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make simple infographics

On different occasions we have required to make a simple but visual design. And it is that, although that seems easy, when we got down to work it has not been as easy as it seemed to us at first. Since we have had to face the simplification of a lot of information in a certain space. Well, for this that we did not know how to do it or what to call it, infographics are useful and we are going to show you simple examples to carry out.

Bearing in mind that each infographic is a world and each one of them can be very different or need issues of the moment. But even so, there are certain connecting threads that can help us, such as the icons, the shapes or even the composition of colors that we can choose. Although this sometimes varies depending on the design, since if it is about making a simple infographic for a company, the colors will already be predefined.

What is an infographic?

If you still do not know what an infographic is after the introduction, we are going to explain it. An infographic is a very visual and summarized example of all a certain content. For example, after carrying out a specific study on the losses of your company, we can make an infographic to explain it to our bosses. Or whoever we have to account to at that moment or explain something.

If in your case you have to explain to people who do not understand a technical language of your profession very well, the infographic will help you to have something visually and with a simple message so that everyone can understand it. In addition, this format does not usually extend more than one page. In fact, it is normally established in a poster size to fit the essential information. As its name indicates, it is an x-ray of all the information that you have previously collected.

Simple example of breast cancer infographic

breast cancer infographic

This first example is something very visual to explain what this document is about.. A message as important as cancer prevention can be. In this case, breast cancer that affects so many women. In order to explain everything that has been carried out or the precautions that women should take, it is necessary to do it for all. That is why if everyone cannot understand a technical or scientific message, you have to look for simpler ways.

A simple way is to make a design with drawings where they themselves are represented and with short and concise dialogue boxes. In this way, the guidelines they must take and the action they must carry out are clear with just a few steps. As if it were a small comic where they give indications of how they should do certain things in their daily life to avoid reaching that fateful point.

In this format, the information is a lot and yet it is able to fit on a single page. For example, when to go to the doctor and how to detect a possible problem. The way to know your own body, risk factors that you have in your day to day, symptoms and a prevention for all of this.

Covid 19 infographics

info covid-19

Something as current, as was the pandemic that devastated the world in 2020. Given so much uncertainty and ignorance about this new pandemic, it was necessary to explain in a simple way what covid-19 was. And not only what it was, but how it affected us, symptoms that we could find and actions that we must still take today. Since the way to infect could be many and prevention measures were extremely necessary.

Many people died because of this, but thanks to today's technologies and the way we communicate, we prevent many more. One of them was being able to easily distribute one-page infographics that served this purpose.

Spotify infographic

infographics simple examples spotify

But infographics cannot be made only for these important issues such as covid-19 or breast cancer. Companies also often use them to determine what they are doing right or wrong. And to be able to parameterize all that internal functioning of the company that leads them to be where they are. And so, represent it in a simple and visual sheet to know where they have to make more or less efforts to bring more people to your company.

This is the case of Spotify, where to find out what kind of audience has more strength on their platform, they have made a simple infographic. Where the information we can see is a lot. We can see for generations of people, how the Millennials in this case use the application more. By age, the time they spend a day and the format they use. Whether mobile phone, computer or tablet. Which surprisingly are very similar in the latter case. All this and more is reflected in a simple sheet full of iconography.

Seat Leon infographic

Infographics simple examples

But this doesn't just end there. If you are thinking of buying a car but you don't have much idea, perhaps this format we are talking about will convince you of a specific model. For example, in this case we are going to use the Seat brand as an example. Basic but quite illustrative information for a first image if you do not know what you want to buy. That is, we all have minimums and maximums to know what to buy and what not and then we investigate more.

The type of car, the safety, the color and the type of interior it has are essential. Just like knowing if it is a Diesel or Gasoline car. Or now also know what environmental labels the car has to know where you will be able to drive with it or not. Even in an infographic like this, we can see the competitors you have directly. So we can know what price range it has and what is best for us by comparing them directly. In this case with Volkswagen, Ford or KIA and we can see each of the characteristics that the other brands offer us.

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