Applications to improve the Instagram feed

Applications to improve the Instagram feed

As a creative, social media is a showcase for you. Therefore, having them well ordered and showing good images becomes important. Focusing on Instagram, which is more visual, have an attractive Instagram feed can make your followers go up.

But how to achieve it? For that, you have applications that can help you build a much more attractive and impactful feed. How about we recommend some?

The Instagram feed: the differentiating element of your competition

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In case you don't know, the Instagram feed is actually the board on which the posts you make are displayed. It is as if it were the wall of your profile, where everything you have published appears.

This is always organized in chronological order, showing first what you have recently published and the one below is the oldest.

However, what a priori may seem something "normal" to you, it becomes a showcase for your personal brand: because if you give a good image there you will make it stand out and attract more followers to see it.

Normally, the Instagram feed is made up of:

  • Photos: the ideal size of these is 1080 x 1080 px. But you can also upload photos vertically and horizontally. Only, in that feed, yes or yes they will look square. Of course, these also have a maximum size so that they are not cut or prevent you from uploading them.
  • Videos: in this case they must be a maximum of 60 minutes. They should not weigh more than 3,6GB and ideally they should be 1080 x 1080 px. But, as with photos, you can also upload horizontally and vertically. It is convenient that, for the feed, there is an image in such a way that, when it is a video, there is not a black box left (which can happen).
  • Carousel: This is made up of photos or videos in the same publication. That is to say, that instead of putting one photo, two or more are put. And the same with the videos. Of course, there is a maximum of 10. You can even mix photos and videos at the same time. When viewing them, you just have to slide your finger to the left or right whether you want to go forward or back.

Applications to improve the Instagram feed

make the feed more attractive

Now that Now you have a better idea of ​​what the feed can do for you, how about trying to arrange it in a way that is eye-catching, more eye-catching, or at least displays images in a neater way?

Well, that's what you can do through the applications. Here we recommend some of them.


We start with Preview, an app that will allow you to organize all the content you have to publish, but also to schedule it. You can even drag and move the images so that you can edit them and thus put them to your liking. For example, images of blue, yellow, phrases and videos separately or interspersed...

It also has reports and data analysis so you can see how your profile is growing, what interactions are taking place, analyze your competitors...

Yes, you have to know a little english because you are going to need it to master it. It is available on Android and iOS and is free, although it has some paid features that you should be aware of.

Feed Preview for Insta

Another of the apps for the Instagram feed is this, available for iOS and one of the most appreciated. With it you can add images, videos, carousels... and have a preview to see how it will look and thus make sure that everything will be as you want it to be.

In fact, one good thing is that you don't have to log in to Instagram with the app, instead it lets you prepare everything but without giving it permissions (and thus keeping security to the maximum).


Metricool is one of the best web and apps for planning social media, not just Instagram. And that is why in this case, in the Instagram feed, it can help you visualize it and see how it will look in terms of the order you want to give to the publications (so you will always know how the result will be when you finish publishing).

Along with this function, it is also worth seeing the statistics and detailed reports on the growth and evolution of the profiles.

Feed Preview for Instagram

We continue with more apps for the Instagram feed, in this case for iOS, since you have this application with multiple functions. On the one hand, you can upload images and preview the feed to see how everything would look.

Afterwards, you can sync with your Instagram and plan (and schedule) all the posts. You can even hide those that you have published and that are no longer with you so that you can delete them later.


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Another of the most used apps for the Instagram feed, especially if what you want to do are compositions with several photos.

It will not only serve you for Instagram, but also It is also valid for TikTok, Snapchat or Facebook.

Of course, many of the functions are paid, so you will have to pay to use it 100%.


Would you like an app in which you could edit the images, add filters, schedule posts and also see how everything would look like? Well with this it is possible.

You can have several accounts at the same time and it will save the hashtags for you in case you want to use them in the publications.


This app, which you will find very easy to use, is actually one of the best out there. It will allow you to preview and build your own feed, as well as schedule posts.

It has a bank of royalty-free images and these can be edited to customize them according to the taste you choose.

It also has statistics, so you can see the evolution of your profile and compare it between publications.

It is not only for Instagram, it can also manage Youtube, TikTok and Pinterest.

As you can see, there are many applications that will help you improve your Instagram feed, especially to plan it in a way that makes everything look much better. Do you recommend any that you use?

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