Why use Illustrator's perspective tool?

Why use Illustrator's perspective tool

Why use Illustrator's perspective tool? Many graphic designers and also fans of this world have at some point wanted to achieve a complex image, with volume and sensations, precisely like perspective. Through Illustrator all this is possible, and although at first it may seem complicated, With a little practice and basic knowledge, you can achieve good results.

It is difficult to imagine a project in which we cannot use Illustrator, and this drawing and graphic design program has very complete features. Much of its success is due to tools like perspective. It creates a very real sensation of movement and volume, and takes advantage of this for different contexts.

Why use Illustrator's perspective tool? perspective image

The tool Perspective grid allows you to create and interpret illustrations in perspective. This tool inserts objects into the active plane mesh as you move, scale, duplicate, and place objects in perspective. Objects are placed on grid lines, so a perspective grid is essentially a series of lines on the screen. They are arranged according to the number of vanishing points necessary to create a representation In perspective, depending on the effect we want to convey, we will use more or less of these points.

Perspective drawings simulate the appearance of objects in reality. Where objects that are further away appear smaller, and they add a sense of depth to the image, unlike illustrations where all objects are on the same frontal plane.

Illustration has three standard grids that are missing one, two, or three points. A two-point grid usually appears by default when using the Perspective Grid tool. The number of vanishing points used is used to create the perspective layer on which the object is drawn.

What are the elements present in this tool? Illustrator perspective tool

  • Plan selection: By clicking on the widget we can activate the left, right or horizontal levels. The object to be drawn is always captured on the active layer.
  • Left vanishing point: We can select all the highlighted points on the grid, and move them around the artboard. This is possible by using the mouse to adjust the grid.
  • Vertical network expansion: By moving it we get the grille to be more or less high.
  • Perspective grid ruler.
  • Right vanishing point.
  • Skyline: As with other elements, we can move the line vertically, which changes the height of the visible horizon.
  • Ground level: With this control we can not only set the floor height of the entire grid, but also move the entire grid across the workspace to another table. This is only possible with perspective grids.
  • Grid expansion in the left and right fields.
  • Plan control: Using these three controls we can move three levels of perspective.

How can you use Illustrator's perspective tool?How to add the perspective effect in Illustrator

  1. If you need to use the perspective grid to create a design in Illustrator, select the Perspective Grid tool in the toolbar.
  2. If you are using the basic toolbar, you can quickly change it to the advanced toolbar.
  3. you do this choosing Window, then Toolbar, and More. So you will then see the Perspective Grid tool, and also the Perspective Selector tool in the same menu.
  4. Once you've chosen the type of grid you want to use, if you select the Perspective Grid tool, you can change the appearance of the plane, the position of the horizon and the ground, the position of the vanishing point.

You can also move the entire grid, and place it wherever you want. To achieve this, follow the following tips: Adobe Illustrator perspective

  1. With the Perspective Selector tool, you can change the elements you have placed in the mesh, such as scale, position, and depth. Also others such as the position of the ground and the appearance of the plane in the same mesh.
  2. When you activate the mesh and select the Perspective Selector, you can include vectorized objects in it.
  3. You will be able to do this depending on the plans that we select in the active plan widget. To do this we simply drag the object to the position we need.
  4. Thus we can drag and drop any vectorized object, and the text that we found formulated.
  5. A perspective grid may seem complicated, On the one hand, this is due to the large number of lines present in each design. Also because there are different widgets with different functions, you can move them to adjust the perspective grid horizontally, vertically and from different perspectives.

How can we edit this tool?How to use the perspective effect in Illustrator

  1. To achieve greater customization according to our convenience, we can do it using Set Grid option, This is found in the View menu.
  2. By selecting this option we are will show different settings, that we can modify and save for future use.
  3. By default the grid It is configured in two-point perspective. However, we can also choose between one-point or three-point perspective.
  4. To change to one of these perspectives, we select the option again View menu perspective grid.
  5. In this way we choose a one or three point perspective according to the result we expect.
  6. If we want to reset the grid to its default settings, We return to the Perspective Grid option in the View menu, and we select Two Point Perspective and then Two Point Normal View.

A very complete form of add volume to your designs, is through the perspective tool. Therefore, if you are wondering why you should use Illustrator's perspective tool, in this article we hope you have obtained your answer. Achieve the best designs in this program, and for them use the most versatile tools. If we should mention anything else on this topic, let us know in the comments. We will be reading you.

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