How to record the screen on an iPad? | Complete Guide 2024

How to record the screen on an iPad

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. iPad They are one of the most marketed Apple products, Their large screens, combined with other features, make them the perfect allies for many users. For this Today we show you how to record the screen on an iPad. This option will allow you to quickly save content relevant to you.

This alternative in fact has several applications, giving it real utility. The best of all is that you will not need third-party applications, with a few simple commands you can use it. This being one of the main reasons for its success among different Internet users.

How to record the screen on an iPad? How to record the screen on an iPad

Starting with iOS 11, iPads They have a function to record the screen of our device, without having to download any additional application. The first thing we have to do is activate the option so that the recording appears in our control center.

The steps are very simple: How to record the screen on an iPad

  1. We open the Settings app on our device, iPad in this case, although we must highlight that this option works the same for iPhones.
  2. We enter the control center.
  3. When it appears, Tap the green plus sign (+) next to Screen recording.
  4. Now that we have the tool in the control center From our iPad all we have to do is start recording.
  5. We open the Control Center of our iPhone or iPad by sliding our finger down from the top right corner from the screen.
  6. Press the button which we just added to start recording.
  7. Wait for the three second countdown, until recording starts.
  8. To stop recording, tap the red button at the top on the screen and confirm by clicking Stop.

Then a notification will inform us that the photo we have just taken It will be automatically saved in the Photos application on our device. A simple tap on the notification takes us to the video we just recorded, and from there we can share the recording or edit it if necessary.

It is important to mention that our device also picks up sound through microphone while recording. If we do not want the sound to be recorded, we must deactivate the microphone before starting to record. To do this, we must press firmly on the record button in the Control Center and touch the microphone at the bottom until it reads Disabled.

What tips can we follow to achieve a good screen recording? Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC),

Consider your storage space

There is no time limit to record your screen. The only limitation is the amount of free space on your iPhone. However, just because your iPhone can record a virtually unlimited amount of video, doesn't mean you should. The device will most likely fail after saturating its storage.

Activate do not disturb mode

Esto will prevent you from receiving notifications or calls while recording. Although later we recommend that you deactivate it so that you are aware of whoever contacts you. To activate Do Not Disturb mode, go to Settings, then Focus Modes, and finally Do Not Disturb.

lock orientation

Before recording, Decide how you are going to place the device, whether horizontally or vertically. It is best to lock the orientation so that it does not change during recording, as this may cause the device to stop recording or distort the content.

turn up the sound

If you mute your iPhone using the Ring/Mute switch, Audio played by the device will not be included in the recording. If you record content that has its own audio and you want to include it in the video, such as game sound effects, turn on audio recording on your device.

What is useful for making a screen recording?Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC),

To log an error or software failure

When you encounter a bug or glitch in an app you're using, and find it difficult to describe what exactly you were doing when it happened, The solution to this is to document it through a recording of screen.

Demonstrate the features or functionality of the application

Whether you've created a new app, or updated an existing one, the best way to show users the highlights is through a video.

To create a preview video for the App Store

Like demo videos about new features or software capabilities, App Store preview videos They are a good way to show people exactly how your app works.

To leave comments

iOS 11's screen recording feature lets you view documents and images and give feedback almost anywhere. Instead of writing your comments via email or text message, You can record your impressions and explain changes while reviewing the file. Whether you choose to include narration in the video or let the images speak for themselves, the recipient will understand exactly what you mean.

Probably the most common use be it to save a video that you have seen on the Internet, and which cannot be downloaded directly, for example in X. Some use it to record a conversation they want to have for possible legal proceedings.

It is a feature so fundamental that it can be used in a thousand different ways. Of course, always taking into account people's privacy. If you send us photos and videos that are intended to be viewed only once, the sender intends to view them precisely one time. Recording without his consent is not only a violation of his privacy, but could also constitute a criminal offense in some countries.

Performing any action from your iPad can become really interesting, the reason is the large number of practical alternatives that Apple has included in these devices. For this Today we have shown you how to record the screen on an iPad. We hope that the information provided in this article helps you with this alternative. If you think it is necessary to add something else, let us know in the comments.

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