Texts with perspective effect in Illustrator

How to use the perspective effect in Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is the layout program from the Adobe family, a very versatile complement for the editing we do with Photoshop. Its main function is to work on aspects related to professional editing for books, magazines, brochures and other editorial products. It has an important variety of tools, all of them designed to facilitate the work when arranging the elements that are part of your publication. In Illustrator you can use the perspective effect to bring greater attention to certain parts of the text.

We tell you step by step How to use Illustrator's perspective effect, what possibilities it offers, its difficulties and restrictions. In a simple and dynamic way, you can start alternating different tools and special effects to give your publication professional care and a different style.

How to use the perspective effect in Illustrator

The tool we are going to use to add the perspective effect is called Perspective Grid. It is very useful for making packaging mockups, for illustrations or designs with perspective effects. The tutorial to master this tool within the Illustrator software is quite simple, but then you will have to practice to master it.

Where is the tool?

For find the Perspective Tool you have to open the View Menu screen, activate the advanced toolbar, or activate the keyboard shortcut. It is important to differentiate that activating the perspective grid is not the same as having the Perspective Grid Tool active. The main difference is that from the view menu, the perspective grid only allows you to view and not edit the effect. When you activate the Tool, only then can you alter some of the parameters to achieve the tilt effect sought in each particular post or element according to the project.

Activate the perspective grid from the View menu

This step is only for display perspective grid and check the incline levels. You will not be able to make any edits, and it is purely to see the results obtained so far.

  • Open the top menu View.
  • Select Perspective Grid and then the Show Grid option.

The boxes that serve to correctly display the level of inclination and the perspectives of the texts in your project. You can use these indications to determine if you are at the desired degrees of inclination or if you need to continue moving elements.

How to add the perspective effect in Illustrator

Activate the Perspective Tool from the toolbar

If what we need is directly edit tilt and perspective of texts, let's activate the editing tool. This grid tool opens from the quick tools bar and directly allows you to modify the tilt level to increase or reduce the effect. Open the Toolbars – Advanced window and select the Perspective Grid Tool option. In that same menu you will find the Perspective Selection Tool.

Keyboard shortcuts

The keyboard shortcut is the fastest and most dynamic way to Toggle between editing texts and adding perspective effect in Illustrator. To activate the tool you have to press Shift + P together and for Perspective Selection you can raise Shift + V. If you want to see the grid, but without modifying it, the shortcut is Ctrl + Shift + I. This combination shows u hides as we need it, the design with a grid to measure the perspective inclination.

How do I use the tool to add perspective effect in Illustrator?

La perspective view in preset format has two points. But you can change it to 1 or 3 points as needed from the top menu View – Perspective Grid. It is important to know some terms that will help you understand how this effect works in the application.

The point refers to Vanishing Point, although some also associate it with the sides of the image. In 1 point perspective, there is only one side, and so on as we add more vanishing points. Visually, the grid can appear complicated, displaying many lines and being activated next to widgets and other visual elements that can be distracting.

But you can move widgets in Adobe Illustrator to have a cleaner image that is easier to edit. The grid can be viewed from a horizontal, vertical, or other perspective. In this way, an even greater understanding of the operation and performance of the elements being worked on is achieved.

The layout widget

For work more easily and comfortably, there is a special widget called “flat” that chooses the side you want to work on. That side is highlighted in blue and you can work on different elements and additions directly there. This widget is one of the many that must be mastered to quickly work on editing and modifying the different visual elements.

How to incorporate the perspective effect into text

The operation is similar to incorporating a shape or image element. First we select the perspective selection tool and choose the text we are going to drag. Add the words you want to incorporate next to the vanishing point.

With the tool Perspective Selection You can customize the anchor and move the text to the ideal position depending on the type of effect you want to create. Then we press the small

Adding text and perspective elements is meticulous and detailed work. It is essential to achieve the ideal layout according to the type of project you have in mind. It may seem like a difficult tool or effect to achieve, but at the end of the day it simply provides the possibility of adding interesting views for your texts and elements. Play with the layout of your editorial project and the different perspectives of 1, 2 or 3 points to generate a careful design in accordance with what you want to promote. Don't forget to try the different ways to activate the grid view to master its quick activation and deactivation.

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