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How to make a resume without experience

Applying for a job can be quite stressful. For many of them, the competition is high, so standing out can be complicated. If you do not have work experience, the challenge is even greater. But don't be discouraged because today we show you how to create a curriculum without experience. Although this is important and many recruiters will take it into account, remember that you have another set of skills with which you can impress.

The most important thing is to know how to write your resume, knowing what information to add can make a difference. Your academic training can be very beneficial, since it defines how qualified you are for the position. It is vital that you highlight the skills you have, as these will give an idea of ​​how well you will be able to perform. It is essential that you be honest when talking about yourself, but expose all your potential. If you do this, the experience will remain in the background.

How can you create a resume without having experience? How to make a resume without experience

The first thing you should keep in mind to prepare a complete resume is to make a list of the essential data, these should not fail to be mentioned if you want to have a better chance of success:


Resumes with photographs They get three times more views than resumes without photographs. Remember that the first impression is what counts, and a good image will always say a lot about you.

Name and academic title, or profession you aspire to

This will give the recruiter an idea of ​​what your aspirations are in your new job.

Talk about you

This is probably the most important section on a resume with no experience, introduce yourself, highlight your skills and direct them to the specific position that you are applying for.

Education and formation

This point represents the last level of education you have completed, only if you have secondary education, vocational training or university studies. Additionally, if you are undergoing any training, it is important that you demonstrate it so that employers know that Your professional profile is constantly updated.

Volunteering, internships

Not only paid work provides experience. It is important that highlights all types of experience, whether internships, volunteering or housework/care for family members.

Other courses

In this section you can include training or short-term training, that is not directly related to the position for which you are applying, but it is also advisable to show interest in other topics.


Determines the level of comprehension, spoken and written, only if you are familiar with any language.

Additional data

Here you Enter your availability, indicating whether it is immediate, time or place. And any other aspect that facilitates your duties in the position, such as having a driver's license, vehicle ownership, and travel availability.

What information should not be missing in each of these points? How to make a resume without experience

The first paragraph of your resume without experience is very important. This is where the recruiter's attention will be caught, when they start reading your resume. This is a short text consisting of 3 or 4 sentences in which you have the opportunity to answer 3 questions:

  • Who you are?
  • What can you offer companies?
  • Which are your career goals?

Just starting your career in the world of work, you should focus mainly on the skills and activities that you have done in the academic field. Also, if you have a summer job or casual job, this is a great place to talk about it briefly. Be sure to mention what your goals are and what you hope to gain from joining the company.

What are the skills you should take into account?

Please indicate your skills relevant to this position. Even if you don't have professional experience, You probably have the qualities that suit the job you are looking for. For example, technical and computer skills associated with the position. You should include about 8 skills in this section. Always do it from the perspective of how you can contribute to the company.

Lack of work experience does not mean you lack professional skills. In fact, when you write a resume without experience, skills become important to catch the attention of recruiters. There are many examples of job skills you can include on your resume without experience, but deciding which ones to include will largely depend on the job description.

Read the job offer carefully and make a list of the necessary skills for the position. Identify the ones you have and add them to the no experience section of your resume. Remember that Your list should contain a mix of hard and soft skills.

This will show recruiters that you not only have technical skills, but it will also help them learn more about your personality and how you relate to others. Showing how versatile you are.

What data should you include in your academic training? Work resume

In the educational field, one can limit oneself to indicating the final level of training, whether university, vocational training, or high school. Although it is sufficient to indicate the maximum level of training achieved, The exception is when the candidate has a higher education, or a master's or doctorate.

It is recommended add all the information there. Even if you don't have any experience, you may have had an internship while studying. Regardless of whether they are paid or not, professional internships count as experience and you will have to add them to this section. The same goes for volunteering, which is usually well received by companies. and that you should also include in this block.

How should the presentation of your resume be?Résumé

We can't talk about how to write a resume without experience without mentioning the format. While content is vital, the truth is that a recruiter won't pay enough attention to it if it is not presented correctly and professionally. Here are some signs to look for to ensure your resume format is readable and understandable

Add your contact information at the beginning of your resume if you have no experience. Use an easy-to-read font and set line spacing of 1,5, size 10 to 12 points. for text and about 14 points for titles, unless otherwise stated in the job description.

Save your resume without experience in pdf format. You can highlight the no experience section of your resume, including all types of relevant data that were not included in the previous sections.

Some of this information may be that you have a driving license, or if you have your own car. Also add that you have the possibility of traveling for business, or move to another city if the company requires it. The availability of time and the possibility of immediate registration in the company should not be lacking.

The way you develop your resume can define your job. This is your cover letter, so it is essential that you give it all the importance it has. We hope that in this article you have learned how to create a resume without experience. If you think we should mention anything else, let us know in the comments.

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