Ideas to paint original walls

Ideas to paint original walls

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Can't you stop thinking about it and looking at that wall in the living room, bedroom... that you don't quite like? Are you thinking about some ideas to paint original walls to give them personality and life?

If so, perhaps these that we are going to propose will help you decide and find exactly what you need. Go for it?

Paint the walls with your illustrations

As a creative that you are, one of the best ideas to make your art known to friends, family or even through social networks is to display it on your own walls. It can be in your study, in your bedroom or wherever you want.

The objective is that Unleash your creativity on a canvas as big as a wall. Yes, it will take time and it will not be easy to finish it, but the final result will be very striking, and whenever you want you can erase it and start again. Can you imagine having a giant-sized illustration?

Paint with stripes

Striped painted wall

Font Etsy

Another idea to paint original walls is to use a striped technique. Are They can be vertical or horizontal, but you must keep in mind that each line must be differentiated, at the same time you can blur them. Wait, we explain it better.

Imagine that you want to place stripes. Well you can put them:

  • Different colors using two or three and interspersing them with each other. For example, pink, yellow, blue, pink, yellow, blue...
  • Different colors blurring them. For example, making a gradient or stripes that do not seem completely defined.

Of course, it is only recommended to do this on a single wall of the four, or three, that make up the room or space, because if you do it on all of them it will be too busy and may be uncomfortable.

Use blackboard paint

Since slate paint became fashionable, many homes have used it for some parts, such as children's rooms, kitchens, etc. But what if you painted an entire wall with it?

Well yes, that is one of the ideas for painting original walls that we give you, and that will also give you a lot of fun. Because, do you remember the first idea we told you about painting your own illustrations and, when you get tired, painting over it and starting over? Well, something like that is going to happen here, except that, since it is blackboard paint, you can erase the chalk very easily.

And before you ask, yes, there are colored chalks, so only You will have a black background, you can give the rest any color you want.

Like before, We recommend you only paint one of the walls, not all, especially because the color black can darken the room too much (regardless of whether you paint in it later.

roller painting wall

Sectorization technique with color

If you haven't heard of it, we'll explain it to you in a moment. Is about paint only a specific part of the wall, not all. And it is done by trying to simulate some accessory or piece of furniture.

To make it easier for you to understand it. Imagine a bedroom. You have a bed but no headboard. Well, with paint you could create the shape of that headboard in the bed area. It doesn't really exist, but from a distance you might think so.

Well, something like this can be done with a shelf, with a window, etc.

Watercolor effect

watercolor living room

Another of the ideas to paint original walls that we leave you is to paint with watercolors. Yes that's how it is. And we recommend it because the result that these paintings offer will give the wall and the room a creative and fresh touch.

Of course, you have to choose the right paints to do it, but once you do it, and you start to capture it in them, you will see that you are achieving something that other types of paints do not achieve.

Yes, We do not recommend it if you are a beginner, because it is not easy to apply and even less easy to get the best results. You will see, as the watercolor blends with the water, degraded spots appear. And let's say that you have to "master" watercolor to get it to make the stains the way you want. In a single shade it is simpler, but when combining several colors you face greater problems.

For example, imagine that you have a white wall and you want to paint it with red, yellow and pink watercolors. You could wet the wall first with some sponges moistened with water and then, with other sponges, apply the paint to achieve the effect you want (and the result).

Colors on the ceiling

One of the maxims when painting walls is that they can have color but the ceilings should remain white so that they give more light to the space. But who says you couldn't paint a portion of that ceiling?

You see, one of the ideas for painting original walls that we propose would be very creative in a bedroom. And it is to paint the walls in one color (all the same). But, the width of the bed, paint it from the wall on which it sits, to the ceiling and the other wall, in another.

It gives a very fun touch and you won't be painting the entire ceiling, but only part of it. In addition, you can always paint only the wall of the bed and the respective part of the ceiling, but finish at the other end of it.

half painted

This technique became fashionable a few years ago, especially for children's bedrooms. But the truth is that you can use it whenever you want. It consists of dividing the wall into two parts (horizontally) in such a way that, on the upper part, you paint one color; and in the lower one, another.

Even so that the line that separates them is not visible, you can put a border or similar.

Now, The technique has evolved, and now it is not just about dividing the wall in half and painting. But the option that is most seen at the moment is to leave the upper part blank and paint the rest of the wall in color (as if you wanted to expand the ceiling and make it have more presence.

The result is visually very pleasant and original. If you have a chance, try it. You can even paint each wall a different color (just make sure they are colors or shades that combine and are not too strong).

As you can see, there are many ideas for painting original walls that you can consider. Can you think of any more? Leave it to us in the comments.

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