How to use POSCA markers to create incredible drawings?

How to use POSCA markers

While you are in the creative process, It is necessary that you use the ideal tools. Markers continue to have great prominence among artists, and their versatility positions them among the favorites. We also have a wide variety of very well-known and interesting brands. That's why Today we show you how to use POSCA markers, one of the best in its category.

This product stands out for its features, They have very interesting colors that help you fit into various styles. Furthermore, the number of tips available is nothing to underestimate, taking into account the simplicity with which they can be handled on different surfaces and textures. If you haven't tried them yet, we recommend that you do. If you already have them, You can always get some tips on using it.

What are POSCA markers? POSCA markers

POSCA markers are a great tool, They are used to add a touch of creativity and efficiency to your work and projects. These markers offer a variety of benefits, including light and water resistance.

As well They have the ability to mix colors easily, different tip thicknesses and the option to write on almost any surface. This makes POSCA markers an excellent tool for art and decoration, as well as organization, identification and marking.

How to use POSCA markers?

When you purchase one of these markers for the first time, the same company offers a simple but timely guide. This will make your experience with this product better., for them follow the steps below:

  1. First you must hold the marker with the cap on, It is recommended to shake the marker quickly. This movement with the marker must be from top to bottom, so that the ball moves.
  2. When doing this a characteristic sound is heard, and the color becomes homogeneous inside the POSCA.
  3. press the tip on a piece of paper other than the manufacturing medium several times, until it is sufficiently covered with paint.
  4. To check the color quantity, first test the marker on the eraser. If the lines are clear, the POSCA marker is ready to use.
  5. Have a cloth prepared It will be useful to lightly clean the edges or absorb excess paint.
  6. If the marker loses strength while working, just shake again. Also make sure to close the lid first to avoid paint splashes.
  7. You can clean the marker tip with tap water as much as necessary. If the lace is too dry, you can soak it in water overnight.

Can these markers be returned or exchanged? How to use POSCA markers

If the tip is accidentally damaged, you can return it or even exchange it for a new tip purchased separately. This is one of the advantages that the company offers its clients, giving you a very convenient margin.

  • The tips that can be reusable They are: PC-3M and PC-5M
  • The tips that They are, for their part, interchangeable: PC-1M, PC-3M, PC-5M, PC-7M, PC-8K, PC-17K
  • We must not forget that most POSCA tips They are washable and replaceable. In this case, except the calibrated tip (PC-1MR), the other tips can be washed or replaced (PC-1M, PC-3M, PC-5M, PC). -7M).
  • To wash the tip, you can clean it with tap water or if it is too dry the marker is not covered, leave it overnight.
  • However, some tips are also reversible, such as PC – 3M and PC-5M.

How are POSCA markers classified according to their tip? AFTER

Brush tip (PCF-350)

Used for painting, coloring, drawing, decorating and calligraphy. Ideal for beginners and children, they are easy to use. This allows you to reach areas that cannot be reached with other types of markers.

Extra fine tip (PC-1MR AND PC-1M)

These markers are used for writing, drawing, painting, coloring and marking. They produce very smooth and uniform lines, ideal for beginners and professionals. Detail work, or work on small surfaces, is especially suitable.

Fine tip (PC-3M)

These POSCA markers with rounded tips are used for drawing, coloring, decorating, painting and writing and They are highly sought after by experts and design professionals..

Medium tip (PC-5M)

POSCA points They are used for painting, coloring, drawing, writing, decorating and marking. The round, medium tip of it makes it a versatile marker.

Coarse tip (PC-8K)

As an entry to the line of thick-tip pens, the PC-8K is used for painting, drawing, coloring, decorating, writing and marking. The chamfered tip makes it easier to work in curves. It is in great demand among designers and graffiti artists.

Extra thick tip (PC-17K)

This type of marker is especially the king of street artists. Used for painting, coloring, drawing, decorating and marking. Extra thick 15mm chisel tip is suitable for all surfaces and is designed for very large projects.

What are the colors available? Available Colours

Depending on the tip selected, we find them in a wide variety of colors. Some of them are the following:

  • PC – 1MR: Available in 16 colors.
  • PC – 1M: 14 available colors.
  • PC-3M: 22 available colors.
  • PC – 5M: Available in almost all the colors in this range: almost 40 colors, 4 fluorescent and 8 metallic.
  • PC – 7M: Available in 15 colors.

As you can see, in the POSCA PC-5M range we have a different type of finish, the matte colors that we find in other products but also in metal and phosphorus.

What are some of the features of POSCA markers?

  • Versatility is one of its advantages, and we can use them on different surfaces.
  • They are practical and they can be used very easily.
  • The quality of these markers is high, They have acrylic ink.
  • May use as watercolors.
  • Possible apply several coats on top of other layers.
  • You are allowed create gradients very degraded.

To achieve the best designs using markers, you need to use the most complete ones in this category. For this We hope you have learned how to use POSCA markers, one of the most promising brands. We hope that in this article you have found the necessary information on this topic. If you think we should mention something else, let us know in the comments.

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