How to sell photographs online

How to sell photographs online

Are you good at photography and do you think it could be a business for you? Do you know that you can sell photos online? If you are wondering how to sell photographs online and thus make an extra at the end of the month, this is of interest to you.

And is that more and more people are searching for images (keep in mind that every presence on the Internet requires images to make the content more attractive and visual). Therefore, it may be your time to make yourself known and make some money for your hobby. Shall we start?

What is needed to start selling photographs online


Selling photos online is not difficult. Anyone can do it. But to truly be successful you require some skills that can help you.

The first is obvious: know how to take good photographs. The more creative or original they are, the better. But also that they have quality, that they are attractive...

The better you do them, the easier it will be to attract attention and have your photos chosen over those of others. Which will mean that your profits will increase.

The second skill you must have is patience. You're not going to win overnight. It may take months to see results. But taking into account that you are not going to make a living from that (at least a priori), you can do it little by little and as you see that you start to be successful, increase your number of photos or even your promotion.

The third skill is a little knowledge of contracts, agreements, collaborations... Every website where you can upload photos will surely present you with an agreement. And you need to read it well to know if there is exclusivity or not, if you have to give them a certain percentage... This is something to keep in mind, it is not enough to upload photos and that's it, you have to know what are the conditions under which they are hosted your photos, what happens if you don't want to continue, etc.

An Extra skill that can make you earn 100% of the profits from your photos is having your own website. It may seem silly, and maybe at first it is, because no one knows you. But when you start to notice that things are going well for you, you could think about creating your own website and selling more exclusive photos there. This way, instead of having to share the profits with the platforms where you upload your photos, you keep all the money.

To achieve this, the first and most important thing is to have made a personal brand and a name on the Internet. And that requires time and/or a lot of money to promote it. If you have money, take advantage and promote yourself to shorten the path to success.

How to sell photographs online

woman with photo camera

Based on the above, have you already made the decision to sell photographs online? So some of the tips we can give you are the following:


It may seem silly, or that you are missing out on a lot of opportunities by not being a generalist. But if you specialize you will make them recognize you as a photographer of a specific type of photos, and if they look for these, they can look for you as one of the best.

For example, you can specialize in buildings, faces, animals...

Does it mean that if you like to take other photos you can't post them? Not really, you can always choose several pseudonyms and have different accounts. Although be careful because some platforms may not allow personal and banking data to be duplicated.

Take care of the quality of the photos

Another important point is that the photographs They are clear, pleasant, attractive, with good photographic technique. The better you do it, and the more striking results you offer, the more they will prefer your photos over others.

Apply SEO to photos

It may seem like it has nothing to do with it, but in reality it does. If you use keywords, relevant and well-detailed descriptions, etc. You will make the positioning of your photos improve. In fact, it is not something that everyone knows how to do or does, which can differentiate you from others by having Google show your images.

To do this, look for photo titles that are direct but describe the image well. And in the descriptions it is not necessary to elaborate, but to use keywords and detail what is seen in the image.


If you really want to make money with your photos you have to make yourself known. Here you can Use social networks to show your work and help people who want to buy you or acquire those images.

Don't stop climbing

A mistake that is often made is to upload a batch of photos and forget about it while waiting for someone to see your photos and purchase them. But if instead what you do is update often, with one, two or more photos, you will be making your portfolio more dynamic. This also helps the platforms since they see that you care about offering alternatives and can help their algorithm make you appear more in the results.

Where to sell photographs online

man taking photo

Now that you have the skills and foundation to sell, where do you do it? As we told you before, you have two alternatives:

  • Own website. Starting from scratch can be complicated.
  • Platforms where you can sell photos. It's the route that everyone chooses because you don't lose money by setting it up and you just have to upload your photos and see if they work.

Within these platforms, we can recommend the following (there are many and the good thing is that you can upload photos to several to have more earning options):

Getty Images

It is one of the most important sites (in fact many newspapers and magazines use them to obtain photos for their articles). Getty Images is made up of not only that website, but also iStock and Unsplash, which means you will appear on multiple sites.

Depending on the website, They will offer you between 15 and 45% commission (of profit). They keep the rest as intermediaries. Additionally, on Unsplash you can have a fixed payment for your photos (ranging from $5 to $30).


This platform is another one that it is used the most, especially at the editorial level (for book covers). If you want to sell your photos here you can do so, although the payment for each image will differ quite a bit. You can earn from 20 cents to 100 euros per image. And the abysmal difference there is? It will depend on how they buy your images and other parameters determined by the platform.

Adobe Stock

Another of the great platforms on which to sell photographs is Adobe Stock. Your earnings are more affordable than in the previous one, since you can earn 33% on images, vectors or illustrations.

Now you know how to sell photographs online. Would you dare to have an extra business to get a return on your hobby?

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