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creative presentations

On many occasions we have to get down to work and do work in our professional life. Whether it's for a final degree project or even a school quarter project. Also when we have to present a project in our company. That is why we have to make creative presentations as quickly and impressively as possible so that the idea we have in mind is approved.

Surely, if you do not dedicate yourself to any training that has to do with graphic design, this is an odyssey for you. But keep in mind that there are many easy tools to do it. And, if you want to do it yourself, you can also create them with little tricks that will make them stand out from everything else. These presentations are sometimes key to determining whether you pass or not. Or also, if they grant you the project in a work environment.

That is why making creative presentations is crucial for us if we want to achieve what we have set out to do. In this way and given the little time we always have to present ourselves, we can change the perception of our work on the people to whom we present it. But, what are the presentations, how are they made and what do I need to know for it?

What are the presentations?

The first thing we need to know is that presentations, when we mean making them creative, are not about dressing up and having a funny speech. Nor that you perform a performance as if it were a business film. A creative presentation is about style sheets that you will later expose on a screen and that you will have to explain in a certain time to convince someone that your project is worth it.

Otherwise known, make a Powerpoint. Although this name is wrong to refer to a presentation since it is a brand. But for many, the presentations are linked to this highly international program, which belongs to Windows. But also there are other tools such as Open Office, Keynote or Google Slides. With each of these we can make creative presentations that convince that our product or idea is the right one.

These presentations are displayed in a horizontal format. Since it is something simple and visual where the text does not predominate. In fact, on many occasions you will have encountered some text limitations per "slide" (which is the name given to each slide). These limitations placed by your teachers or bosses, that it should not take more than a limited number of words. Since you must, by yourself, explain it and be understandable accompanied mostly by images.

How to make creative presentations


There are several ways to make creative presentations. If you make the design yourself, you can take one of the programs that I have mentioned and face a blank page. This is the most complex idea, because it requires great skill to design. Since you must take the text that you have written and transform it through images, shapes and graphics what can you extract directly from an Excel.

A trick that can work for you is to enter one of the pages selling products of this type. One of my favorites for this, for its presentation and the completeness of its products is Envato Market. This page in English teaches you many presentations of this type. They can serve as inspiration to be able to imitate those elements with your skills. you see and connect them in a similar way so that there is cohesion in your design.

If in neither case do you see yourself with the ability to design that, you can always buy these presentations. To buy them, you simply have to register and pay for the one you want. The cost of these presentations is usually not very high. You have to take into account if it is profitable for you to acquire them or not. Although you can also find free presentations online and purchase them, yes, they are usually easier.

Objects that can help you make creative presentations

creative simpsons

Another thing that can help you to make your own creative presentations is to help you with elements. We have spoken in Creatives of different pages, which serve as tools for create funds or also to generate forms. These forms come predetermined, as is the case of Flaticon. You can choose to change the color, size and add text below them but they are already created and are not modifiable.

It can be useful to have frames over images, small icons that enhance the phrase you explain and symbolize it, or support images like the free ones from Unsplash. All these elements play a fundamental role and are mostly free. Keep in mind that these objects are mere companions of what you want to do. Do not abuse either to create too many elements on the same slide.

Free pages to download presentations

But if with all that we have taught you, you still do not know how to start or it is not worth paying for it, we are going to show you free pages. Some to download and modify in your programs and other fully online web tools that you can modify live. So, if you don't like it, you don't have to download it. And when you already have what you need, download and present:

  • Pitch: This page is a free and online tool that you can use to make your own presentations. It also has a community that presents its own projects.
  • Prezi: It is the favorite of high school and university students. Since he makes very curious and dynamic presentations in a simple and visual way. Very different from the others.
  • Canva: As always, Canva is used for many things and among them to create free presentations. It is true that its free version is quite limited in terms of resources. But you can also pay for a subscription for a month and that's it. Or try their 7-day free trial.
  • Vista: Download the templates on your computer and edit them from there with Vista. It's an easy way to find what you're looking for and download it to put your own text on it.

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