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  • Encarni Arcaya

    The first time I faced Photoshop was when I joined a group that translated comics from English to Spanish. You had to delete the translation of the speech bubbles, clone if you touched part of the drawing and then put the text in Spanish. It was exciting and I loved it so much that I started working with Photoshop (even in a small publishing house) and experimenting. As a writer, several of my covers are made by me and design is part of my knowledge because I know how important the works are visually beautiful. I share my knowledge of advertising and design on this blog with practical articles that help others improve their personal brand, their company or themselves.

  • Andy Acosta

    Image creation has a special place in my free time, which has led me to study and take several courses on the subject. One of the activities I enjoy the most is sharing practical tips for beginners, inspiring them and helping them discover the exciting world of graphic design. Few things are as satisfying as a well-formed idea, even if it is not an easy task to complete. Remember that behind an excellent web design, there is work with powerful editing tools. I will tell you about the programs that serve as a canvas for designers and enthusiasts of the subject to create these works of digital art.

  • Juan Martinez

    I work as an editor and journalist on topics related to software and content creation. I have a growing interest in everything related to web design and graphic design tools, and the generation of an eye-catching and practical visual section for the content that is shared. I analyze and consult different sources in English and Spanish on the use of apps, tricks and design in general, in addition to exploring in practice the use of different hardware and software tools for graphic design work. In CreativosOnline I like to create a space for exchange and learning to continue exploring the world of design and its vast opportunities.

Former editors

  • Manuel Ramirez

    I am an illustrator passionate about the art of drawing with my own personal style. My academic training is based on the three-year General Diploma in Drawings, Animations and Animation that I completed at the Higher School of Professional Drawing (ESDIP), one of the most prestigious in Spain. My specialty is digital illustration, although I also master other techniques such as pencil, watercolor or collage. I like to create imaginary worlds and unique characters that transmit emotions and messages. My goal is to achieve the result I expect in each project, whether for a client, for a contest or for my own enjoyment. I really enjoy designing, and even more if I can share it with other people who appreciate my work. I consider myself a graphic design writer, since I like to write about my creative processes, my sources of inspiration, my tools and my advice for other illustrators. I am also interested in staying up to date with the latest trends and developments in the sector, as well as learning about the work of other artists that inspire and retain me. My dream is to be able to live from my passion and continue growing as a professional and as a person.

  • Fran Marin

    I have been passionate about art and creativity for as long as I can remember. I have always liked to draw, paint, and express myself through shapes and colors. For this reason, I decided to dedicate myself to graphic design, a profession that allows me to combine my passion with my work. I am a compulsive designer who enjoys making proposals and trying new solutions within the world of creative design. I like to stay up to date with the latest trends, tools, and techniques that help me improve my work. For this reason, I love knowing the ideas and suggestions of others, and being inspired by the details that can be useful to me to create my own designs. I am not satisfied with what I already know, but rather I seek to constantly learn and grow as a professional and as a person. My goal is to create designs that convey the right message, that capture the public's attention, and that generate positive emotions. I want my work to be a reflection of my personality, my vision, and my creativity.

  • Nerea Morcillo

    Since I was little, I have always been fascinated by the power of image and color to communicate messages and stories. For me, graphic design has always been a tool to translate your ideas into reality and promote them. For this reason, I have studied graphic design at the School of Higher Art of Design (EASD) in Castellón de la Plana, where I have learned the theoretical and practical bases of this creative and versatile discipline. During my training, I have participated in several competitions and exhibitions, where I have been able to show my talent and receive recognition from my teachers and classmates. Currently, I dedicate myself to what I like most: carrying out projects related to photography and graphic design. I am passionate about capturing the beauty of the world with my camera and editing images with programs like Photoshop or Illustrator. I also enjoy creating logos, posters, brochures, magazines and other graphic products that reflect my clients' personalities and goals. My style is characterized by elegance, simplicity and originality.

  • Jose Angel R. Gonzalez

    I am an editor passionate about graphic design. I like to imagine, write and create visual content that transmits ideas and emotions. The development of creativity is my driving force and my challenge, which is why I spent hours in Photoshop and Illustrator, learning new techniques and experimenting with different styles. I am also a part-time audiovisual producer, and I am interested in exploring a new interpretation of cinema and its consumption, adapting to new platforms and formats. Furthermore, I am fond of Philosophy and Sociology, and I like to analyze social reality from a positivist and meritocratic perspective. I believe that knowledge and effort are the keys to progress and well-being.

