How to create a color palette in Aesthetic shades

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Currently, aesthetics have gained great importance in graphic design and content creation, especially in social networks. One of the keys to achieving a cohesive and attractive aesthetic is creating an appropriate color palette. In this article, we will teach you how to create an Aesthetic color palette. A trend that looks very marked lately and that works very well to draw attention to your designs.

Social networks have promoted this type of tones and the search for improvement of the visual content itself.. Whether it is video or still photo or even moving images how are the gifs. That is why we are going to need to learn how to create a color palette of this very marked style., since the designer also has to be linked to the market trend to help the brands to position themselves.

What are Aesthetic shades?

Although the word may be very novel and a very marked style compared to other shades such as pastel or electric colors, it is not really a specific type of color.. To define the Aesthetic tonality, we refer to enhancing the aesthetics and beauty of those photos we take. That is, it is a way of highlighting in an image what we want to show in it.

This is something that many influencers have used and use on social networks.. Because in this way they can highlight their beauty and condition their followers to interact with their image. Or even in terms of advertising to be able to make the beauty of a specific object so that it is more marketable. In this way, you attract a target audience to decide to buy more of that product thanks to these shades that you have marked on it.

The importance of a color palette

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The choice of colors is essential in any design, whether graphic or web. Colors convey emotions and sensations, and can make the user feel attracted or rejected by content. For this reason, it is important to choose an appropriate color palette that conveys the desired aesthetic.. If your case is about choosing for an audience that is looking for an exclusive aesthetic, for example, we can use dark color tones.

If, on the other hand, we are looking for an audience, such as players ('Gamers' in English) who want more lights and color, we are looking for a more diverse color palette.. Since for exclusivity we look for colors like black, dark brown or touches of gold and for players, we look for more electric tones. As can be the neon lights that evoke the room of a Content Streamers.

How to Create an Aesthetic Color Palette

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To create a color palette in Aesthetic tones, it is necessary to follow a series of steps, to achieve tonalities according to what we want to convey. Since it is important not to get out of those frames, because you may not be able to create a palette that meets the needs of the public you are addressing. Or you cannot convey what you want with your own brand.

  • Identify the Aesthetic style: The first thing we must do is identify the Aesthetic style that we want to convey. This style is characterized by pastel colors, such as pink, light blue, water green, soft yellow, etc. In this way, it enhances the figure you want to highlight much more. But you can also find aesthetic tones with a marked reference to more gothic tones.
  • Choose the base colors: Once we have identified the style, we must choose the base colors from the palette. These colors should be in harmony with each other. It is important to note that pastel colors are soft and not saturated. If, on the other hand, you are looking for Neon, you have to look for more saturated colors. It is important to know the style you have and not get out of it, as we mentioned before.
  • Add complementary colors: To give the palette more depth, we can add some complementary colors that contrast with the base colors. These can be darker or brighter colors. Complementary colors can be used sparingly to avoid making the palette look too saturated.
  • try the palette: Finally, it is important to test the color palette in different layouts and situations to see how it works. If it doesn't convince us, we can always adjust it and experiment with different combinations.

You can try, as an example, to enter them in your instagram account. The Aesthetic shades will be very noticeable in the 'Feed' of your profile. Given that the set of all the photographs that you upload will have the same tonality, base and complementary color palette, and a style. By visualizing the set, you can see how well it works. It is also useful to link it to the same style of photography and not be too anarchic when uploading content.


The right color palette is essential to achieving a cohesive and attractive aesthetic in any design.. By following the steps mentioned above, you can create your own palette of colors in Aesthetic tones and achieve an attractive and coherent design for your social networks or any other graphic design project. It is important to keep in mind that each brand or project has its own identity and style, so the choice of the color palette will depend on the objective that you want to convey.

The color palette can be modified and adapted to meet the needs of each project. Also, it's important to stay on top of design and aesthetic trends to keep your content up-to-date and fresh. Aesthetic is a hot trend right now, but new trends are likely to emerge in the future.

In summary, creating a color palette in Aesthetic shades is a simple process that can help achieve an attractive aesthetic.oh consistent in any graphic design. By following the steps above and experimenting with different combinations, you can find your own Aesthetic color palette and add a personal touch to your design projects.

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