Rebranding of Twitter: Elon Musk's change to "impose" the X

Rebranding of Twitter_ the change of Elon Musk to _impose_ the X

Since Sunday, July 23, 2023, there has been a lot of talk about Elon Musk and the controversial decisions he is making regarding Twitter, the social network that he wanted to buy, then he regretted it and in the end he had to stay with it because they did not let him retract.

In case you still don't know, Twitter is now not called that, but now it is X. Specifically, X Corp. A radical rebranding that has kept absolutely nothing of the network's essence: neither the colors, nor the representative icons (the bird) and that also promises to change the denominations: tweets, tweeting... Let's talk more about it .

What happened to Twitter and what does Elon Musk say

previous logo

Summing up a lot, Twitter has changed its name and logo. It is no longer Twitter nor does it have the icon of a white bird on a blue background. But his name is X and his logo is an X on a black background.

In the words of Elon Musk: “This is not just a company that changes its name and continues to do the same thing. The Twitter name made sense when it was 140-character messages going around like a bird chirping, but now you can post almost anything, including multi-hour videos.s«.

Linda Yaccarino, CEO of Twitter (now X), added: “For years, fans and critics alike have pushed Twitter to dream bigger, innovate faster, and reach our great potential. X will do that and more."

A name change that may not go well

blue bird social network

A few days after Elon Musk decided to change Twitter's name to X (and which will surely end up being hosted by the domain), some users in Spain began to take examples of brands that had completely changed the name of their products with disastrous results.

In fact, one of the ones that caught our attention the most was Comtessa. About twenty years ago, the brand decided to change the name from the Comtessa to Viennetta, and many saw the packaging change (quality and size aside). But, did we really call her with her new name? Well no, Those twenty years it continued to be the classic Comtessa for all customers.

And it was such that he saw the brand that, finally, he gave up and returned to give it that name by which everyone referred to it.

In the case of X this can assume three assumptions:

  • That users accept the change of the social network: name, denominations, etc. and continue to use it.
  • That they rebel, and for this they continue to use the usual words on Twitter. They can even change their profiles to show a "resistance" of the blue bird against the colors of X and the disappearance of these.
  • Let them go. It already happened when it was known that Elon Musk would be in charge of Twitter. Many decided to look for other alternatives in which they felt more "free" and did not have censorship behind them or having to pay to do things in it.

The challenges facing X

As a designer, you know that rebranding a brand is not to be taken lightly, far from it. And it is that it is a change that can make or break a brand (product, service, etc.).

When a name is chosen, it is not taken lightly, but several factors must be taken into account, such as the pronunciation and culture where it is going to be used, legal or credibility problems, and internationalization.

In the case of style, logo, etc. also there are other factors that would come into play.

And at the moment when all of the above is completely eliminated and something totally different emerges, a priori, what it will generate is a total rejection, because users do not like things to change. However, Is Elon Musk wrong?

According to experts in brands and rebranding, the answer is not easy and, as with SEO, we talk about a DEPENDS. If that drastic change is backed by a solid strategy that is aligned in the long term with the company and the users, sooner or later it will end up being accepted.

We have an example in Meta, where it was previously known as Facebook; And although this social network has not changed its name, the company that includes it has.

Now, until this strategy takes effect, they face several problems such as:

  • financial losses, in the sense that brands, investors and advertisers can reduce the spending they generate while waiting to see if the social network will continue to attract users (and therefore their spending will benefit) or not.
  • stock market falls. Since Twitter was notified of the change, the shares on the stock market have fallen, which makes the value of the shares much lower and also, having a smaller amount of investments, can sink the company.
  • Registration problems in some countries. Especially because of the confusion and connotations to adult content (due to the use of the X).
  • Competition. X is not an unknown letter. Actually there are many brands that have used it, from Windows X to Xbox. And the logos are there too. So the differentiation it had before now makes it similar to all other brands that use an X in their logo. What's more, someone could even denounce it for its logo or brand.

Failure in your communication. In the sense that for now nobody knows the words that are going to be used: how to tweet, tweets, retweet…

How will you know if X is a success or a failure?


To begin with, you must be patient since to know if a rebranding strategy really works, you will have to spend a few months. But there are some indications that, although they cannot be taken into account at first (due to the shock and repercussion), they are important:

  1. The number of people who continue to use the old name. It is similar to the example of Comtessa that we have left you above.
  2. User's comments. Now, with the "hot" news, it is common for opinions to be negative, but this could disappear over time.
  3. The use of the platform. In the sense of whether there will be many deregistrations or deregistrations and therefore the sending of messages will go down or up.

En general, The strategy that they must carry out in X will have several lines of action: position yourself (and stay) in the market, get new users, and retain those who remain.

Only with time will we be able to know if Elon Musk's decision to switch to Twitter for X is correct or not.

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