Add the appropriate hover effect to objects or logos in Illustrator

The hover effect on text and objects in Illustrator

El hover effect in Illustrator It is very useful to give a different touch to the designs we are creating. But it is important to learn how to place it properly. Therefore, when adding the displacement effect to objects or logos in Illustrator, you must know its parameters, scope and limitations.

In this guide we delve into the Effects and Path menu including Adobe Illustrator, and we tell you how to apply it and what results you can get by doing it. A quick description of the effect allows us to indicate that it is a displacement of the layout or filling according to the distance that we indicate. But with complete mastery of the tool, you can obtain unique designs according to your own tastes.

What is the hover effect in Illustrator?

The application of Adobe Illustrator design It has a wide variety of tools to add special effects and paths. One of them is the so-called hover effect, and thanks to its intuitive interface, it is easy to use. To find it, you must follow these instructions:

  • Open the Effect menu within the application.
  • Select Path and then the Offset option.
  • In the Offset window, include the number of distance pixels, the type of joints, and the angle limits.

The displacement refers to the distance in which the object or logo will move from its original position. Positive values ​​move the element further away from the center, while negative values ​​move it closer.

If there are angles, the Unions menu It lets you select whether they will be rounded, angled or beveled. If angled joints are selected, the Angle Limit factor is used to determine the maximum size that will be displayed as an angle. If we exceed it, the figure will appear beveled.

Create various outlines and displacements in Adobe Illustrator

TAI-certified Adobe Illustrator edition It works through different workspaces according to the user's needs. From the Basic – Classic workspace, you will be able to access the menus and tools as we describe them in these tutorials.

The next step will be to create a text. When choosing a free space to enter the text, you will be able to choose different parameters such as content, font and design. It is important to decide carefully since we will not be able to modify this later, we will have to start a new text directly.

Transform text into paths

In order to cut the text, you must access the Properties tab in the right area of ​​the configuration panel. Most of the components and changes that can be applied to Adobe Illustrator text appear there. Even to create outlines or apply displacement effects. In the penultimate item on the list you will find the Convert to routes option. Once this conversion is done, you will no longer be able to edit it again.

Create a travel route

Imagine that you want your text to be a independent court. In these cases, cutting out all the letters won't help, but taking the offset route can create cool effects. These settings allow the text to have an elegant background and place all the letters within the same area. The steps for this type of moving and configuration are not very difficult, but they must be followed in order to save time and headaches.

to start a scroll path in Illustrator, first the text must be converted into paths. If there are non-contiguous letters, combine them so that they are a single object. It is necessary to create a compensation for this we will do the following:

  • Open the Object menu.
  • Select Route and then the Move Route option.
  • A small configuration window opens from which we can establish aspects such as the width of the frame or the shape of the corners.
  • Confirm using the OK button when you have finished the changes.

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. effects of compensation They can be refined, you have to press the right mouse button and select the object and then the Ungroup option. With this indication you will be able to edit objects individually, compensating the areas that are necessary using the Pathfinder.

Adobe Illustrator Creations

Once the editing process, you can save the file in SVG format and your personalized letters will be ready to be laser engraved or using the selected printing method. The hover effect in Adobe Illustrator is relatively easy to use, and its results are more than satisfactory when it comes to presenting objects or logos with eye-catching effects.

Furthermore, learning to master more precision multiple tools and special effects from Adobe Illustrator will help you significantly improve your skills as a designer. Adobe's software proposal has become one of the basic elements that you need to master to get the most out of the experience, whether designing signage or other proposals for marketing and advertising projects.

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