How to remove the background from an image in Adobe Photoshop

How to change background

The need to eliminate a fund can be for several reasons and is one of the basic fundamentals that we have to know in Photoshop. We can change the background of a friend's photo and completely change it to make a fun gift. There are many reasons to know how to remove a background easily.

This is why the reason for this tutorial in which we will learn to handle the magic wand and the quick selection tool. We will also pay attention to the loop, which will help us correct part of the selection we make. So let's move on to it.

How to remove the background from an image in Photoshop

First, I will show how to use the quick selection tool, then move on to the magic wand and, finally, the lasso. The combination of these three tools is also usually very effective, so it will also depend on how you adapt to each of them. Download these two images to complete the tutorial:

With the quick selection tool

  • First, choose the quick selection tool from the toolbar (the brush icon on a shape with ellipsis)
  • You will have to press the shift key to add all the selections you make when you click on the background of the image and drag the tool over it

First step

  • If you accidentally select a part that you don't want, press and hold «Alt» key while eliminating that part or using control + shift + z to go back to the part where you do not have that area of ​​the image selected
  • You don't need to be precise enough on the entire bottom, especially with the fur area, as we will specify later in another way

With the magic wand

  • If you struggle with the above tool, you can always use the magic wand that works great in areas with spot colors
  • Click on a part of the background and select all the areas. You must increase tolerance from 10 to 15 to select all the area you want

Second step

  • Remember that you have to keep hold down the shift key to go adding new selections. If you make a mistake with some you use the "Alt" key to subtract.

With the lasso tool

  • The lasso tool has the option of use the traverse so that with simple clicks you can draw the shape of the animal
  • When you are about to finish you can return to the starting point or first click, just as you can make two clicks to get the selection to the point that you have reached


  • Like the rest of the tools you can use shift key to add new selection areas. The same goes for alt.

We have already used any of the tools and now we have to invert the selection to hold the ram in our hand.

  • We press Control + Shift + I or we go to "Select" and select "Inverse"
  • Now we have the ram selected and we can start refine selection before removing the background


  • Let's go now add a layer mask from the capable panel at the bottom (the rectangle icon with the empty circle in the center)
  • You will see how everything the background has disappeared

Missing background

  • Now do a double click on the mask in the layers panel (the black and white image)


  • A new menu pops up and click on «MaskEdge«. You are at the Refine Mask menu


  • Click on «ShowRadius»And adjust the« Radius »slider to 3,7 more or less to make sure that the radius is taking all the hairs of the animal between the bottom and the same


  • Now disable "Show Radius" and play with the various "Adjust Edge" options. If your animal has a lot of fur, feather is a very interesting option. With 6,1 px it has helped me not to lose anything of the contour


  • It can serve you change view mode by clicking on the little arrow in the thumbnail image and choosing it from the pop-up menu
  • We press finally on «Ok» and we will have the invisible background so that we can incorporate the background we want into that image


  • We open any one and launch it on the image that we have cut out. We adjust the size and move the background layer under the ram in this case


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