is important because it will allow you to open the file in another program without losing the font.
  4. Print a copy of your card and check if the text is too small or too big.
  5. Finally save the result, first as an AI file, and then save the new file as an EPS file. This way it will be ready to be printed.

What aspects should you take into account in relation to the text? Ai

  • To ensure that the text remains readable, font size must be at least 8 points. And to highlight certain details, such as the name, you can increase the base score.
  • Choose a font that suits what you are looking for. If you need help, you can check out some of the top pages for downloading free fonts.
  • It is important to have a color palette that combines with the visual identity of your brand. You should also choose a text color that matches well with the background color of the business card.

What should you keep in mind if you create business card templates with Illustrator? Ai

It includes the basic elements of a business card. These business card elements or details may vary. They will depend on your professional profile, or the information that you consider most relevant to your potential clients. Although There are some elements that you should not fail to mention For the objective to be met, these are:

Your name or company

It is one of the most important aspects when designing a card. You must make sure to use it correctly, whether as a brand or as a subtitle that accompanies the name of your company.

Knowing how to make business cards also means knowing how to choose fonts, their sizes and the location of your name on the card. Is It is important that you try different options with the design until you find the balance between all the elements. Always keeping in mind that the name will be the face of your business.

Your contact details

Learning how to make business cards is important to attract our potential clients and facilitate their communication with us. Then you will understand that you need to provide contact information so I can call or write to you.

You have several options in this part. Since depending on the specific characteristics of your business, it is possible that you want to include elements phone number, email, social media, and also the location of the company or business.

We recommend you synthesize instead of trying to cover all areas. While including all of these points seems like a good idea, anyone who knows how to make business cards will tell you to include everything you need to convey to the client.

Your profession or position in the company

The dimensions of the business card are perfectly calculated so that you can place all the necessary information. Therefore, Don't forget to indicate your specialty, profession, or position below your name. in the company that owns the business card.

Even if you learned how to make a business card because you own your own business. You should make sure you tell the client exactly what you do., and why they should contact you.

I hope that in this article Learn how to create business card templates with Illustrator. Use this valuable resource to reach a greater number of potential clients, so your business or company will be more recognized. If you think we have forgotten something important, let us know in the comments.

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