Do you need to create duplicates for your design in Illustrator? Take note

How to create duplicates of objects in Illustrator

The main functions of a graphic design app such as Adobe Illustrator are those that accelerate, automate and facilitate procedures. In the tutorial that we cover in this article we explore the options to create duplicates in Illustrator without too many complications.

There are different alternatives to cover this function, and the final result is to copy designs of all kinds at greater speed and without difficulty. From lines or geometric shapes to a complete drawing. Adobe Illustrator has the Repeat-Duplicate function that completely copies a particular motif and then we can position it wherever we want in our templates or designs. The procedure is easy and does not require extensive knowledge of the application, it is rather a first tool to master to have basic skills in Adobe Illustrator.

How to create duplicates in Illustrator easily?

The duplication procedure in Adobe Illustrator It is very simple. As a first step, you must prepare the document to understand step by step and without distractions how to create duplicates in Illustrator to position them as you like in your template. First we are going to open a new document by pressing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + N.

In the Units drop-down menu you can choose the measurement format for width and height. You can try Pixels and a maximum of 850 x 850 pixels to have a considerable work area. Then you have to choose other parameters such as Color Mode and Screen. Once the new document is confirmed, it is convenient to enable the Grid view to improve editing control. If you want to have a dynamic preview with the size and position of the design, activate the Info panel from the Window menu. Once the canvas is ready, you must proceed to create the design and then duplicate it.

Create the duplicates in Illustrator

Once the new document has been created and the object or drawing to be duplicated is ready, just follow these instructions. You can test the function using a simple first plot.

  • Select the Brush Tool (P) on the toolbar.
  • Fill in an example drawing and then select the menu Object – Repeat – Duplicate.
  • Once the Duplicate effect is applied, isolation mode is activated. A dotted axis appears between the two halves and three round sliders along the line.
  • You can drag the center control point to adjust the spacing between the two halves, or drag the dashed axis to make the halves fit on the grid.
  • You can rotate the upper and lower regulators to transform the duplicate half.
  • To exit isolation mode, press the Esc key or complete a double-click.

With the mirrored object already created, you can double-click to enter isolation mode again and add more modifications. You can use the Brush Tool and play with the Borders, for example.

Repeat Patterns in Illustrator

Create duplicates in Illustrator It is also very useful for quickly putting together motifs for a graphic element. For example, use the downward brush, create a design, mark it and activate the menu Object – Repeat – Grid. Use the increase or decrease arrows to play with the spacing between the elements of the motif to repeat.

From the control panel you can also adjust the spacing of elements in the grid. This way you can have much more precise and direct control over the graphic proposal as a whole. If you want to add more rows and columns, use the rounded rectangle sliders. This way you can put together a design with a repetitive motif in a matter of minutes. Forgetting about the process of creating elements one by one, and pasting the duplicate elements according to the distance you like best.

La repeat grid It can be easily further edited from the Properties panel or from Object – Repeat – Options. From this panel you will find access to different components that can be adjusted to the grid type. You can flip rows or columns, rotate them, repeat grid portions, and adjust other spacing options.Adobe Illustrator and the duplicates feature


Editing in Adobe Illustrator is a relatively simple process once we know the tools available. Like other similar programs, the key is to spend time learning about each option and how it works.

When it comes to designing parts with repeating objects, learning how to use the duplication and repetition menus will help you save a lot of time working on templates. With a Simple interface and easily identifiable tools, you can take advantage of Adobe Illustrator and start playing by creating your own repeat patterns.

Step by step, you can use this tutorial to create a design from scratch, duplicate it, and then arrange it repeatedly within a custom grid. Once you have mastered the tool, you will save a lot of time every time you need to work with repeated elements within the same template.

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