Online Character Counter - Count Characters

Sure many times you have needed count the number of characters in a certain text. Now all this is very simple thanks to this character counter online, and that will allow you to count the number of characters in any text quickly and easily.

Write the text in the following box, click on the button "Count characters" and that's it. Easier, impossible.

In addition, we also have a word counter online that will surely be of great use to you.

How does the online character counter work?

Being an online tool, our character counter It does not require prior installation on your computer or mobile, so you can use it immediately when entering this page.

For know the number of characters your text consists ofYou simply have to enter that content in the box above, and finally click on the respective button below to display a message with the characters that have been counted.

In a matter of seconds, you will have an exact result of these characters. It is important that you know that the spaces are also counted, but if you want us to launch a functionality that does not take them into account, we would appreciate if you would contact us to implement this new modality in the tool.

What is the character counter for?

In some jobs require a minimum of characters to be able to evaluate the task, so it is advisable to have a tool so that you can carry out this process automatically and easily.

Thanks to character counter de Creativos Online, you will be able to have these figures in a very comfortable way, since by simply entering the text, you will be able to know the total characters of your text.

But what if the tool doesn't work? Although it should go perfectly, you can also use tools like Word to perform character counting: to count characters in Word, you just have to select the part of the text that you want to count, and click on Review> Count Words> Characters.

As you can see, it is a somewhat more cumbersome process as you have to make several clicks, so we recommend that you always go to this site, since with a simple click you will have what you want.

We hope this online character counting tool is useful for you.