  • Paul gondar

    My name is Pablo Villalba and I am 31 years old. Since I was little, I have been fascinated by art and design, and I have always sought to express myself through them. That's why I decided to study at the Pancho Lasso Art School, where I learned the basics of drawing, painting, photography and graphic design. There I discovered that my true calling was design, and that I wanted to dedicate myself to it professionally. For this reason, I continued my training at the University of La Laguna, where I obtained a Degree in Design. During my studies, I participated in several projects and competitions, and had the opportunity to do an internship at a design agency. There I was able to apply my knowledge and develop my personal style, based on creativity, innovation and functionality. Currently, I am studying a master's degree in design and innovation for the tourism sector, with the aim of expanding my horizons and exploring new possibilities. I am especially interested in experience design, service design and social design. I believe that design can add a lot of value to tourism, and that tourism can be a source of inspiration for design.

  • Irene Exposito

    Since I was little, I have been fascinated by the world of letters and images. I love reading all kinds of books and watching movies of different genres because they allow me to travel to different worlds and learn about different realities. I like to imagine what it would be like to live in other times, places or situations, and create my own stories and invent characters with interesting personalities and conflicts. So I decided to study Educational Sciences to transmit my love for culture to future generations and teach them to appreciate diversity and creativity.

  • Iris Gamen

    I am an editor passionate about graphic design and advertising. Since I studied these disciplines, I have been fascinated by the world of visual communication and art. One of my hobbies is collecting old movie posters, especially those from the 50s and 60s, which inspire me with their style, color and creativity. I am also dedicated to font design, seeking to create original, elegant and functional fonts. I love comics, both reading them and drawing them. I like the illustration and the uses made in them of typographic fonts, which add personality and expressiveness to the stories. My dream is to work in a publishing house or an advertising agency where I can develop my talent and passion for graphic design.

  • Jesus Arjona Montalvo

    I'm a layout designer and web designer, so graphic design is part of who I am. Enjoying it is my vocation, so much so that I do not hesitate for a moment to make my projects known so that whoever wishes can learn with me. I am passionate about creating attractive, functional and accessible web pages that adapt to the needs of each client. I also like to experiment with different design tools and techniques, from Photoshop to Illustrator, including Sketch or Figma. I consider myself a creative, curious and self-taught professional, who is always willing to improve and learn new things. My goal is to continue growing as a designer and share my experience with other graphic design lovers.

  • Lola curiel

    I am a student of Communication and International Relations. Since I was little I have liked art and culture, and that is why I chose this career. During my studies, I discovered that visual communication and graphic design are very powerful ways to convey messages and ideas. I am passionate about learning about design principles, current trends and best practices. I have acquired knowledge and skills in the main design tools, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Canva. These tools have allowed me to exploit my creativity and express myself through different projects, both academic and personal. I like to create posters, logos, infographics, flyers and other graphic materials. In this blog, I want to share with you some of what I have learned over the years, as well as my opinions, advice and resources on graphic design.

  • Judith Murcia

    I am a specialist and in love with Graphic Design. Since I was little I was fascinated by drawing, painting and creating new things. I studied Graphic Design at university and since then I have worked on different projects related to art, illustration and the audiovisual world. I love exploring new techniques, styles and trends, and learning from other professionals in the sector. Dreaming, creating and seeing each project evolve is something that I am passionate about and fills me with pride. If a problem arises, I always find a solution so that the final design is perfect. My goal is to convey the right message through an attractive, functional and original design.

  • Maria Rosa

    I have been passionate about Graphic Design since I was little. I have always been fascinated by the power of communicating ideas, emotions and messages through shapes, colors and typography. That's why, when I finished high school, I didn't hesitate and enrolled in a degree in Graphic Design at the Murcia Higher School of Design, one of the best in the country. There I learned the theoretical and practical foundations of design, as well as how to use the most advanced digital tools. I also had the opportunity to carry out real projects for clients and participate in competitions and exhibitions. Currently, I work as a graphic design writer for an online magazine, where I share my experiences, advice and opinions about the sector. I love writing about what I'm passionate about and conveying my enthusiasm for design to readers. In addition, I continue to train and update myself constantly, since design is a field that evolves quickly and requires being up to date with the latest trends and developments. My goal is to continue growing as a professional and as a person, and to continue enjoying what I do.

