Free bootstrap templates: how to create quality websites without spending money

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Bootstrap is an open source framework that allows you to design and develop websites quickly and easily. Bootstrap offers a number of components, styles, and functions that make it easy to creating responsive web pages, that is, they adjust to different screen sizes and devices. One of the advantages of Bootstrap is that it has a large community of developers and designers They share their resources and knowledge.

Among these resources are the free bootstrap templates, which are files HTML, CSS and JS containing the design and basic structure of a website. In this article we present some of the best free bootstrap templates that you can find on the internet, cclassified by categories and themes. We also explain how to use them and what benefits they have for your web project.

Templates for businesses and companies

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If you want to create a website for your business or companyWhether you're a startup, a consultancy, an agency, or any other type of organization, you can find free bootstrap templates that fit your needs and goals. These templates usually have a professional, modern and elegant design, which transmits trust and credibility to your customers or users. Some examples are:

  • Acura: a clean and modern template based on HTML5 for all types of agencies, companies, consultancies, organizations and many others. This template is built with the latest version of Bootstrap 3.3.1 with html5 and css3 which makes it easy to customize the theme as per the requirements.
  • Impact: a modern and unique template for businesses and corporations. it's perfect for any business, financial, consulting, insurance, creative, corporate or small business. It is built with the latest version of Bootstrap 4 with html5 and css3.
  • HeroBiz: a clean and light template for businesses and companies. It is ideal for corporations and agencies such as software companies, digital agencies, consulting firms, financial advisors, accountants, investment firms, etc. It is based on Bootstrap 4 with html5 and css3.

Free Bootstrap Portfolio & Resume Templates

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If you want to create a website for show your work or skills As a designer, programmer, photographer, freelancer, or any other creative professional, you can find free bootstrap templates to help you create an impressive resume or portfolio. These templates They tend to have a minimalist design., creative and attractive, which highlights your talent and your personality. Some examples are:

  • iPortfolio: a modern and personal template for portfolios or resumes. It is creative, minimalist and clean. It can be used for many purposes like minimal portfolios, freelancers, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, and many more. It is built with Bootstrap 4 with html5 and css3.
  • PhotoFolio: a template elegant and creative for photographers or visual artists. It is the ideal HTML photography theme for photographers, designers or videographers. It is built with Bootstrap 4 with html5 and css3.
  • MyResume: a creative and simple template for resumes or portfolios. It is the best choice for digital professionals, designers, programmers or photographers. It is built with Bootstrap 4 with html5 and css3.

Free bootstrap templates for personal pages or blogs

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If you want to create a website to share your ideas, personal opinions or experiences or professionals, you can find free bootstrap templates that allow you to create an attractive and functional personal page or blog. These templates usually have un clean, simple and friendly design, which makes it easier for your visitors to read and navigate. Some examples are:

  • Staff: a personal template for websites. It is a one-page template with a clean and modern design. It can be used for any kind of personal website like a profile, portfolio, blog, or contact page. It is built with Bootstrap 4 with html5 and css3.
  • CleanBlog: a template for clean and elegant blogs. It is a multi-page template with a minimalist and sophisticated design. It can be used for any type of blog like a personal blog, a professional blog, a travel blog, a fashion blog or a lifestyle blog. It is built with Bootstrap 4 with html5 and css3.
  • Summarizes: a simple and elegant resume or portfolio template. It is a one-page template with a classic and professional design. It can be used to show your skills, education, experience, projects or contacts. It is built with Bootstrap 4 with html5 and css3.

How to use free bootstrap templates

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Using the free bootstrap templates is very easy and fast. You just have to follow these steps:

  • Choose the template that you like the most and adapts to your web project.
  • Download the file ZIP containing the template and unzip it on your computer.
  • Open the file HTML with your editor of favorite code and modify the content and style according to your preferences.
  • Save the changes and upload the files to your web server or hosting service.

Benefits of using free bootstrap templates

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Using free bootstrap templates has many benefits for your web project, among which are:

  • Save time and money: you don't have to start from scratch or hire a designer or professional developer. You can have your website ready in no time and without spending anything.
  • Ensure quality and compatibility: free bootstrap templates are built with the most current web standards and follow the best design and development practices. In addition, they are responsive and adapt to all devices and browsers.
  • Customize and expand: bootstrap templates free are easy to modify and customize according to your needs and tastes. You can also add more features or components using the resources offered by Bootstrap or the community.

designs for everything

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Free bootstrap templates are a way of create professional and responsive websites easily. There is a wide variety of free bootstrap templates for different categories and themes, which are free to download, modify and use. The free bootstrap templates they have many benefits for your web project, such as saving time and money, ensuring quality and compatibility, and customizing and extending.

Also, free bootstrap templates are a way to learn and improve your skills as a designer or web developer. By using the free bootstrap templates, you can see how they are made, what components and styles they use, and how they work. You can also experiment with different options and solutions, and create your own style and personality. Free bootstrap templates are a way to inspire yourself and others with your websites What are you waiting for, design what you want!

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