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Google Slides Templates

When carrying out a project there are several factors that can interfere with this process.. Both experience and imagination are decisive in the result. For this Today we show you some of the best templates for Google Slides. Having this resource will greatly facilitate your work, you just have to choose the topic, what you want to convey and the template will be in charge of molding this idea, until it becomes a mirror of your creativity.

You must take into account the message to be conveyed, the audience it is aimed at, and the focus you want to give it. You actually have many options, so it won't be difficult to find inspiration at all. Working with a base will give you a very wide margin, where you will demonstrate your points of view in a very professional way.

These are some of the best templates for Google Slides

Countries Poster Best templates for Google Slides

This is a template modern and dynamic presentation, which focuses on the issues of countries and their socioeconomic sectors. You can use ready-made maps and add the necessary information in the form of text, data and statistics.

virtual meeting Virtual Meeting Templates for Google Slides

Preparing for a meeting requires order. With this template, you will have an excellent basis to create a presentation that describes the objectives, the scope and developing topics of your meeting.

Manufacture process Manufacture process

It is a template oriented to manufacturing, and to processes that can be adapted to any industrial sector. This gives you a good balance between text and data to give the best explanation.

Scrap Notes

The format of this template It is revolutionary in form, but conservative in colors. You can use it in combination with colorful photographs. It is especially recommended if your field of activity is architecture, graphic design, photography, education, if you sell art, jewelry, or costume jewelry, among others.

General presentation

This theme It is more sober, although it also gives space to images, but to a lesser extent. Give preference to reliable data, whether it is a report or a forecast of results It is a priority on many occasions.

Reed Template Reed Template

This theme It allows you to add a wide variety of information, and organize it in an attractive and sober way. Thanks to its colors and versatility, you can use it in school work, lessons or in commercial and administrative areas.

In white

If you would like to create your own design from scratch, Google Slide gives you the option to take a blank document with this template. With this you can select the elements that you are going to include. You can even import themes or slides.

Creative material template

Find the best combination to make your ideas come true with this template. It will give you the opportunity to highlight the positive side of your presentation., through a combination of colors and creative elements.

Lauper Lauper

This design It includes a range of bright colors, which will allow you to break with your routine. We recommend that you use this presentation, especially if you target young people, such as selling sports shoes, bicycles, skateboards, surfing, cosmetics, art supplies, video game stores, bookstores, ice cream shops or any business that strives to be fun and engaging.

Photo Album

As the name suggests, the main characters are photographs. It also helps to share the offer of an audiovisual campaign, or find a video. Is a template very interesting that lets you exploit your imagination.

Data template

Use this template whenever you need to present important factors. Also to make any decision, or in case you need statistics, graphs, infographics and charts. It is ideal for projects related to science, technology and finance.

Social Media Best templates in Lauper

This design It emulates the content of social networks, and therefore is of great help when making presentations on these channels. The combination of colors and shapes conveys a feeling of closeness and sweetness. It is suitable for local businesses such as restaurants, health food stores, ice cream parlors, bakeries, or crafts.

Lesson Planer Best Google Slides templates

With these theme You can use a fun color combination to display your products or services in an organized and entertaining way. Because of its pastel colors, It is recommended for children's or feminine products or for the organization of informal events, clothing and accessory stores, cosmetics, or nail salons.

Emergency meetingBest Google Slides templates

If there is an emergency that requires the presentation of facts or actions to be taken, you can use this template which allows you to write very concise texts. The design is modern, so be careful when using it for presentations that truly convey the urgency of critical situations.

Status report

This template It is perfect for sharing project progress step by step. Give priority to text where you can organize the results, goals achieved and goals that continue from this point. Add activity plans to remember next steps.

Consultation proposal

This template It is suitable for internal or external projects, whether marketing, sales, human resources or product design. The truth is offers some valuable slides, such as a calendar that gives an overview of time necessary for this strategy, the stakeholders, and the objectives. You will also be able to show information that will support the action plan, once the situation to be resolved has been analyzed.

Science project

This template It has the potential to share the results of an action, strategy or implementation of a new work tool. Especially if it is a suggestion from an employee or internal manager who wants other areas to replicate the improvements. The method is very simple, so it won't take you long to share it.

Julia Best Google Slides templates

This format uses colors and illustrations to convey feelings of harmony, sweetness and tenderness. It is ideal for Health-related services such as psychotherapy, spa, yoga, acupuncture, or podiatry.

About marketing

This theme It is formal but at the same time modern. It is characterized by a balance between text and visual elements. Use it for any theme or marketing campaign that you want to display efficiently.


This slide displays creativity and ingenuity so that students can make the most of them, especially in subjects such as art, mathematics and science. Also You can apply this template if your industry includes stationery, design, architecture, computing, among others.

If you want to achieve the best presentations of your projects, You need to work carefully so that your message is not distorted. Have the best templates for Google Slides, will give you the necessary help so that this experience becomes something simple and practical. We hope that in this article you have found enough resources to achieve this. If you think we should add anything else, let us know in the comments.

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