How to design an Instagram feed with Canva step by step

How to design an Instagram feed with Canva

If you are one of those who uses Instagram to publicize your personal brand, your work, or one of the client services you perform is creativity for social networks, pYou might be interested in knowing how to design an Instagram feed with Canva.

Although the Canva program is not something that many designers like, it can be a very valuable service for clients since you give them the necessary tools to create the Instagram feed themselves (the big difference is that everyone can do the same, while a designer is more creative). Do you want us to help you with it?

Steps to design an Instagram feed with Canva

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When designing an Instagram feed with Canva, there are several tasks that must be done beforehand., and others with the tool itself. If you want to be successful in what you do, whether you are a professional or not, we recommend that you follow the steps that we are going to give you below.

Preparation before designing an Instagram feed with Canva

The previous step before getting fully involved with Canva is to make decisions. You see, the Instagram feed is going to be the place that users come to because they want to know more about your profile. In it you will find the upper part where your name, description, links will appear...

But just below will be, in squares, the publications that you have been sharing. While this can be divided between posts, reels, and tagged posts, The truth is that, when looking at the feed, the reels also appear in the publications.

The difference? Well, photos and videos appear in publications; while only the videos will appear in the reels.

With this in mind, you should ask yourself how you want to decorate it.

You see, there are multiple ways:

With a monochromatic color. That is, use the same color palette for all publications (images) as well as for videos. This will cause the profile to only have specific colors, which can be useful if what you want is to distinguish yourself from other competitors. Of course, use the colors of your brand or logo.

Chess type. Do you remember what the chess board looks like? There are white boxes and black boxes, right? Well, in the case of designing an Instagram feed with Canva, you must keep in mind that you must alternately publish photos with white or black backgrounds. If you already have a black one, the next one to publish must be with a white background; and the opposite.

With split designs. Another option, although this is not the most comfortable, is to use a drawing that is completed with three, six or nine publications. For example, creating a woman's face in nine Instagram posts. This way, each individual post will be seen in the feed but, at the same time, all of them will create a common drawing. It is the most complicated thing to do, plus it forces you to publish several times and maintain it so that they do not displace each other.

With colors. You could also choose to make an Instagram feed with Canva based on colors, in such a way that several are used and each post will have a different color than the one previously published.

There are actually many ways to highlight your Instagram feed, but it's important to decide before you start designing with Canva.

time to design

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Once you have made the decision, the next step you must take has to do with Canva. In this case, as you know, Canva has the free program, but also a paid subscription that gives you access to more templates and tools.

Depending on how much you are going to use it, the second option may be worth it.

With the program open, you can find ready-made templates. But, in the case of designing an Instagram feed with Canva, we recommend that you create the templates yourself.

For example, if you have chosen a chess style, you could create one template with a white background, and another with a black background. And whoever says black and white means other shades of color (in accordance with your brand, logo, style, etc.). What is clear is that there must be two colors and that they must alternate in the publications.

Take your time when designing. Generally, you will start with the base color, that is, the background that the template will have. Afterwards, you can decide if you are going to put something fixed in all the publications, such as your website, email, logo... and place it in a specific area where it will be in all the publications.

You should leave room to include images or text, but otherwise, you're done.

Using Instagram grid templates in Canva

If you don't want to design from scratch, one option to design your entire Instagram feed is to use the Instagram grid templates.

These are characterized by presenting you with the nine photos that will be the ones that are visible in your feed at the beginning (if you move the screen, the others will appear).

Thus, You can customize each template to design them in a personalized way. Of course, the vast majority are paid templates, so they can also serve as inspiration and create them yourself from scratch.

download and save

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Finally, You will only have to save the templates you have made so that, every time you are going to publish on Instagram, you can use them as a base without always having to create them from scratch.

Of course, make sure that, once you work on it, you save it in another way to maintain the template for the next post. Otherwise it will cost you to have to delete what is not useful to you to leave it as it was again.

As well You can directly download the templates to use them later in other image editing programs such as Photoshop. This way you will always use the same format for your publications.

As you can see, designing an Instagram feed with Canva is not difficult. We recommend it at the beginning of your business, or if you want to give it a more professional and careful style, because you will notice the difference. And when you create an attractive feed, taking into account that not many do, you can attract more attention and demonstrate your skill. Have you ever thought about it?

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