Get texts in gold color with Photoshop | Complete Guide 2024

Get texts in gold color with Photoshop

If we want to highlight a project, it is necessary that we use striking colors, and without a doubt gold is one of them. Since time immemorial it has been associated with elegance and prosperity, something that we undoubtedly want to always be accompanied by. This is why we show you how to get texts in gold color with Photoshop. This color contributes a lot to graphic design and used sparingly, It can be a great resource that contributes to us on a visual level.

Thanks to all the tools that Photoshop gives us, We can achieve quick and effective results by following several methods for this.. The goal is that you don't need to be a professional to look like one. Learn these different methods that we offer you, and make your golden texts impressive.

Get texts in gold color with Photoshop following these methods Get texts in gold color with Photoshop

Method 1

Firstly we need to create a black fill layer, this will serve as a background so that our text stands out. After this we write a text using the tool of the same name, Text. You should apply a dark yellow color.

How do we do this? 

  1. We logically select the Type Tool (T).
  2. We click on the illustration where we want to apply all our changes.
  3. Then you write the text to which you want to add the golden tone, and that will be the basis of everything you do in this program.
  4. Then you must go to the text properties, and select a dark yellow as the color.

When you have this, you must apply layer styles:

  1. Select the layer with the text to start.
  2. Go to bottom of the Layers panel and apply a text style, you do this by clicking on the FX icon.
  3. Then choose Bevel and relief. Get texts in gold color with Photoshop
  4. This step is essential as it will give you the golden tone you are looking for. To do this, adjust the values, which They will depend on the size and font you have. Therefore, we recommend that you try until you get the effect you want.
  5. By making these settings, you will notice that the text acquires a three-dimensional effect and shiny, very similar to gold. Play with the values ​​until you get the best result.
  6. Depending on the size used and the font chosen, it is different values ​​may be required.

Method 2 Ps

  1. The first step in this method is the same one you should do for everyone, and it is open a new document in Photoshop. Then create your base text.
  2. Once we are in the Photoshop document, we will change the name of the layer defaults to Background.
  3. On the same layer, you must select the background color what you want your composition to have, and apply it using the Paint Bucket tool.
  4. You can write your text directly with the Text tool, or import a letter you like, but don't forget that it has a transparent background.
  5. When you finish this step you must call the layer something, to be more organized, for example Text.
  6. When importing letters or graphics to PNG, It is important that you rasterize this Photoshop layer. To do this right click on the layer, and select Rasterize Layer.

What steps should we follow next? 

  1. Once you have decided on the composition of the text, the golden or silver texture matters and adjust it to the size of your document.
  2. As well change the layer name to Texture. It is not necessary to rasterize this layer, but you can do so if you wish.
  3. You have to make sure that the layers are arranged like this: texture, text, background.
  4. Once sorted, select the layer you named Texture, and right click choosing Create Mask crop in the drop-down menu.

Method 3

With this last method that we are going to see, we can add a golden or similar texture to an image. However, we do not achieve three-dimensionality or detail, it is a more basic and simple route. This is useful when we just need to make sure that the color is preserved, and that the design is a little flatter.

To use it we proceed as follows:

  1. We must first import the image or create the text.
  2. For this we bring a image with golden texture, and we place it on the layer created previously.
  3. We right click on the layer with the texture and select Create Clipping Mask.
  4. We move the layers in this way until the image is activated.

How can we add sparkle to our gold text? 

  1. To add bright details we use overlay. This is what we will do to add shine to the gold text, and have an even more striking result:
  2. We take the first step on the text layer with golden effect.
  3. We then change the blending mode Screen Overlay.
  4. We then create a uniform color fill layer on the overlay.
  5. Right click on the fill layer, and choose the Create Clipping Mask option.
  6. We change the color of the fill layer from a solid color to a solid color. similar to gold text effect.
  7. We then edit the blending mode of the uniform color fill layer to Color.

What does the color gold contribute in graphic design? Ps

This can be used in many ways in graphic design, both in the design of a website and in the logo of a company, or in any presentation of a project. It looks great if you use it as a secondary color to highlight important elements, or as a primary color if you want to communicate an elegant and sophisticated look.

Combines very well with bright colors like orange or yellow, as well as with colors close to nature such as green and blue. If you want to create a dramatic and luxurious effect, gold is often combined with black. This last combination is usually used in prints that seek to highlight elements.

Through different methods We have shown you how to achieve gold text with Photoshop through several methods. Using details in this tone can add elegance to each of your texts, using them in all types of projects with greater impact. If you know of another way to do this that we haven't mentioned, let us know in the comments. We will be reading you

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