Freepik's new AI tool created for graphic designers

The new Freepik Reimagine AI tool

Freepik presented a new tool based on AI and designed for graphic designers. It is called Freepik Reimagine and it is an image-to-image solution that aims to revolutionize the sector. It has great speed and wide variety to create content, taking the creation possibilities to unseen levels.

The objective of the new tool Freepik is empowering creatives. It uses cutting-edge technology so that artificial intelligence creates new variants from a prompt. The Freepik Reimagine step by step immerses you directly in a different experience to convert your images into new and diverse designs.

How to use the new Freepik Reimagine tool

Joining other developers in the world of Artificial Intelligence, Freepik proposes a new tool that is quick and easy to use. Simply select the image you want, upload it and a unique prompt will be generated. This line of text can be modified in some specific terms, thus creating a completely different new image. Therein lies the main advantage that Freepik Reimagine proposes, a journey into the world of creation based on ideas and language variants.

Unlike other AI tools, Freepik Reimagine works in real time and has infinite scroll of pictures. The creation engine offers the different variants one after another, with unique and predefined styles to speed up and optimize the creative process in general. The tool allows the user to choose between larger or smaller modifications as needed. The ultimate goal, an image created by AI that resembles what the designer imagines.

A single image, infinite styles

Through the new Freepik Reimagine tool, users They can reinvent themselves with countless styles and proposals., any image you choose. It's a perfect combination to let your imagination fly, and you can even ask Freepik to discover a world of varied possibilities. From reimagining a design with watercolor to cartoons, Art Noveau or origami and pixel art. The possibilities are endless and will depend on your ability to convey the message to Freepik's constantly improving engine.

Freepik Labs is the project incubator that Freepik started in 2020. It is dedicated to innovating and constantly working on the development of new Artificial Intelligence solutions, including a varied portfolio of products in its product portfolio.

Its director, Omar Pera, highlighted on more than one occasion the great work of adaptation and evolution that they have been carrying out with Artificial Intelligence. In his opinion, AI is a revolutionary tool for all creatives. The application of this technology to different tools is part of a path towards innovation and a much more dynamic and agile art, of almost immediate creation.

IA Partners, a Freepiks program to continue growing

Aiming to become pioneers of creative Artificial Intelligence, from Freepik they have launched the IA Partners program. It is intended to provide the user with early access for AI innovation and also for beta testing. This initiative seeks to collect first-person data about AI solutions, their improvements and possibilities. Before launching and presenting to the general public, apps and tools go through this group of users.

Freepik Reimagine you can generate almost infinite interpretations of any image that you have loaded. The user can explore an almost infinite gallery of representations, in high quality and with variants always related to the original image. In this way, talking about creative AI makes complete sense.

Tips for using the new Freepik Reimagine tool

Since entering the open beta phase, Freepik Reimagine has become a rage among creatives. And this is because its main engine is the creation of images in multiple and varied styles, starting from an image and modifying keywords to obtain a novel result.

If you're thinking about explore your capabilities as a creative or you like the design, try Freepik Reimagine. It is a very interesting source of inspiration, and works from the user's own indications. Artificial Intelligence has very interesting scope, but always starting from the base of a restless user with imagination. Your own instructions will guide the process. You can end up creating a truly unique piece, or discovering multiple variants of your original image in an infinite scroll.

Create variants of your images with Freepik Reimagine

The database of the new Freepik Reimagine tool has more than 150 million resources. Everything you need to continue exploring the world of images and creativity is in one place. If you have an idea or project, start testing variants of images and designs. With this AI engine you can get inspired and create different images.

As an example, imagine you are putting together a brochure with images of the beach. You want a really relaxing one, that transports the viewer directly to a sunny morning surrounded by palm trees. Reimagine lets you upload a photo of the beach and transform it according to your own ideas, until it gives it a unique touch.


Freepik Reimagine It is a tool with a great horizon of application. You can use it to generate new interpretations and versions of your favorite images. Even to inspire you or put changes to a design into words, and then see them reflected. In this way, the proposal becomes an ally of our own creative process.

Learn to remove the maximum benefit of Artificial Intelligence It is part of the challenge of new software tools. Freepik Reimagine arrives with a clear and direct objective, to provide new alternatives for creating images. Be they drawings, photographs or scenarios. The key in this AI option is language. Being able to convert your own idea into an image is a process that with Freepik Reimagine begins to take shape easier and faster. Browse through the extensive gallery of related images until you find the one that best suits you, and have fun playing and modifying aspects until it is just as you have decided.

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