How to create your own fonts from your mobile?


As a very important part of visual design, we must always take typography into account. that we will use in each project. Many times we do not give the importance that this aspect requires, but they will occupy an important place when transmitting a message. For this Today we show you how to create your own fonts from your mobile.

Fortunately we have different alternatives at our disposal, these will help us do it very easily. Additionally you will have the opportunity to choose the appropriate source, depending on the context in which you find yourself. These are quite relevant in terms of content creation, where colors and other aesthetic aspects also influence.

How to create your own fonts from your mobile? How to create your own fonts from your mobile

The first thing you need to do will be to direct you to the website of Calligrapher. Once there, you should look for a template that you can use to create a new font. All you have to do is download and print this template, after this you will have:

  1. Next, as a user, you must complete it manually. The place recommends doing it with a black microfiber pen, not very thin, so that the display is clearer.
  2. Then, the template is scanned or photographed. It is important that the image includes 4 marks that appear in the corners of the sheet and serve as a margin.
  3. Once the file is set up, it's time to return to Caligraphr. Over there you must find the My sources option and click on Upload template, from where you can load the image with the newly created typography. Then click the Create Source button.

In this manner The already digitized letter will be shown. If you are not satisfied with the result, or want to choose between different options, options can also be developed as follows:

  • Print new templates and fill them with new options. Follow the steps already explained to digitize the image.
  • In the My Fonts section of Calligraphr, select the font you created first and click on the Load template option.
  • Click on Add symbol to font, Select the symbol you want to change and choose a new option.

What is the way to proceed afterwards? How to create your own fonts from your mobile

Next you just have to install both the installer Xpose, like iFont app (Font Expert) on your smartphone. Before continuing, it is recommended to make a copy of the original source used by the mobile system. To do this, go to iFont and select My Factory Font, and then Backup Font.

Then you must select My source in iFont. Click on the TTF file containing the custom calligraphy, and finally click Install. After restarting your mobile phone, you will be able to use new unique fonts.

What are some of the best websites to change typography?


Es one of the oldest and therefore most popular font libraries. Its main characteristic is the great variety of sources, divided into several categories. These range from the most traditional, such as serif and sans serif, to gothic, script, horror and many others.

All fonts you download from this repository They are completely free and are intended for personal and commercial use. It has an advanced search engine to filter the results and you can even consult the sources, writing a small text to preview the result.

Visit the page through this link.


This is one of the most used websites thanks to its large catalog from fonts created by different users. The best part is that they are completely free, offering a wide selection of free downloads for commercial or personal use.

What's more, includes various tools that make it very complete and practical, such as a dynamic font preview, letting you know how the typography adapts to the text you specify.

Access this website here.

Font Fabric

It is one of the most popular alternatives and it is not the most varied, but we assure you that it is worth it. In the free catalog you will find sources of excellent quality, ideal to use in your graphic projects.

In the "Free" section you will find an excellent selection of high-quality serif and sans-serif fonts which you can download as individual styles or as a complete family if necessary.

You can access the website at this link.

Why is it recommended to use different fonts? Mobile apps

  • Fonts enhance your text. Typography is easy to attract users, but it takes more creativity to keep them interested. You can stimulate readers' attention to the topic highlighting interesting texts. Typography can improve your aesthetic appeal if used correctly.
  • Although consistency is achieved by using the same source on similar content, harmony must be added to create an artistic effect. The layout is organized and neat, if the fonts are placed correctly and in the correct proportions.
  • Should be use simple and formal fonts if the topic requires a certain seriousness. The perception of information is influenced by the choice of source.
  • The most important texts They should be highlighted with different font styles and sizes. You can use a larger font size to draw attention to important points. It will be easier for the public to decide if the information deserves more attention.
  • Typography emphasizes the importance of the information it offers. The proper use of fonts demonstrates a high level of professionalism in a design project.
  • Customer confidence is increased by using appropriate typography and text size. If your website is business oriented, will help you promote your products.
  • Font design can help you quickly determine what type of information a website offers when you visit it. Interactions between users and website owners are determined by the way the content is organized, the colors and fonts used, and other small aspects.

The different fonts you use in each project will be your hallmark. Therefore, it is recommended that you look for the correct source, and use it promptly. We hope that in this article you have learned how to create your own fonts from your mobile. If you think we should add anything else, let us know in the comments.

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