Steps to download images with transparent background

Download images with transparent background

There are times when you need a certain type of images. We are talking about downloading images with transparent backgrounds. These are not common, since they require them to have a special format, but that does not mean that they are difficult to find.

Therefore, below, we are going to give you several ways to do it, how you should search for them and also places where it is easy to download them. Shall we start?

What should images with transparent backgrounds look like?

bottomless skier

The first thing you should know about downloading images with transparent backgrounds is what these images are.

And the main ones you find on the Internet are JPG. And these, even when no background is added, will appear with it in solid white, so that it becomes their background.

Of course this You can remove it relatively easily with image editing tools, such as Photoshop or GIMP., but it requires some knowledge, especially to erase the white in certain smaller details.

But there is an image format that allows you to save images with a transparent background and also download them. Specifically, it would be the PNG format.

This is mainly characterized by this, but also because it offers higher quality and less weight in the image file.

Why download images with transparent backgrounds

witch vector

Regardless of whether it is really what you are looking for or not, there are some benefits to take into account when downloading images with transparent backgrounds. Those that we consider most important are the following:

You have more freedom when choosing a color palette. By not having a background, the image can fit much better into any composition because it will not depend on combining the background it has (because in reality it does not have one).

Multiple images with transparent backgrounds can be used (without having to combine the backgrounds).

You can focus the viewer on these images since they usually have a higher quality and you can direct your view to the parts of the image that interest you the most.

Now, how to download images with transparent backgrounds?

Options to download images with transparent backgrounds

png image

Next we are going to be somewhat practical and we are going to give you the different options you have to download images with transparent backgrounds. Specifically, there would be two:


The first option, and perhaps the first one we usually go to, is Google images. You must take this with "tweezers." And it is that Not all the photos that appear in Google results are free and you can use them without problem. Many are copyrighted, which means you can get into trouble if you use them without the author's permission.

But there are others that you could use.

For that, We recommend that you go to the Google images search engine and enter the word or phrase for which you want images to appear. But, at the end of that text, place the command filetype:png. This will only focus on displaying the png format image option in the results. Of course, some results may slip through.

Additionally, if you click Tools, and then Use Rights, you can choose whether it has Creative Commons Licenses or Commercial Licenses and other licenses (to see only the ones you can use).

Keep in mind that here you will have photos from free image banks but also from paid ones; as well as publications from other web pages.

Another option that can further limit the results to focus directly on the images you are looking for is to click Tools / Color. There, if you look, You will see main colors but also the possibility of setting the color to be "transparent".

Paid image banks

Another way to download images with transparent backgrounds is by going to paid image banks. These sites usually have this type of images, mainly vectors. and graphic design. But the truth is that there will be everything.

Now, the price will depend on the bank and the photo itself. Although you should keep in mind that paying does not imply that you have the exclusive photo. That is, there may be more people who use it in their projects.

Free image banks

Finally, we can recommend free image banks where you can find many PNG images such as vectors, templates, backgrounds...

Some that we can talk to you about are the following:


This is a website specialized in PNG files. with millions of graphic resources to download for free. Of course, when doing so, check that you can use these images for personal and commercial use, not just for the former. Especially if you are going to use it for a client's design.


Another website specialized in PNG images (therefore with transparent backgrounds) and also in cliparts for web design is this one. It has thousands of images and they are divided into different categories. Within these there are subcategories and each one specifies the number of images there are.

So you can find, either with the search engine or by reviewing the categories, the one that is closest to what you are looking for.


We continue with more pages. In this case, a search engine that allows you to find PNG images that may interest you. Of course, when you find a suitable result, try to look at the license because not all of them can be used commercially, but most are for personal use.

We couldn't find a way to filter the images, so you will have to go one by one looking (because the search results do not offer us that information at a glance either).


Although Pixabay is a free image bank more focused on photographs, that does not mean that it does not have images with transparent backgrounds. It has them, although not many. What you can find are royalty-free photos, without the need for recognition and in high quality.

Of course, it is possible that among the results you will not only see images without a background, but also with it. So you will have to navigate through them to find the ones that work for you.

stick png

Another option you have is this website that acts as a PNG image search engine. Again, we recommend that you look at the license before trusting yourself and using it without further ado so as not to get unpleasant surprises later.

Now you know everything you need to download images with transparent backgrounds. Do you recommend any other place? where to find PNG images so they don't have a background? We read you in comments.

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