17 Royalty Free Image Banks

free image bank

Many of the people who work at designs and compositions From photographic images they search the web for reference images to be able to start from something, perhaps ignoring that they may incur some irregularity and precisely for this there are a number of image banks in Internet without copyright, ideal for this.

Here we will mention a few, so that when doing your work you know where to look.

List of non-copyrighted image banks

free image bank

  • Pixabay. Through its use you can find from photos, vectors, illustrations to educational videos, musical, sports, educational etc. To download the images without copyright and if we do not have a user account, it will only be enough to place the captcha and that's it. They point out that it is one of the image banks without copyright best known.
  • stock pic. Here you will find images that can be download in full resolution, do not require mentioning the author and through a registration process you will be able to obtain by mail every 2 weeks a total of 10 high resolution photographs, with the option of distributing them commercially.
  • Morguefile. Allows the download any type of image Without prejudice to its subsequent use, prior to the acceptance of its terms and conditions of use.
  • Stocksnap. The page is highly recommended and through it it is possible to download images of all kinds that you may or may not use commercially without prior permission from the author.
  • Unplash. This image bank is ideal for obtain high-quality landscape images and very beautiful, free and without copyright, as if it is not enough if you subscribe to this website they will send you 10 new images every 10 days.
  • splitshire. Another site that will provide you with images without copyright that you can use interchangeably on other websites, social networks, magazines, etc., admit their inclusion in Photoshop files, mockup and others, of course, it is not allowed to market the image exactly the same, nor its use in harmful or offensive contexts.
  • Superfamous. Contains image bank of landscapes, is free and the use of the images is subject to the author's mention in a caption.
  • skitterphoto. On this site there are infinity of images of all kinds, in high resolution and copyright free to use as and where you want.
  • PicJumbo. There you will find images of all kinds, many images in fact with various subjects and without copyright; However, you have the option of obtaining a Premium account of 10,00 euros or more per month and in this way obtain access to exclusive collections of high resolution images, which they say are the responsibility of the same creator of the page who uses these payments to make the trips and obtain the beautiful and exclusive photos.
  • Magdalene. This Image bank is free, but care must be taken to mention the name of the author of each image.
  • ImCreator. In addition to images without copyright, it offers other options such as templates for web pages and icons. It has a bank of photos of people and in order to make use of these you must necessarily mention the author.
  • Picography. You will have access to images without copyright and for free, even with a subscription you will receive the new images in your mail.
  • Gratisography. This image bank is by photographer Ryan Mcguire, are free and without copyright, but their use is prohibited for purposes or contexts of pornography, racism, homophobia, offensive, illegal, etc.
  • Foter. It only allows the use of the images online, that is, forums, blogs, web and all online media, the use of the images is subject to mentioning the author through the use of an HTML code provided by the site itself and the images should not be modified. One of the most restrictive, but if it's free, it's useful.
  • Pexels. The images of this bank can be used for all purposesThey are free, without copyright and have a color filter through which images are obtained with a predominance of the color that is chosen, which can be quite useful and also through a subscription you will receive 40 exclusive photos.
  • free image bank
  • Freeimages. Through this page, images classified as premium are obtained, free and without copyright, but their use in products that are going to be sold is not allowed.

BONUS. It corresponds to the Google images section, which allows to search by license, using the path: Search tools - Use Rights and then select the options, which are the following:

  • Unfiltered images where you will get images with any type of license and the option to obtain images without copyright is not recommended.
  • Labeled for reuse with modifications. It is considered one of the best options as you are free to use the images as you wish and you can modify them.
  • Labeled for reuse, similar to the previous option with the exception that it does not allow images to be modified.
  • Labeled for non-commercial reuse with modifications, they admit modifications, but their use is totally private it does not admit their commercialization if they use in products for sale or advertising.
  • Labeled for non-commercial reuseModifications are not allowed, its sale or use for advertising is not authorized.

Finally, it is recommended to always read the terms and conditions of use or the License; Likewise, and even though most of the image bank pages do not require mentioning the author of the same, we should ethically speaking, make the corresponding mention since without a doubt it a job that deserves recognition.

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