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fonts that convey confidence Many fonts and typefaces

When choosing fonts, did you know that they are capable of arousing emotions? Take the test, when you look at a more creative typeface, do you have the same feelings as if you look at a more classic one? The most possible is that no. Therefore, today we want to focus on offering you examples of fonts that convey confidence.

However Before giving you different types of sources, it is important that you know what there are in general and what each group of them transmits. Shall we start telling you?

Typeface groups and their emotions

As we have told you before, Fonts transmit emotions. But not all of them do it the same: confidence, modernity, creativity, retro... there are many types and each large group could be said to focus on a series of emotions or feelings.

This, which at first may seem cheesy to you, is actually knowledge that can help you be a better professional. Because if you understand what it is that you convey when using one source or another, you can help your clients, or your clients, take them down the path you want.

Thus, roughly speaking, there is six major groups of fonts and each one serves a type of emotions:


An example sentence from the source

The Difference Between Serif and Sans Serif Fonts by
Post Prepress Group

Serif fonts They are exactly the typefaces that convey confidence. In the next heading we are going to give you examples of them. But so that you know the type of source that gives confidence, authority, firmness... you already know what it is.

This will help you, when searching for a type of font, if you are looking for those feelings, filter so that only Serif appears.

Sans Serif

You might think that these, because they do not have serifs or ornaments at the end of the letters, would be more appropriate to demonstrate that confidence. But really it's not so. These focus more on others feelings such as modernity, dynamism, minimalism, elegance, sobriety, strength, joy, security...

It is true that there are many emotions that almost border on trust, but they do not encompass all that feeling.

Script or handwritten

The third large group of fonts are those that look handmade. And these are the emotions they transmit are closeness, creativity and elegance (due to the fact that they are handmade).


Fancy letter fonts, as the name suggests, They offer feelings of fun, personality, fiction, magic, modernity... Within them, depending on the ones you use, you can be scary, humorous, childish...


Modern fonts are characterized by enhance feelings related to exclusivity, intelligence or style.


Finally, the sixth group includes monospaced fonts (such as typewriter fonts). These focus more on futuristic themes related to artificial intelligence, Internet and digital communication.

Examples of fonts that convey confidence

Once you know the large typography groups, we are going to focus on Serif fonts, which are exactly what are going to evoke those feelings of confidence.

And of them, we recommend the following:

Times New Roman

Times New Roman

It is one of the best-known fonts, especially if you use the Word program to write. It is used in books, in reports and in any document to be presented in a job. Hence it evokes that confidence.

The truth is that beyond these uses, It is not common to see it in journalistic sectors or on the Internet because being one of the most used, it increasingly goes unnoticed and what it evokes loses strength.


garamond typography

Source: Wikipedia

Garamond is another of the letters widely used to layout books because it is very easy to read and the size of each letter is appropriate. In addition, it does not have many decorations, but it does give an elegant and clear result to any document. And, obviously, it makes me more serious and confident.

In this case, yes It is one of the most used for Internet or literary topics because it usually stands out (especially in large size). Although not everyone can have it available (in Linux, for example, you have to use a variation).


We continue with more serif fonts. In this case Cambria is one of the fonts used in the financial sector because it evokes tradition and authority, but also stability. And in such a changing and volatile sector this is quite important.

Besides being used on the Internet for titles or even to write articles (it is a font that must be given a larger size than others because it is smaller than normal), it is also used in books and in the written press.


This font is characterized by being contemporary. It has a pretty neat and geometric design., which makes it ideal for some logos that want to give the feeling of serious, professional, authoritarian in a certain way.

But the most important thing is that it is one of the examples of fonts that convey confidence. Its use tends to focus mainly on logos.

Franklin gothic

This source of thick strokes, but with somewhat sharp edges, It will attract a lot of attention from those who see it, but not to the point of distrusting it, quite the opposite.

In this case, this font is intended more for making professional signatures (especially due to the design that characterizes it).


A slide with Swiss font

If what you are looking for is to have a typography that is legible, timeless and simple, and that provides that feeling of confidence and professionalism, then this is one of the best options you have.

Like the previous one, it is also one of the most used for professional signatures, although it is san-serif. However, as we told you before, many in this group are often used to convey that emotion.


Arvo is one of the Serif fonts considered monolinear. It is characterized by offering a little contrast and is widely used in printing and screen printing.


In case you are looking for a more formal typography with a marked character, then you have to take a look at this one. It can be used for corporate documents and, obviously, with them you will be able to convey the trust you are looking for.


If we told you about Times New Roman before, you should know that this font is a modern version of that typeface. It is elegant and quite fine. The most characteristic thing about it is that it leaves a space between the letters that attracts attention.

Do you know more examples of fonts that convey confidence? Leave them in comments to further enrich this list.

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