Online Word Counter - Count Words

The following tool allows count the number of words in a text quickly and easily. You simply have to write the text in the following box and hit the count words button:

No registration is required. Count the number of words in a text in a few seconds thanks to our word counter online.

As if it were helpful, we also have a online character counter.

How to use the word counter?

The operation of word counter that we present to you is very simple: you just have to copy and paste the text in the box above, and click on the count button.

Immediately, a message will appear with the number of total words of which your article or entered text consists. The best of all is that there is no word limit, so you can put content as long as you want.

If you want advice, we recommend that you copy and paste the text with commands that will be very comfortable for you: Ctrl + C (to copy text) and Ctrl+V (to paste the text into our tool).

What to do if the online word counter doesn't work for me?

In case the tool does not work as it should, we have different alternatives. But the one we like the most is to use Microsoft Word, where you can see in the footer, or at the bottom of the tool, the number of words that your written document consists of.

However, we are sure that with this page you will have everything you need to count the words in your document, so we strongly encourage you to try its potential.

This is especially useful if you need to reach a word limit for a paper, TFG, English test, or other tasks that require a minimum of words to be approved. Thanks to our tool, you can achieve it in a matter of seconds.