How to recover unsaved files in Illustrator: tutorial

How to recover files in Illustrator

Sometimes it happens that we forget to save a project and the problems begin. In Illustrator, unsaved files can be a real headache, which is why this tutorial explores the different ways you can try to save an unsaved file. The result may or may not be positive, but at least you can try the different alternatives as much as possible before giving up on your project.

On certain occasions, if Illustrator quits unexpectedly, you also lose the file you are working with. But we must not lose calm. If you act quickly there is a great chance of recovering the content or at least a recent version so as not to have to start from scratch with the modifications.

Steps to recover unsaved files in Illustrator

From Autosave features in the application itself to specialized recovery apps. There are different alternatives that can help you when there are unsaved files in Illustrator and you need to recover them. In all of these mechanisms, patience and luck are usually essential, so take note of the procedures to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Apps for file recovery

This type of software was created specifically for lost file recovery, not saved or that have been damaged at some point. These are very useful tools, necessary to be able to navigate inside the disk and the program itself, looking for the traces and information that makes up the file.

One of the most practical and versatile is iMyFone, with versions on both Mac and Windows computers. It allows you to recover unsaved files from Illustrator and other applications in a matter of minutes. It is an excellent alternative to rescue files that were permanently deleted by mistake, but also with files not saved in Illustrator or with storage failures.

Recover files with iMyFone

The steps for recover files using iMyFone They are very simple and direct. In its Mac and Windows versions it works similarly, so just follow these instructions:

  • Download and install the program.
  • Perform the general or deep scan to know the location of the files.
  • Open the file you want to recover.
  • Press the Recover option to rebuild the unsaved file from Illustrator or any other app.

Use the AutoSave function

In the Illustrator program, as well as in other editing and creation apps, such as Microsoft Word, there are auto save options. These autosaves are useful because the platform itself includes a system to retrieve information from the platform itself. It is not an infallible tool, but it is undoubtedly one of the most used options. In order to load automatically saved versions, you must first configure the program to make automatic recordings from time to time. Some users prefer to disable this option because they maintain that it is a form of spying. What steps must be followed?

  • Restart Illustrator and click OK in the window that appears at startup.
  • Select the File tab and then Save As when the automatically saved file appears.

The procedure is very simple and takes just a few minutes. It is a very quick way to try to recover files closed by mistake in Illustrator without losing progress.

Illustrator and how to recover unsaved files

Use the Revert option

Another way to recover Illustrator files is by using the Revert command. This is an option within the program itself that can help you reopen the latest version of a saved file. If you apply it, any recent changes made to the file will not take effect. The procedure is simplified for users with low and intermediate knowledge levels alike.

  • Launch Illustrator and choose the File option.
  • Click on the Revert button and choose the file you want to upload again.
  • Save the document with the latest modifications.

Content stored in the temporary folder

In case the above options do not work, You can try browsing through the files in the temporary folder. On Windows computers, the operating system from time to time makes, for security reasons, copies of some files that we are working on regularly. This can save you time in case you encounter unsaved Illsutrator files. Once the folder and the way to detect the files are found, the search process is reduced. The steps are:

  • Open the following address in Windows Explorer: C:/Users/UserName/AppData/Local/Temp.
  • In the folder, select the file you want to reopen.
  • Modify the file extension to be able to save it again.

Open unsaved Illustrator files in the trash

In case you have accidentally deleted an Illustrator file, or in case you have an old project that you did not save by mistake, the Recycle Bin can be your ally. To completely delete any app or document, you must empty the trash. You can check this folder on your computer before deleting and emptying it. This way it is possible to take full advantage of the Windows experience to recover unsaved or mistakenly deleted Illustrator files.

  • Open the Recycle Bin by clicking on its icon.
  • Find the file and press the right mouse button.
  • Choose the Restore option to return it to its original location.

How to avoid losing a file in Illustrator?

Recover unsaved files in Illustrator It can be a headache, it's true. There are methods to recover progress in the event of an unexpected shutdown, but there are also some precautions that can be taken to reduce errors. As advice for the user, first of all you have to make regular saves and ensure that the order is completed in a timely manner by the application.

You can also activate the Backup of the program, making backup copies regularly to avoid data loss. Another way to improve the experience is to minimize the existence of viruses or harmful files on your computer. Use a good antivirus and try to eliminate any traces of a virus or malware that may appear on your computer. This way unexpected Illustrator shutdowns and unsaved files are drastically reduced.

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