The metamorphosis of E-Sports in recent years


The universe of electronic sports has undergone a remarkable evolution over the last two decades. Initially, these competitions were limited to friendly encounters at video game conventions, but today they have become a global phenomenon, generating multimillion-dollar revenues and unleashing the same fervor as conventional sports. This article will take you to explore the development of e-sports in Spain, examining the professionalization of the industry and explaining how to study a master e-sports can serve as a bridge for those interested in becoming part of this exciting field.

How and when did e-sports emerge in Spain?

E-sports in Spain began to gain notoriety at the beginning of the 21st century, with the global growth of competitive video games. Initially, they were mainly local competitions in small arcades or events organized by fans. However, access to high-speed internet and the popularization of streaming platforms such as Twitch have contributed to its expansion. This phenomenon has not only increased the number of spectators, but has also improved the quality and seriousness of the competitions. And there is real stars in the world of electronic sports, with enormous popularity. Names like Kyle Giersdorf (Bugha) or Lee Young Ho (Flash) are just a few examples.

The professionalization of a hobby


E-sports teams now operate with a structure similar to conventional sports teams, including the presence of coaches, specialized psychologists and tactical analysts who scrutinize the tactics of rival teams. The flow of investment from brands outside the world of video games has provided a strong boost to almost all known competitions. The establishment of leagues and competitions with clear rules has been key in the professionalization of the field, which has helped capture the attention of a more varied and extensive audience. This rise in professionalization and the growing interest of various brands have been fundamental in expanding the reach of electronic sports among the most “mainstream” public.

Gone are those years where competitions were played in small booths between teams of friends and where the prize, if any, was a €20 gift card.

Specific training on electronic sports

Given the exponential growth of e-sports, educational programs dedicated to training professionals in this field have emerged. These trainings range from short courses to masters specialized in e-sports management. Its objective is to prepare those who take it to face the unique challenges of this industry.

In this specific case, in the master's degree in e-sports management you can learn the socioeconomic context that surrounds esports, the legislative framework that governs it, how to make marketing and business plans around an esports club or how to direct an electronic sports club among many other things.

What can you learn in a master's degree in esports management?

e-sport tournament

People who opt for this master's degree will be able to deepen their knowledge of the history and culture of video games, as well as learning about the infrastructure that supports esports in the professional field. In this sense we want to emphasize that e-sports live off of video games but it is a totally different industry although very dependent on them since without them, esports could not exist.

As we have previously mentioned, among the topics addressed are the team management and talent discovery, event organization, specific legislation for e-sports, and marketing and monetization techniques. These programs also include internships with companies in the sector, offering students the opportunity to gain real experience and establish professional connections that can be crucial to their future.

We believe that the latter is something that we have to highlight because the esports industry is complex and working in it professionally is complicated. Having the opportunity to work in the sector is a privilege that very few have.

In short, the objective of the master's degree is to equip future professionals with all the tools necessary to navigate and succeed in an environment as competitive as the world of e-sports, trying to apply the same theoretical knowledge in reality, both in work practices and in the master's thesis.

The professional opportunities that a master's degree in esports can provide you

Whenever an industry grows, the same thing happens, job opportunities arise that did not even exist a short time ago. At this point, whoever stands out the most has many opportunities to achieve a unique professional profile and unparalleled experience.

Those who complete a master's degree in esports management have the opportunity to occupy positions such as team managers, event coordinators focused on electronic competitions, experts in marketing applied to esports, and even as advisors.

Looking at the trajectory of e-sports over the last two decades, its evolution and accelerated professionalization since its beginnings, which were not long ago, are evident. It is expected that this growth will continue over the next few years until a point is reached where the sector stabilizes. The importance of specialized education, such as that offered by masters in e-sports management, combined with practice and experience, will make those who take advantage of this moment the industry leaders in the future.

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