  • Francis J.

    I am passionate about graphic design, especially the design of glyphs and icons, which are essential elements to communicate visually. I like to experiment with different editing programs in my free time, and learn new techniques and styles. Being self-taught, I am not satisfied with what I know, but I daily investigate new ways to carry out projects, and to improve those that I have already done. Furthermore, I do everything using free software, because I believe in the value of sharing knowledge and creativity, and because there are many free programs with which to create incredible designs.

  • Antonio L. Carter

    I am a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Occupational Trainer, passionate about Design and Visual Art and its applications in other sectors such as Social Design, Advertising, or within a fully cultural context. I like to bring the world of design closer to the general public, introducing avant-garde designers and illustrators of all time. Since I was little I was fascinated by drawing and creating my own visual stories, and over time I developed my style and technique, both in the digital and traditional fields. I have worked on various graphic design and illustration projects for clients from different sectors, such as publishing houses, NGOs, cultural companies, etc. I have also taught occupational training courses and workshops on graphic design, illustration and digital tools, both in person and online, with the aim of sharing my knowledge and experiences with other people interested in the world of design. I consider myself a creative, curious person committed to my work, always willing to learn and improve. I love exploring new trends, techniques and tools that allow me to express my artistic vision and communicate messages in an effective and original way.

  • Ricard Lazaro

    Graphic designer and graduate in Geography. I have trained as a graphic designer by completing a higher degree in design and editing of printed and multimedia publications at the Salesianos de Sarriá (Barcelona). I believe that my training in this area has not ended, so I train on my own by taking online courses and face-to-face workshops. It is important to train daily because we live in a world in constant change where technologies evolve by leaps and bounds. In addition to design, I like photography and modeling in 3D in order to obtain photorealistic renderings, an area that I am dedicated to learning on my own.

  • Laura Car

    I am a copywriter passionate about graphic design and everything that has to do with creating images, videos and animations. I specialize in photography, video and animation editing, using professional tools such as Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects. I am also interested in graphic design work, and in turn the generation of graphic and audiovisual content for different platforms and formats. Additionally, I use Adobe Audition to edit music, voices and sounds, and give them the finishing touch they need. I love to cooperate, innovate and renew, that is why I am always aware of the latest developments that arise around Graphic Design. I like to learn from other professionals, share my knowledge and experiences, and participate in creative and challenging projects. My goal is to offer quality work, original and adapted to the needs of each client.

  • Victor Tardón Ballesteros

    I am a student of Web Application Development, a field that fascinates me for its creativity and dynamism. Since I was little, I have liked technology and everything that can be done with it. For this reason, I decided to dedicate myself to learning how to create web pages, mobile applications and other digital projects. I like to stay up to date with the latest trends and tools, and I always seek to improve my skills and competencies. My goal is to become a graphic design professional, capable of creating innovative and attractive solutions for clients. I want to work on projects that motivate and challenge me, and that allow me to express my creativity and personality. I consider myself a curious, enthusiastic and persevering person, who does not give up in the face of obstacles. I am willing to continue learning and growing every day, to achieve all my goals.

  • Anthony Moubayed

    I am a Graphic Designer, and I love my profession, because it allows me to express my creativity and my passion for design, color and visual communication. I have had the opportunity to work in different sectors and projects, from printing companies to advertising agencies, through photography studios, marketing departments and customer service. In each of them, I have contributed my vision, my talent and my commitment, being an active part of the creative and productive process. I have learned to adapt to the needs and expectations of each client, to work as a team and to solve problems with efficiency and originality. As a professional, I continue to expand my knowledge and experiences, focused on excellence and client satisfaction. I like to stay up to date with the latest trends and tools in graphic design, and explore the entire range of opportunities to create on different platforms, from paper to the web, including social networks and mobile devices.

  • Daniel

    Since I was little, I have liked to draw and create stories with images. I am passionate about comics and their different styles and genres. I have learned to use different graphic design tools and programs to capture my ideas and bring them to life. I consider graphic design as the basic visual language of the Internet, the best channel to communicate ideas, messages and emotions. I like to stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in this field, as well as share my knowledge and experiences with other amateurs and professionals. In Creativos Online, you will find articles, tutorials, tips and resources on graphic design, illustration, typography, branding, web and much more.

  • Cristian Garcia