Vector image formats you should know (and use)

Vector image formats

If you work with vectors, surely Talking to you about vector image formats is nonsense because you will know all of them. However, do you know when to use each one? And what difference is there between them?

Today we are going to focus on vector professionals to help you understand all the vector image formats that exist and which one is best in each case. Shall we start?

what is a vector

what is a vector

But before doing so, you should understand 100% what we mean by vector.. This is actually an image that is characterized by being composed of mathematical formulas.

That's right, and they are responsible for placing each point of that image on a grid, so that everything is exactly where it should be.

And what does that imply? Well, among other things, in being able to adjust the size of the images without losing their quality.

Vectors are not always used in images, everything will depend on what you need in your project. But they are quite interesting to work with.

What vector image formats exist


Now that we have made it clearer what a vector means, Let's get into vector formats. And although it may seem like there aren't many, there is actually a good variety. Even one you don't expect.

.AI format

This format is one of the best known. In fact, if you use Adobe Illustrator, you will see that, every time you want to record a vector, by default you get this option (although in reality there are more).

It is characterized because no matter what size you put on your photos, they will always have the same quality. Furthermore, if you have not added any background, it will not happen the same as with the .jpg format, which creates an automatic white background; In this case the background is kept transparent (as with .png).

That is why it is one of the most used in graphics, logos, infographics or even in print designs.

.SVG format

The acronym SVG refers to Scalable Vector Graphics, or what is the same, Scalable Vector Graphics).

It is based on the .XML format and is widely used in web design because it is optimized for these uses. (specifically for the programming language, to be able to be indexed...).

In other words, you will have no problem with this vector image format on the Internet, whether on your website, blog...

That is why the use given to it has to do with websites, such as logos, buttons, special modules, etc.

.EPS format

The acronym that gives “life” to this format comes from Encapsulated PostScrip. In reality, it is an old format that not many use, but it is still active because old and new programs continue to recognize it and can work with it.

But if the vector designs you usually make have a transparent background, you should know that it is not the best to save them.

When working with the format, You must make sure that the editing software recognizes it well so that it does not give you problems.

Pdf format

apples vector

Do you remember that we told you before that you would be surprised by one of the vector image formats? Well, specifically, this is the PDF that you have known for "your entire life."

Actually, It is not a format itself, but it can be used as such. It is a way to ensure that any image or vector editing program can open it without any problem. In addition to other programs, even if it is read-only or with the browser.

And what advantages does this format give you? Well, to begin with, the convenience of sending documents or even printing them.

Imagine that you have made a logo and you want to print it on sticker paper. Well, you could make a PDF with that design and print it on paper without having a problem with it opening on another computer or operating system and the elements inside moving.

.CDR format

Finally, we have this format that is developed by Corel Corporation and is the one that, By default, it will save the projects you make in the Corel Draw program (which, in case you don't know, is for drawings and vector images).

Now, although we could say that it is a vector format exclusive to Corel Draw, that does not mean that it is not recognized by other programs. In reality it is and the vast majority of them will have no problem with these files.

You already know what the vector image formats are. And also the possible use that each of them can have. This way, you can use the correct one depending on the project you have in hand to get the best efficiency out of it. Can you give us any more advice about vector formats?

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