Drone photography, the best advice from experts

La aerial photography using drones It has become a discipline in itself. It provides very interesting contributions to the images and the capture of unique moments from the sky, and thanks to the advice of the experts you can get a lot of benefit from it. Currently, many enthusiasts are joining the world of drones and capturing incredible videos and photographs from above.

To get the most out of these Technological devices, it is necessary to know more about the art of photography. Its requirements, scope and limitations, as well as the best way to approach a day controlling the drone from above. The bases of this new art form, the practical conditions to perform it and other advice.

Inspection and photography with drones from different angles

The evolution of inspections and tours with drones and photography has been notable in recent times. Drones provide a highly detailed aerial view of areas that are otherwise inaccessible. It can be used for tourism and exploration photography and video, but also for more technical purposes such as inspecting buildings and structures.

While the aerial photography It has existed for several years, with the popularization of drones it acquired notable momentum. Before it was necessary to go out in a helicopter or plane to take captures of this type, and even then there were strong spatial limitations. Drones are remote control vehicles with great agility and small size, capable of entering areas that may have previously seemed inaccessible.

As its main advantage, aerial photography with drones is much more flexible, being able to choose perfect angles that are restricted in traditional photos due to physical issues. It is the best option when capturing remote places, with difficult access or complex conditions to set up a traditional photo shoot.

In turn, the initial investment using drone equipment for photography is expensive, but it can be recovered in a short time and the type of captures is very different from what we can achieve even with high-quality equipment for traditional photos. Therefore, if you are interested in taking photos and videos with drones, reviewing the list of professional tips can be a great help.

Know the rules and regulations

Not all areas are suitable for drone flight. Each country and region has its own laws, it is important to know them to avoid any type of setback or sanction. There are even restricted areas where they could end up destroying your drone if you're not careful. Sometimes a municipal permit is enough and other times it is simply a matter of asking the residents of the area.

Plan the flight

For drone photographs to turn out well, you have to do a prior survey or at least a virtual inspection through Google Maps or similar services. It's about taking the best captures, knowing the reference points and knowing what you want to capture in each scenario. The time of day also greatly influences the quality of the captures. If you have the chance, try to take photos at dawn or at dusk. At that moment you will get the best quality of light for your images.

Learn to operate the drone

It is not advisable to go out on your first flight with the drone to explore complex or unknown scenarios. The drone is still a vehicle and has a high cost, which is why it is recommended to do practice flights, master the general control of the device and then go out to take photographs or capture videos. Furthermore, if you handle the drone well, the quality of your captures will be much better.

Aerial photography composition

The most important composition principles when take photos from a drone They include: use of the rule of thirds, direction of the subjects involved and the use of guide lines. It is very important to have a good frame, since it can generate a totally different effect than a capture taken in a more sloppy way. In any case, and like other arts, it requires practice and effort. Drone photography uses the latest in technology to ascend to the skies and take incredible photographs, but you will improve your technique and results by trying different ways.

Experiment with perspective

Taking a photo from above does not guarantee that the image will turn out well. The sky does not have to become a limit, but rather another space through which we can test our techniques. Play with perspective and different heights and movements that these remote controlled vehicles can perform. The experience can be truly incredible and will be very different from what you can achieve with other imaging tools. Through trial and error you will find your way to be a better photographer with these elements at your disposal.

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