What color is beige and what is the perfect mix to achieve it

what color is beige

Do you know what color beige is? What is it equivalent to or is there a specific code to define it? If you have seen several illustrations, or have done several, you will surely notice certain differences in this color.

Have you ever considered it? Is beige a light brown, a light orange, a light brown, or a dirty white? Then we get to discuss.

what color is beige

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If we go to Wikipedia, it tells us about the beige color giving us other similar names, such as pink ocher or light brown ocher. However, as he continues to tell us, this color is one of the ones that generates the most doubts since this word can also be used for dirty white, light chestnut, light brown, orange ocher, coffee with milk...

If we add to that the fact that we could also define it as sand, cream, vanilla... and that the hexadecimal code can vary, we are in front of a dilemma.

Difference Between Beige and Cream Color


As we have told you before, beige and cream color are often said to be the same. In fact, there are many who consider that it is the same color, and others that it is a different tone and that there are shades that make them not the same.

The reality is that to obtain the cream color and the beige color, different mixtures are made. And this is what differentiates them from each other.

In the case of the cream color, it is obtained by using a white paint and mixing it with a light yellow and a coffee brown. The result is a different shade than what would be created with the combination that creates beige.

And what would that combination be? To begin with, the base would not be a normal white, but one of the purest there is. Afterwards, just a drop of yellow paint is applied to it. Nothing else. And when mixed, the original beige tone would be obtained, which can give rise to different tones depending on whether you apply more or less drops of yellow.

Hence, many also refer to this color as off-white, because yellow really breaks that pure white.

What is the origin of the beige color

You may not know it, but the color beige has been official since 1887 and, regardless of what some may think, considering it cold or neutral, at that time it was a dream color.

However, there are some who believe that this color already existed much earlier. In fact, in France there are prehistoric paintings, specifically in the Lascaux caves, where different shades of this were used. And, from what is intuited, to achieve this they had to mix yellow, white, gray and brown pigments.

Hexadecimal codes for the color beige

For sample, the following. All the codes that we are going to give you are related to the beige color. And yet they offer different shades.

  • #ECE2C6
  • #F3E5AB
  • #F2E7BF
  • #D4B996
  • #C8AD7F
  • # F5F5DC

Actually, the one that is accepted as a true beige color is the last of all, a light color between yellow and green. This is created with a red (at 96,08%), green (at 96,08%) and blue (at 86,27%).

How to make beige


If you need to do the beige color physically, and not with the computer, then you must follow the guideline that we have given you before. That is, you need, on the one hand, a pure white. And, on the other, a yellow color.

This will be the same whether you use temperas, paint, etc. What you should take into account is the proportion that is needed. In this case, it would be 3 drops of white for one of yellow. Now, you're not really going to be measuring drops, so we've looked at the correlation between drops and milliliters.

If twenty drops are a milliliter, you will have to calculate according to how much paint you have to add the necessary drops of yellow and get the result.

For example, if you have 1000 ml of pure white paint, that would be 20.000 drops. And since yellow would have to be added one drop out of every three, if we make a rule of three we would have 6666,67 drops as a result.

Or what is the same, as 20 drops are a milliliter, 6666,67 drops are 333,33 ml.

How to combine beige in projects

Now that you are clearer about what color beige is, the next thing you can think about is what other colors to use when carrying out a project with this color.

To begin with, beige is a neutral and timeless color. That means that it can be perfectly combined with any color you give it. In other words, it can work well with pink, purple, red, green, blue, yellow... In general, you won't have a problem if you combine it with monochromatic colors (it's the best it will look). But it won't look bad either if you use bright colors because these will give it a touch of accent that highlights the entire result. Of course, a touch, it is not good to use too much because then the combination will fail.

Is it clear to you now what color beige is?

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