What is Cargocollective and why should I create my online portfolio there?


cargocollective is a online platform aimed at creating websites for professionals related to the visual world: artists, designers, developers, photographers, etc.

In theory, it is a private platform that we can enter (as users) through two access roads: the first, at the invitation of a friend who already belongs to her; and the other, asking the Cargocollective managers themselves to admit you.

A few posts ago I offered the 4 invitations that were available to me from Cargocollective (yes, I also have my portfolio created with this "tool"). I say this because, if you are lucky and visit that article, maybe you can get one of them. Today there are 3 left (maybe when I finish writing the post there will be none left).

Let's get to the point. What does Cargocollective offer me?

  • Very clean and nice design, possibility to modify CSS and HTML or install other templates.
  • Ease of upgrade my portfolio.
  • Possibility of hosting it in the domain you want (with the PRO version).
Lualouro, portfolio

Here my portfolio in Cargo (pure and hard self-promotion, do not take it into account)

And after reading this you may think that it has nothing new. Deciding on one platform or another is not an easy task, and it is above all a subjective choice. Could I make my portfolio on Tumblr? Yes, it could. I actually tried it, but was not convinced. Could you do it in Domestika, or on Behance? Yes, it could. But I liked the individual web appearance, not the feeling of belonging to a community (and for the record I have also tried them). Could you do it in WordPress? Yes, it could. But I see this platform aimed at larger projects. I'm used to working with WordPress and what I like about Cargocollective above it is how quickly I can update a section. And without the need to install security plugins ...

If your goal is not to create a super novel website, which can be posted online and be nominated for the Awwwards, CSS awards and other virtual recognitions, Cargo is a good option. Because the keys to a good portfolio are:

  • Clean appearance.
  • Clear grid, well-ordered content.
  • Intuitive navigation.
  • And of course: very select content in both image and text (please, don't go around the bush).

Which are The cons of Cargocollective?

  • Limits in the free version: you can upload a maximum of 12 projects and 3 pages (with a maximum of 100MB). 10 Designs available.

To avoid these cons, the solution is to become a PRO user (logical, right?).

Now that you've come this far, you might wonder what about SEO in Cargo. We can define tags that we associate with our portfolio and a description, which will appear in Google results. Were you looking to define the SEO parameters for each project? Well ... No. Maybe it's another of Cargo's cons. But really… How do you think your clients will find you? Searching by your name and profession, or by the name of a project?

My great advice is that you try them all, one by one. And keep the one that convinces you the most. In the end it is not that there is a better or worse platform, but the one that best suits to your needs. What platform do you prefer?

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  1.   Juan said

    Thank you very much for your articles are very good

    1.    Lua louro said

      Thanks to you for reading, Juan :)

  2.   Maribelle ocegueda said

    Hello Lua louro :) Thanks for the recommendation, I definitely prefer Cargocollective, I liked that of: «… But I liked the aspect of an individual website, not the feeling of belonging to a community»
    Is the design that you have one of the free ones available? ...
    I wait for your friendly response. Thank you very much

  3.   Define Your Style said

    Hello! I have had my portfolio in Cargo for a long time but I am trying to change a video and there is no way. Would you mind explaining how to do it? I follow the steps of Cargo support but there is no way. Thank you

  4.   Cristina said

    Hello! Excuse my ignorance, but I made my portfolio in Cargo and now I don't know how to upload it to the network :( Can someone help me? Thank you very much!

  5.   Ana said

    Hello can someone invite me in charge?
    Do you need to know css ??

  6.   listersilva said

    hi, does anyone have invitations for position available?
    And another question: What is the value of having a pro account to be able to host it in a domain?
    Thank you.

  7.   josemmateotorres said

    Hello, could someone invite me to Cargo?
    Thank you

  8.   ideasforfuel said

    Hello, I agree with almost everything you say (I also use Cargo), but I differ in that a client will never look for you by the name of a project. I think that many times that comes in handy, for example when someone sees a campaign on TV, the design of a poster or whatever and wants to know who made it to commission something.

    What gives us more visibility is our work, so we better be easily found through it, don't you think? Imagine that you make the Bankia website, most of the people who see it will have no idea who made it, they will go into Google and what will they say, "Bankia website author" or "Lúa Louro graphic designer"?

    The same as with belonging to a community, better to have visibility in a community in which people are jumping from one page to another than to be alone and no one can see us even by chance ...

    I am in Cargocollective, eh, for the record, it is not to defend other platforms (which I do not know, by the way).

    Greetings and thanks for the article!

  9.   Fernanda V. said

    Hello, a few weeks ago I opened my portfolio, and I plan to buy the PRO version, my question is, I only buy the domain for myself, or do I also buy the complete package with HOST and also charge it?

  10.   Arizona marley said

    Hello, is there a way to receive an invitation from Cargo? Thank you very much

  11.   Abraham said

    Cargo is a poop. Maybe it was okay before. Now is the worst. Their websites are slow and outdated, and you pay and have no customer service. You can't even send them an email, just "tickets" that they don't pay attention to. There are a thousand more good and less crappy options.